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A YouTube comment: The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version

My dear friend Neil, you are not seeing that the environment of money is dictating the behavior of greed and selfish. The Venus Project is about living in a world where money does not exist and those behaviors disappear from the environment. Example: How does a criminal stick a gun in your back to rob you when money no longer exists? He can’t, the behavior of robbery disappears in a sharing and abundant society. Our environment no longer creates criminals.

A YouTube comment: The Awakening of Humanity with Dick Larson

There are many problems with this theory. 1) Freewill is not scared. The mind is to become empty and diluted of freewill so that it may hear the inner voice of Light (the etheric energies to use his language). 2) Karmic debt is not real. You do not have to kill your friend because he killed you in a previous life, nor would anything like that be prearranged. Arrangements like that would only enhance chaos and prolong suffering to an endless circle of recycling negative energy. All disorder of life is erased by the soul. 3) Our space brothers who can appear to us at any time they wish, would have done so by now.

The goal of any advanced life system whether physical or spiritual is to end all suffering. Advance life does not let other life suffer and would dive in with help to increase the evolution. This is a requirement of all higher vibrations. Higher vibrations are required to raise the lower vibrations, in fact, it is innate. Let me put it this way. The invisible help spoken about in this video would have shown themselves already, and would have ended human suffering, e.g. poverty, pollution, war, politics – all our ills. If a lifeform is advanced and higher in vibration – they cannot change this nature to instantly help to their full extent. It is innate energy that is unchangeable, and a part of you as human.

If you saw a two-year-old crying because he or she has lost his mother. Humans do not hesitate to take care of the child. That is love, and that aspect of love to instantly help only increases in the higher vibrations. If a human walked past the child and did not help, that is freewill disorder – and a product of the disordered membrane: that dark universe that we exist in. A human who walks past a crying child and does nothing, obviously, the etheric energies were ignored due to the disorder of freewill. Which also proves my first point. [1) Freewill is not scared.] In no possible way, should that kind of disordered freewill be sacred. Only love is sacred.

If Jesus or masters loved us, there is no reason to wait – he or they would be here. Light’s only goal is fill the darkness, and it is the disorder of the physical freewill that prevents this from occurring. Light does not believe in suffering, suffering is not real, and Light replaces suffering as soon as it can. Light moves at the speed of Light and is timeless, and naturally bypasses the evolution of time. In other words, Light does not believe in slow evolution. But humans do because our freewill is a product of Time, and Time itself is disorder.

Physical evolution is an illusion, our inner nature has already been fully processed into a Light being (or an etheric being if you prefer).

Humans must end this magical thinking that someone else is coming to save us. We are the magical creatures designed to save ourselves. Your human soul is a multidimensional being of time, perfectly perfected by Light and is your personal master. Humans just need to hear their own inner voice rather than looking outside for another master. Every human is a master already processed, and a shame that freewill thinks otherwise.

At our essence, we are timeless waves of Light who create temporary personalities to affect the time wave of darkness. These temporary personalities are the creation of you, by you, and that sounds like a master to me.

Much of Benjamin Creme’s lesson are the repackaging of Eastern Philosophies. Those philosophies do not represent the advancement of human consciousness because they speak nothing of what technology will do to our consciousness. Humans will use technology to end war, poverty, money, and politics, and we will arrive to a sharing society that does not harm Earth. Only then, when humans on a massive scale empty their survival energy that dominates the frontal lobes – will we raise our consciousness together. Technology will produce this realm, not masters yet to come – or they would be here already.

Adopting beliefs such as these presented by Dick Larson, only suppresses the inner Light that you are. These are outer beliefs of disorder and do not represent the complete forgiveness nature of the unseen universe, nor its nature to make you perfect.

A YouTube comment: The Nature of Consciousness, Rupert Spira

Human’s really do not suffer from a lack of awareness or love. Almost every six-year-old boy is magical with thought, and then they grow up in systems that distort the consciousness. The environments (civilization) that humans have constructed dictates our behavior to harmful side effects. We suffer from a poor design of civilization and that alone distorts how we view ourselves. We suffer the effects of capitalism which rules our consciousness, and we lose the six-year-old outlook instead of improving on it.

If humans want true freedom that eliminates the adult concepts of money, war, politics, greed, poverty and envy, we must build a better version of civilization. Looking inward to find yourself only helps you. We need to look outward and help all.

How do we that? Google The Venus Project – a resource-based economy. This lifestyle will change how we view ourselves. We will live a higher state consciousness instead of dreaming and wishing for it.

As Rupert says, we turn to materialism, activities, substances and relationships to fill our wound. A resource-based economy contains none of that. Materials are scientifically managed for all, which produces a healthier environment where humans no longer need substances to counter the environment, and our activities suffer a great reduction of competitiveness and move to the more soulful approach of art, music, and science itself.

