Short Topics

How We Create Reality

The idea that thought creates reality is true on a global scale. But not true on a personal level. The metaphysical idea that we personally create our own reality through thought is an illusion that spirituality teaches. We are born to an ego structure that encircles Earth and passes from generation to generation.

We live in a collective ego structure that creates reality. Our cities are a shared reality, our country is a shared reality, which expands out to make our world a shared reality. The only thing one can control is how you perceive that structure – in a loving way or an unloving way.

The ego structure is ruled by money, which positions money as the dominate force on the planet. If one wanted to create their own reality, it would obviously require money. Money can create a reality whereas personal thoughts cannot. Therefore, those who have money can buy a nice mansion as their own reality that mere thought could not create. Thoughts cannot create a mansion. Nor could your personal thoughts create a peaceful neighborhood when troubling thoughts are close by. Every environment is of a sharing nature and one cannot create outside that venue.

Another example of non-creation: Your Soul wants to create a reality of compassion on a wide scale. But the outer environment of money and ego consciousness is constantly tearing that idea down. So even the more powerful Soul cannot create the reality it desires, and highlights how impossible it is for you to create a reality of complete compassion when everybody must generate that reality together, because we live as a collective group. Our collective group must change reality since we live in a shared energy system.

This is why personal thoughts of enlightenment do not affect reality, unless those thoughts have combined in others to change the money and political structure with action. Like the gay and lesbian community receiving marriage rights. Then your reality changes. Which also opens the door of what law can do to reality. However, we do not need to divide law from money, because law falls under the paradigm of money. 

It is impossible for me to create a full reality of love that I would like to create, when others do not share in the same frequency, therefore, I cannot and do not create reality. As previously stated, my only option is to control how I perceive the reality of shared consciousness.

May I offer actual testimony to this fact from the 55-year-old that I am. I’m a talented musician who can play many instruments. I produced very soulful and poetic music in the 80s much like Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen. In the 80s, music turned shallow and my voice became outdated due to the collective consciousness. I never created the reality I wanted for my life. My dream of taking the money I would make from music and doing something important with it, never materialized.

My wife is a mid-career artist. She has changed abstract expression by adding acute abstract meaning, something Pollock was unable to do. But yet, the collective consciousness is so shallow on a wide scale, she cannot create the reality she desires. 

We ultimately cannot create what we desire all by ourselves. It takes luck in finding others who will help to create your dreams. But if the collective consciousness is shallow on a wide scale – which it is – it makes it harder to find those who will help you to create something meaningful. You are essentially a slave to what the ego conscious structure will allow. More importantly, since the ego conscious structure is shallow and childish, that is what much of human consciousness becomes, under a pretense that we are mindful adults.

I think it is time for spiritualism to separate ” we create our own reality” as a truth, and concentrate more on the “perception” aspect that spirituality also contains. And then go the extra step of recognizing the reality one can create is a product of money, no matter how nice the thoughts. 

Deeper still, the structure of ego consciousness is our shared collective. And creating a personal reality inside that structure is not creation. Your thoughts are not as original as you think. They are borrowed recreations of the ego structure that encompass Earth. 

We can only hope that the personal cells of ego consciousness as they pass through time become clearer in thought, and in the way they perceive reality. And that those clearer thoughts unite, so our reality may change.

The Mind and Soul Relationship

To clarify the mind and soul relationship. The mind is born into an ego conscious structure that encircles Earth. This structure has its own life and passes from generation to generation. The ego conscious structure is like a single cell system of life. The Soul is designed to change that cell. So, the Soul enters and lives in the heart area and sends compassionate signals to the brain. To hear the heart, all thought and belief must be silenced. The mind and soul are two completely different areas of thought.