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If You Ever Wanted A Book That Completely

Blows Your Mind – Well, Here It Is

The Compassionate World is not a book written with the mentality of making money, therefore, it can express things that the corporate editors would cut to increase likability. With this in mind, all materials produced by The Compassionate World are free. In addition, once or twice a month you will receive a blog that cuts right to the truth of an issue. Aren’t we all tired of the lies?

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I’m not out to sell you a book. I’m not out to sell you a DVD. I do not want your idolization, nor do I want to be followed as a guru. I simply offer the most accurate ways to clear your mind so that you may hear your inner voice. That voice is your own heart and soul that one must follow.

Inside every human, that voice is saying no more war, no more politics, and no more money. That voice is telling us to use technology to eliminate those concepts. If your current lesson plans do not take into account that your outer ego is a product of the environment, and that technology advancement to Earth is the only way to release a positive environment for all – then your lessons are outdated.

Ideology cannot eliminate war, politics and money. Only technology can eliminate those concepts. A grand installation of love for the entire planet is the correct use of technology. In this modern time, compassion can be physically installed into our social structures through the proper use of technology.  

More About the Book 

In this day and age many humans offer their knowledge for free. This encourages a sharing society that help to adjust our social structures. In many cases, when you purchase a book or a DVD set, the message has been altered to maximize sales through the standard ideas that we like to hear. This form of education does not inspire critical thinking that leads to intellectual honesty. This fundamentally represents one of the major problems in society – a lack of intellectual honesty. This directly leads the human species to ignore or deny the important issues that we all face, like the destruction of the planet.

Please compare the free ideas to the ideas one must pay for through magazines, newspapers, books, etc. If you like the writings of Deepak Chopra and the deeper ideas of Eckhart Tolle, they are docile compared to the depth of this book. So why pay for docile ideas? Many so-called advanced lessons lack the intellectual honesty to confront the social issues that need change, and thus indirectly support the status quo of no change. Every social structure must change and this book addresses each with a how and why.

The book contains advanced spiritual principles that are converted into Secular Humanism. The lollipop dreams of spiritualists and religion that states humans are broken is not entirely true in this day and age, due to the wider acceptance of compassion that will continue to grow. The original design of modern civilization was the ultimate extension of human love that produced food and shelter for the larger group. Unfortunately, somehow civilization got lost in a web of financial systems that took on a life of its own. The corporate structures running the world are on autopilot to self destruction. These structures needs repair more than human love. The book details the necessary steps that change the corporatocracy, so a whole new world can emerge. One in which humans are no longer slaves to the money structure. There is a way to prevent our kids from driving a harmful vehicle to a system of work that in most cases, is a corporate structure of damage to Earth. It is our duty to leave our children a better system that loves them. This is how we truly teach compassion and save Earth’s ecosystem all in one motion.

What book would be complete without a fairy-tale ending? So there is one of those too. An ending that one should find utterly fascinating. Without a doubt, there are multiple concepts that you have never read or heard. We encourage you to share the book freely with family, friends and co-workers. Education moves faster when it free and widely available. All increases of intelligence to the human species decreases the silly things we do to each other.

Since I have your attention for the first time, as an educator, I would like to offer a very important idea that will help your children. Go out and buy your kids an inexpensive acoustic guitar or an electronic keyboard and a chord chart. Just hand them the materials and let them figure out how to play the instrument, and then encourage them to write their own songs, first. They can learn better technique and other songs later in the process. This will automatically begin to change how their intellect is wired. They will grow up creative and with a better ability to absorb other educational material. After a loving environment, it is the most important thing you can do for your children. For that reason, we encourage one to get their kids involved with this website. Standard education does not teach critical thinking and our material will help children to question the social aspects of education. The lessons we present can make your kids smarted than the teacher on many social topics.