This is what Rupert and many spiritual leaders do not see: You cannot induce a massive enlightenment for all, under the poor design of capitalism.

A YouTube comment: Why Saudi Arabia Isn’t On Trump’s Ban List

Sorry Chris, I cannot go with you on this thought that Trump is out to make America Great Again. Trump talked about dismantling the Federal Reserve but he will not follow through because he is a capitalist. If America wants to be America again – like Thomas Jefferson envisioned – job one is the repealing of two acts established in 1913 that produced income tax and the borrowing of money from private bankers.

Our forefathers fought against the idea of Central Banking. Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams hated the international bankers who had control of the English Crown, and they did not want Rothschild and their banking families involved in America. Sadly, in 1913 that is what happened. Woodrow Wilson threw away the American Revolution.

Political intelligence is the dismantling of Central Banking and a return to America’s foundation of printing our own money, and then taking that money to build a resource-based economy that replaces capitalism. It also happens to be the highest moral ground.

If anybody wants to learn the nature of money, this video is long but worth every second. Or google U tube for The Money Masters by Bill Still.

A YouTube comment: The Director of what the bleep do we know – The (Not So) Little Book of Surprises

Sorry William,

No, people are not done with one plus one equals two. Our inner beings are highly scientific and highly compassionate. Both have combined and humans will build a world of technology and automation to eliminate money, war, and politics – just like Heaven.

Many NDEs explain Heaven as a place with marvelous buildings that are harmonious with nature. We have already built that world and now the youth are transferring that world down through their understanding of technology.

Technology will build us a Heaven, because that is what our Humans Souls have already built.

Humans will dismantle money and build a resource-based economy directly from our souls. Love and science are virtually the same.

Sorry Ms. Hade. God is not real and that voice you heard was a fabrication. You quoted Buddha from a distant memory.

Light is a universe of many inter dimensional beings who understand God does not exist. God is more like a Light Fabric of science and compassion that our human souls have learned to operate. Humans Souls have created time fragments of themselves to affect the darkness that surrounds Earth.

We can build compassion into society through technology. Technology comes from Light. The youth understand technology and will use it to create a free world. The current fight that is occurring is a battle to change our beliefs about money. If love wins, money will be dismantled so that we may move to a free world. Earth has a Soul and that soul does not want to be sold to the highest bidder.

Our science nature is starting to become aware, and humans will use science to disconnect Earth from money. This will allow compassion to filter across the globe.

If one would like to read more advanced thinking, please visit and download a free book that explains how we build compassion into society. The proper use of love is the proper use of technology.

The time fragments of Deirdre and William are merely recycling the ideas of this time period. Those ideas disempower many humans into waiting for a magical state of Love.

We can physically build compassion now.

A YouTube comment: How Rupert Spira Moved Towards Enlightenment

Actually, the spirit of Eastern religions DOES know how to build the systems precisely because they are designated to negate the influence/power of the “I” as you state. The whole notion of “self improvement” is antithetical to them because they come from a place where the “I thought” is the issue to be resolved.
The Compassionate World: 

Kwixotic, that is very advanced thinking. I applaud you for that very deep insight. May I also add to that aspect with the hopes that I understand it in its entirety. Eastern philosophy as do standard religions, feel that the “I” is lacking, when the outer systems that we live is the only thing that is lacking. And we do not use the positive aspects of the “I” to change our environment because we are too distracted on improving the “I”, thus the outer environment for all is lacking love.

We humans live a nice “I” but we do not transfer that into the environment because we still feel the “I” needs work. It is disempowering, and no real action of love has taken place into the environment. We produce internal love by concentrating on the “I” and not an external love that is transferred into other humans and the environment.

I say to all spiritualists, stop concentrating on yourself and give us a way to build an environment of love for all to experience. That idea has been invented and not by a spiritualist, but by a scientific mind that took everyone into consideration. It’s called the Venus Project.

Yep, trying to resolve the “I” is moot, putting it into action of producing love for the environment is better. They teach others that their ”I” needs reflection rather than doing positive actions that are concrete.

Like, let’s feed the poor on a wider scale. No, I would rather teach you how to reflect instead. And the systems that we live suffer.

And then there is this: The Marketing of Love to make money.

A YouTube comment: 7 Times Elon Musk Went Next Level Genius 

People, Elon Musk is not a genius. He is a capitalist. He wants to sell everyone an electric vehicle. That is materialism that costs the planet in Electricity, Industry and Transportation. His drive to sell you a vehicle is hurting the environment. Vehicles need to be shared like Uber with Google’s automation yet to come, so that we may produce less and not burn through Earth’s resources. Even his rockets are bad for the atmosphere.

