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This is community website so please feel free to make a video and we will post it here or on our u-tube channel. Remember, this is a humanistic movement with less entertainment and idolization. So, a live human talking to other humans directly with eye contact is more human with errors and all. The Hollywood like productions of fancy graphics minus the human face may be more entertaining, but also lack the human connection. So, but yourself out there with the boring professor touch of talking and writing on some device, to decrease the corporate gloss. A few meaningful graphics are definitely okay.

I also encourage you to join Twitter and re-tweet the money is not real video statement below and other posts. And make your own that I may re-tweet too. The movement must inundate social media with completely new ideas? It truly is our only avenue since corporate media – cable, talk shows, newspapers, etc. – are highly refined manipulations of human consciousness to keep the money structure in place. (Send a note via the contact page if you have a video to post on this page.)

While many spiritualists are preaching lovey-dovey ideas that will not change our systems, Russell Brand is out confronting the systems that affect us. He is not writing books, selling DVDs, or has encouraged a role of idolization. He is simply trying to make things real by providing real answers. Gandhi and Jesus understood the value of being a political spiritualist, and so does Russell, though he would never claim that level of consciousness. However, his actions exemplify what the compassionate movement is all about. The physical injection of compassion by means of the body and the mind choosing to speak out against things are not real and do not work. Many spiritualists have buried their heads in the sand thinking that Love will work it all out, and no Love is actually placed into action. Russell is Love in action without judgement toward humans, and beautifully discerns the systems that are poorly designed. This will bring change more so, than wishing or praying for change. In fact, it is our physical responsibility as Human Energy.