None of his products relate to a resource-based economy. Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project is a true genius and he would not use Elon’s products, or his ideas. We do not need fancy and expensive electric cars. We need practical and shareable rides that do not cost Earth an arm and a leg.


He’s advancing humanity towards sustainable transport. If he simply wanted money he wouldn’t make an electric car company and a rocket company.

The Compassionate World:

Dear Friend John,

Sustainable transport is not the capitalism model of selling one of everything to everybody. That costs the Earth an arm and a leg in electricity, industry, and transportation to ship all those vehicles.

Per the EPA, electricity, industry, and transportation which includes the transportation of goods, are major categories to greenhouse gases. Each category must go to zero emissions.

We do that by creating a resource-based economy that shares electric vehicles on a green grid of solar energy. Now we build less vehicles and we use less electricity, less industry, and we are longer shipping vehicles all over the world, which cuts down on the transportation of goods and its contribution of CO2. So, not only have we stopped shipping cars all over the world, the cars we do use are clean. All aspects of the transportation category improve with this method. Additional, we use less electricity and industry too. So it helps to clean those categories as well.

Personal ownership of vehicles must come to an end, so that we produce less, and Uber like vehicles take over that we share. Google and Uber are on the right path, Elon is not.

Elon is screwing over the environment by not seeing his use of electricity and industry when creating a vehicle for everyone. The same applies to Ford, Gm, Toyota, etc. The point that you are missing, capitalism and consumerism are killing the planet.

Ford and GM can join Elon and stop building gas cars altogether. Every car company can exclusively make electric vehicles, but trying to sell them to everyone will also kill the planet, because that effort takes up too much electricity and industry to make sure you have your own vehicle.

Elon is not advancing humanity, he is harming the environment. That is what capitalists do. Selling you a vehicle also keeps you a slave to the bankers. Goggle the Venus Project. That is the lifestyle that can save the planet. No version of capitalism will save the planet, because it chews through Earth’s resources.

A YouTube comment: Fallen Earth, Consciousness, and New Agers

Earth is not a fallen world. Earth is a compassionate Light system moving out of the dark membrane. Our universe is a disordered membrane of radiation. Earth is a magical creation of Intelligent Design that created life out of nothing, and then moved that consciousness into many forms of Heaven outside the disorder.

This is how Dark becomes Light. Earth is a processing center of consciousness. Nothing fallen about it.

A YouTube comment: Opening The Doors of Perception by Connecting To Your Soul and Higher self

The idea that the human species and other lifeforms occurred during the Big Bang is true. In fact, the expansion of the Big Bang was held in check so that an Intelligent Design could be embedded. Light has instigated everything that has formed in this disordered universe.

A black hole is a perfect example of turning disorder into compassion. Light spun the materiel to weaken radiation so that life could take hold in one of the Milky Way’s arms. Light formed Jupiter as a protector to Earth, and even crashed a giant body into Earth that became the moon to stabilize Earth’s spin. None of this was by accident.

Intelligent Design is timeless and instant creation. Those creations filter through time itself – as evolution. Intelligent Design and Evolution are the same energies. Evolution is merely the reflection of Intelligent Design.

What slows the advancement of Light into Dark? Disorder does, it breaks down the influence of Light. When will humans realize that we do not live in a beautiful Universe? We live in a disordered membrane and only Earth like planets created by Light are beautiful.

Earth is a structure that is in the process of becoming real and will lift out of the disorder – eventually. Dark in unreal. Light is real. In every NDE, people have said two things. They saw Light and felt real for the first time.

A YouTube comment: What lies behind the victory of Donald Trump? DR. MK’s Universe

Science and technology is the driver of our history and economy. It is also the driver of human consciousness. Just look how the Hubble telescope has opened our minds.

Humans will construct a world of automation where robotics supplies human needs and will manage Earth’s Resources better. It’s called a resource-based economy that replaces capitalism. Google the Venus Project. It is our future, if we want to prevent capitalism from burning through Earth’s resources. We simply cannot keep building one of everything for everybody. Our materials must be shared on a community grid and then built to last, so we can curb industry.

The year 2100, we are facing 11 billion people. Trying to sell those humans a new car every five years, a new phone every two years, a new computer every three years, etc., will chew right through Earth. Additionally, if those products are not produced in a clean manner, we face a layer of CO2 that will trap Earth’s heat into an irreversible warming effect.

Standard CO2 for Earth has been under 300 ppm for the last 800,000 years. We are at 400 ppm as of now. Our world leaders have negotiated a very bad deal to stop the CO2 spike, because they want to keep capitalism in place. They have applied band-aids to keep the commerce and money flowing.

The year 2034 hits ~450 ppm, 2052 hits ~500 ppm, 2077 hits ~550 ppm, 2088 hits ~600 ppm, and the year 2100 hits ~650 ppm due to their band-aids. At some point, we will reach Dr. Hawking’s breaking point.

To quote Stephen Hawking: “A more immediate danger is runaway climate change. A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice-caps, and cause a release of large amounts of carbon dioxide from the ocean floor. Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees.”

Coastal flooding, extreme drought and torrential rains, are not the issues. The destruction of the entire eco-system is the only issue.

For the first time in human history, we can free man on a wide scale from the slavery of money, war, and politics, if we move to a resource-based economy. Scientists like Dr. Michio Kaku would run the democratic processes.

What lies behind Trump’s victory is capitalism. Ultimately, capitalism is the power of money and central banking, those private banks that we call the Federal Reserve in America. They are the 1% that want to finance Earth into extinction.


Very powerful testimony. But the universe is much more complex than that and much more loving. Our Universe is a frequency of malicious Dark Energy. It requires a Sun to add Light to this dark empty space. Earth is a reconfiguration of the Dark Energy to a compassionate frequency, which has separated from this darkness. That is what frequencies can do, they may live side by side and not see each other. Such is Earth and the malicious energy (evil) that surrounds Earth. Evil is the absence of Light and Earth lives right next door, one could say. 

What performed the reconfiguration of Earth to a frequency separated from the frequency of evil? A Light Universe of intelligent design through evolution accomplished the separation. There is only Light and Dark, unfortunately, man with his lack of wisdom attributes Light and Dark to God and Satan. Those terms are not accurate. 

Joseph would have been rescued by Light eventually, because he is human with a Soul of Light. Joseph experienced a frequency of inhuman consciousness that he was not supposed to experience because Joseph is human. A frequency accident occurred that would have been adjusted by the Light Universe.

What I am saying is this. The entire interaction of Dark and Light is a transformation of inhuman consciousness to human consciousness. Human consciousness is given a Soul of Light that will always, 100% of time, take you back to the Light Universe (heaven). Every human is returned to Heaven regardless of what the mind thinks.

One must remember, the human mind is a temporary frequency that lives between both frequencies of Light and Dark, and will absorb distortion being so close to the frequency of evil. To overcome this condition of distortion, the human mind must stop looking outward into the darkness lit by a temporary Sun, and look inward to the real Light that rests in the heart.

Upon death, seeing your heart fill with Light will occur naturally to 99.999% of humans as they are lifted out of the lower frequencies. If one gets stuck in darkness and surrounded by evil, Light will rescue you. Shut the mind off and concentrate on your heart and Light will do the rest. If one cannot do that, hold still, the Light is coming for you with an image that you like.

If one would like to learn advance principle of Light, please watch a few videos from The Compassionate World.

A YouTube comment: The Hive Panel: The Future of Humanity and Systems Thinking

Most intellectuals always miss the simple reasons because they have woven complex theories. That is not to say that these theories this panel discussed aren’t true, but rather unnecessary. Poachers kill elephants because they need money. People are concerned with the “I” because the “I” needs money. All of this is a product of capitalism that forces one to compete against each other and we lose the “we” factor.

The solution, the positive money movement founded in the UK. Currently, Central Banking enters money into the economy as debt, we then fight over that debt. Positive Money’s philosophy is for Democracy to control the creation of money and then spend the money directly into the economy without debt. The poachers would have not relapsed into poverty under this system, since the system could have granted money for new agriculture, new housing, new water supplies, anything that their particular region needed. And global corporations could have kicked in to help build the required infrastructure of a region – all without debt. New money filters out into human hands through the building process versus Wall-Street/Central Banking stealing another country’s resources or strapping a country to debt. Now the world is operating under a “we” factor.

This means all human suffering is due to one factor: The way money is created and applied. This panel missed this simple equation. If humans concentrated on this one issue of controlling money to humanity’s benefit, the panel’s theories that I framed as unnecessary, would have worked themselves out and right into the picture. They would become innate, but cannot become innate without a full dismantlement of Central Banking practices.

A YouTube comment: You are a Simulation & Physics Can Prove It: George Smoot at TEDxSalford

There is Light and Dark. Light is 1 and real, and Dark is 0 and unreal. Light is Intelligent Design and Dark is a disordered realm of emptiness, hence 0. Light/Intelligent Design is programing the 1s and 0s through evolution that turned this empty space into a hologram that eventually will become real. This means that Intelligent Design and Evolution are the same force.

This is happening all over the universe through many life forms. In the very distant future, this Dark Universe will undergo a phase inversion. Zero will become One, or Dark becomes Light. A reversal of the big bang where everything is absorbed back into Light.

This temporary integrated web is a matrix of consciousness that are not the dead numbers of 1 and 0. To call it computer code is not accurate; it is the coding of consciousness. Such as: 0 is alive as a fear gestalt of thought, and 1 is alive as a compassionate gestalt of thought. Our human minds are a heavy mixture of 0 because we are born in 0, but learning the value of 1. We are learning how to become Real.

A YouTube comment: Artificial Intelligence Should Be a Good Kick in the Groin | MIT’s Michael Schrage

That is great thinking, but there is always the next level of thought.

Capitalism and the environment of money are dictating the behavior of greed and selfish. This mean that the environment dictates most of human behavior. If that is factual, then we can improve everybody on a grand scale by improving the environment – the whole of civilization.

The best system for civilization to adopt is The Venus Project. It’s based on a resource-based economy that replaces the capitalistic model of money, war, politics and poverty, all the things created by Central Banking. It is about living in a world where money does not exist and the bad behaviors of greed and selfishness disappear from our shared reality. Under this system, we no longer concentrate on improving the self as much. The “Who We Want To Be” naturally unfolds via automation; automation that freed our entire species from silly jobs, money, and the competitive nature of capitalism.

An example and proof that the environment dictates human behavior: How does a criminal stick a gun in your back to rob you of money, when money no longer exists? He can’t, the behavior of robbery disappears, because money has disappeared. Automation can produce a lifestyle of shared resources that humans no longer steal, rob, or fight over. And better yet, our environment no longer creates criminals due to the inefficiencies of capitalism.

Bottom Line: You are not an advanced thinker until you denounce capitalism and money, for they are no longer necessary if we use technology correctly. Capitalism is the opposite of using technology wisely to benefit the entire race. Technology suffers a distortion directly from profit motives that serve the 1%.

What can lift you to this higher realm of thought? Intellectual Honesty. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. We are building automation as we speak, so it is time to embrace the bigger picture of what it can do: the dismantling of Central Banking and its debt structure that enslaves every human to money.

A YouTube Comment:  Popular theories of consciousness and how your beliefs shape your reality. – Deepak Chopra, MD

Consciousness is merely the ability to think. Then there is an invisible fabric of unconscious Light that reacts with science and physics to produce a reality. Upon death, you will be reintroduced to that Fabric. That Fabric of Light is immensely complex and offers infinite energies to learn. It becomes your Light Body (spirit) of which you are the conscious part. You will spend an eternity mastering that Light Fabric and its infinite frequencies, just as your human mind learned to master the material body and the sciences that surround it. A Light Body is no different except for one thing. You are the science that surrounds you. But is that really different, just plain old walking is the application of science. There is where awareness kicks in and applies to any realm. Awareness is the knowledge of how something works.

We walk Earth but always forget that we are partaking in science just by walking. Within a Light Body, it becomes apparent. The awareness level is much higher.

But all that matters little on Earth right now. Whether you are a Buddhist, Christian, Atheist, or a philosopher, one energy rides supreme over all of it – Money. Money is a harmful religion that we do not even recognize as such because we are of low awareness. If we tackle that grand illusion, the division between people will start to curb, and so will the thoughts of trying to explain this reality that does not match the science.

All forms of religion are on their way out, and that includes Eastern Religions too. No prior philosophy has accounted for the advent of science and technology being the ultimate dictator of our behavior, advancement, and consciousness itself. Science will prove free will a grand illusion too. Of course it is, because there is little awareness in it.

A YouTube Comment: Gary Zukav: The New Perception of Community with Oprah Winfrey | SuperSoul Sessions | OWN

I once believed in the Earth School principle. But then I studied near death experiences. Overwhelmingly, humans in an NDE say that they were reabsorbed by Light and received a spirit of perfection. The process reacquainted them back to their originality of being a perfect spirit. That would mean we, our souls, are perfect. There is nothing to learn once you die and when reinstated back to your full essence.

So how can Earth be a school when you are perfect, well, at least your soul is. And if the soul is perfect and creates a personality to experience Earth, the soul would create a perfect personality, which it does. But that personality enters a disordered universe and changes to disorder because of the environment.

What I am trying to say is this. Our personalities are not of an evolutionary process, they are the temporary tools of the Soul to change the disordered thought structure that surrounds Earth to a state of love. And when you die, you will find that you learned nothing from Earth because you are already love and were made perfect. You agreed to come to Earth to change a disordered thought structure that surrounds Earth, not to learn from it, of which it merely distracts you.

You know what love is, it is innate. The average human acts with love all the time and sometimes in a very unconscious way. Raising children as the human species does, is that act of love. It is innate and does not need to be taught. However, we do let Fear creep in which distorts our natural ability to love.

In other words, we are not learning how to love, we are that. We are learning how to release that love inside a disordered universe. That is a bigger perception for the human mind to adopt, because now the mind can instantly say that it is love, without the strife of trying to learn.

The good news, Gary is doing exactly that, changing the thought structure that surrounds Earth toward a releasing of love. But that does not mean he is evolving as a Soul and healing aspects of his Soul inside the Earth process. His Soul has already evolved to a perfect structure by the nature of Light. Light is timeless and makes everything perfect in a flash.

To go deeper. Light has already processed the Dark back to Light. Your Soul is a multidimensional being of time performing this task. You are not experiencing strife because you have something to learn. You experience strife to help change it on a world platform, even though the human mind will adopt an idea that is learning or needs to learn. I say shut it off completely and only listen to the heart. That way, love will never become a distortion by the thought structure that surrounds Earth.

Your heart will teach you everything you need to know, I think Gary would agree with that. That would also mean that Earth is not a school because scientifically it is an illusion of empty space, and would make your heart the only teacher. But it is really not a teacher as much as it a guide to change the shared ego consciousness of Earth, which we perceive has separated thinking though it is not. It’s one whole unit of thought.

Your advanced self, agrees to suffer Earth’s whole unit of disordered thought and then incarnates into it. Not to learn from it, but to change it. We are from the perfect universe influencing the disordered universe, unfortunately, that involves a temporary human mind and anything it learns will be disregarded. That is not a loss as you perceive but rather a gain back to the full essence of who you are. You are an advanced being of Light and the personality that you know now, is a sliver of that Light. A temporary sliver that actually learns nothing because the whole you has already learned everything.

The next question is how did all this come about?


If all souls are perfect how can a disordered universe exist? How can abuse happen in this scenario, though obviously it is extremely common? Clearly an inordinate amount of disorder is present if all souls are perfect.

The Compassionate World Reply:

Our souls did not create the universe, nor are they a part of the universe. The disorder is the universe itself and is not of spirit, but of a material disorder. That is what the human mind is born of and then experiences the disorder. Our minds are made from the molecules of material disorder and this causes our thoughts to be of disorder.

Your Soul is in your heart at the center of your body and it is not made of material. It is made of Light. It has a voice that you may listen to. Any compassionate action you produce is of the heart. Anything that is not compassion is of your mind and disorder.

This is why the world is half hate and half compassion. Half Light and half Dark. Half disorder and half harmony. Your mind is flawed but your soul is perfect. This is true of every human.

Best advice, never listen to your mind, listen to your heart. But be careful, the mind may pretend that it knows compassion and can fool you.

Living Fruits:

When you say, listen to your heart it will teach you all you need to know, I agree wholeheartedly. But, it contradicts much of what you say about life here on earth, not being about an experience of learning, of life lessons. In which case your statements would appear to come from a place of fear. Fear of the unknown. This I feel is not uncommon for being human.

The Compassionate World Reply:

We are not really here to learn from this illusion. We are here to change the illusion. The Soul is already perfect and knows all. Anything you think you have learned in the mind will not be absorbed by the Soul upon death. The Soul does not need those lessons learned from and inside the illusion of Earth. But listening to the Soul does create Authentic Power that overcomes the fear.

Living Fruits:

Well I realise you hold a position based on the interpretation of your research. The human mind contributes to the evolving of the universe, which you call the disordered world. In which case, learning is part of the process by which this occurs. The illusion allows this to be, where narrative provides the thinking mind content for these processes. The soul is perfect, whole and complete, the state in which it generates as energy, but does not ‘create’ a personality. The mind ‘displays a persona based on that which stimulates it in its environment in order to become part of the process of evolution. Your position makes the soul redundant in the the human form, which it is not entirely.

The Compassionate World Reply:

The mind does not contribute to the evolving of the universe. The mind is an illusion, however, when it listens to the Soul, that changes the universe. Only the Soul is changing the disorder in the universe due to this paradigm. When the mind does not listen to the Soul, it is adding to the disorder, and will be reconfigured by the Soul when it returns. Which would also mean that the Soul created the personality. 

A personality is a sliver of Light from the Soul, but the separation into Earth takes its own course of ego consciousness and becomes unreal. Something that is unreal in an unreal illusion really does nothing, until it brings compassion from the heart into existence.

We all love our kids is a perfect example of listening to the heart. But then we can walk by a homeless person and feel nothing, due to the disorder in the mind. It is then that we are not real and we change nothing. See the subtlety?

A YouTube Comment: Gates Foundation: Progress is Possible, But Not Inevitable #GOALKEEPERS17

The Gates Foundation is doing great, however, capitalism cannot pull everyone out of poverty without destroying the planet. The middle-class lifestyle is about 20% of the planet. That lifestyle is built on the over consumption of Earth’s Resources through a throwaway society that is replenished by harmful industry.

Now our CO2 level is so high that Prof Stephen Hawking says it can eventually turn Earth into a Venus like planet. It is time to raise our level of thought and move to a community grid of shared goods that are built to last and reduce industry. It’s called a Resource Based Economy developed by The Venus Project. A new system of civilization that can end war, politics, poverty, and money.

We must disconnect money from technology so its benefits may be applied at a faster pace unburdened by finance. The scientific management of Earth’s Resources is the only way to save Earth and service all people. Sorry Bill, humans no longer build mansions for the rich. We build nice housing for all. No more one bedroom apartments or 40 bedroom mansions.

A YouTube Comment: Bernie’s Single Payer Health is Suicidal

My Dear Friend Bill, America is and has been a democratic socialist society, and not to be confused with communistic socialism that is more suppressive. Propaganda has made socialized medicine a bad thing in America when it works great worldwide. Americans have been brainwashed to fear socialized medicine via the pharmaceutical and insurance industries running propaganda campaigns.

Healthcare must be retracted from the Central Banking System and their insurance companies. It is immoral to make money off the sick, therefore our collective taxes should pay for everything. Just as taxes pay for defense to keep Americans safe, our taxes should go towards keeping Americans healthy. That does not mean we raise taxes to cover socialized medicine, we rebalance the sheets and end other forms of government waste, or even (God forbid) cut some defense spending. We readjust the systems towards a compassionate outlook of health.

The key is to have uncorrupted democracy control the outcomes versus the greed of corporations. Let’s not let the corporations run healthcare and grab their power and control. That is the best solution for a nation who does not print, control, create, or managed their own money supply. If we could move to – single payer system and all ideas of healthcare become a moot point. A true democracy that creates and controls their own money supply, could build anything we want and in any fashion.

The very wealthy who run America want education to be expensive and financed. And so it is. This enslaves educated workers to the system of money and capitalism. Humans will blindly serve the monetary system while the system harms Earth through mindless, disposable consumerism.
The solution to every problem humans face is a whole new approach to civilization. We must embrace technology and automation and build a Resource Based Economy that manages Earth’s Resouces from a scientific nature. Education would be free and on a world platform. Humans would graduate no longer enslaved to loans, but with a mindset to contribute to the survival of Earth and our species.
Per a Pew Research study: Half our jobs could be fully automated in 20/30 years. That trend will not stop. It will grow to 75% and so on. We are headed in the direction of machines doing our work, so we might as well embrace it and use it to its full advantage. Doing so, we can end poverty, war, politics, and money. And save Earth from runaway Global Warming.
I quote Stephen Hawking: “A more immediate danger is runaway climate change. A rise in ocean temperature would melt the ice-caps, and cause a release of large amounts of carbon dioxide from the ocean floor. Both effects could make our climate like that of Venus, with a temperature of 250 degrees.”
For the last 800,000 years, CO2 has never risen above 300 ppm. Since the industrial revolution and the lighting of the entire planet with flickers that look pretty from outer space and can outline every nation, our CO2 level has spiked to 404 ppm. Earth by itself has never spiked this quickly. Earth naturally changes its CO2 level at a much slower rate such as 10,000 years.
This means Global Warming is 100% man-made. A graph from Nasa shows us the timeline of all spikes. All CO2 spikes took roughly 5,000 to 40,000 years, but man via the industrialization of the planet has caused a spike within two centuries.
Our plant life cannot clean this CO2 spike back to oxygen fast enough. This spike can enclose Earth to a greenhouse effect. Earth will not stop heating and there will be nothing man can do about it. The system of capitalism and the endless search for growth, money, consumerism, and wealth, will cause Earth great harm and is already doing so.
An RBE would never build a mansion. Instead, an RBE would build moderate housing for all that does not harm the planet and here’s the catch, because money is taken out of the equation. Humans must learn to share Earth’s Resouces.
Bill, we need a new political party that represents a Resource Based Economy. If humans do not do this, we will blindly die as a species due to the bright lights of money. If you can access your intellectual honesty, you will find this same conclusion.

This is what so-called intelligent organizations always do, they offer band-aids from in-the-box-thinking that will not change civilization to where it needs to be. You want equality, human rights, fairness, justice, for women and the rest of the suppressed world? Then let’s use technology and build a Resource Based Economy where all humans are valued and so is Earth. 

Research the ideas of This system of life can end poverty, war, politics, and even money. Open your eyes and realize that extreme wealth can only use that wealth to the limits of money, and if money compresses available solutions, which it does, then all ideas from the Gates Foundation represent a mere band-aid. 

The Gates Foundation will improve the world to the limitations of what money can do, as the world slides right into extreme global warming. The sum of the Gates Foundation: They will not lead the world into the highest form of equality because they lack vision, creativity, an open mind, and believe throwing money at a problem is the only solution. I say throw a whole new system of civilization at every problem and finally fix our problems. That would require a giant leap of intelligent thinking.

I hope this helps one to see through the smoke and mirrors of what the system will present you, and you arrive at the higher platform of intelligent thinking.

A YouTube Comment: Gates Foundation: A Conversation with Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates

Look people, it is this simple. Humans must form a Global Organization of Technology and end the concept of nationalism to save Earth. Obama is correct, one nation cannot solve everything. Per Stephen Hawking, we can turn Earth into a Venus-like planet through runaway global warming, of which the news media, governments, corporations, have reduced the idea down to climate change. Climate changes are symptoms. The big picture is self-destruction through the incorrect use of technology that constantly seeks a money stream.

We face very technical issues, so the proper use of technology must be applied to save Earth. Every nation must pull in one direction if we are to avoid 600 to 800 ppm of CO2 by 2100. The sustainability of Earth requires the leadership of science to end the streams of money that rule the wealthy and the poor. Those streams of money use technology incorrectly and are burning through Earth’s Resources. That is the nature of capitalism.

Bill, Melinda, and Obama have not expanded their intelligence level to recognize capitalism as the main destructive force to both human thought and Earth. These leaders enjoy limited thought and believe that capitalism will find ways to fix our social ills, when it is the cause of our social ills. Capitalism and its inherent nature of turning Earth into one massive sales tool cannot be modified to Earth’s benefit. The system of capitalism must go or it will destroy the planet.

The ONLY solution that will save the planet is the scientific management of Earth’s Resources. Hence, The Global Organization of Technology. If we put science in charge, scientists will arrive at a Resource Based Economy that applies technology and automation to the benefit of Earth and humans. The ideas are in The Venus Project.

The objections world leaders will voice: They will call TVP unattainable, a utopia, it’s impossible, it cannot be accomplished, we cannot live in a moneyless world, how would trade work, and so on. Again, it is a sign of their limited thinking. What they are really saying is that they enjoy property rights and do not want their personal wealth to disappear. Why? Because they have a lot of money and it is highly fearful to give the concept up. It’s a hard pill to swallow: Our leaders and the extreme wealth that pull many strings, must give up the concept of money for the continuation of the human species.

And let’s be clear. The Venus Project is not a utopia. When humans still die of cancer and horrible diseases, that is not utopia. Moreover, it will be demanding work to build automated food and water supplies that feed 10 billion people without destroying the planet. That too is not utopia. However, the work would supply nice paychecks and combined with a Universal Basic Income, humans through equality can arrive to a moneyless world. Two centuries from now, we might be able to call it a utopia. But not now. Now is the fight to save the planet with highly technical systems.

Bottom Line: GOALKEEPERS is misguided from prepackaged conditioned thought. The platform will not solve our problems but only delay the real solution of a Resource Based Economy. In fact, our corporate leaders may delay an RBE so well that it becomes too late to build a technical society. Our industrial systems can remain so dirty that they become useless in the coming decades. Which means we are in a fight to save technology itself.

Bill, I beg of you to join the real fight of saving Earth. And leave the conditioned thought of capitalism that you have learned since you were a child. Capitalism is a childish thought system of Me Me Me, of which you have left behind through your “Giving Pledge.” Take the next step and really change the world. Imagine a tech world where Microsoft and Apple have combined and programming concentrates on automation rather than the fun apps of nonsense that keep the destructive money flowing. What can computing really do when applied to the redesigning of civilization?

A YouTube Comment: “In All Seriousness” Podcast #3, October 2017, “UBI” [ The Zeitgeist Movement ]

All great points but I feel a few modern ideas of money were left out. Money is a man-made concept that now forces a delusional thought structure through the simulated reality of a computer screen. Its primary use is for power and control akin to the religious psychosis used in the same manner. The power and control points were touched upon in this conversation, but not the precise aspect of how money applies today. In the technology age, society is manipulating humans with computer code that prints out as a banking statement. It’s very clear that Banking has manipulated all forms of technology and this is no different. The manipulation of invented computer numbers must end. The system abuses technology enough and time to nip this one in the butt with a UBI.

Via fractional banking, the system created a surplus of electronic money that can fill a bank statement to a billionaire level, making money fictitious air more so than ever. Money as electronic banking in the form of computer code outweighs all fiat money and gold, and positions computer code to be a lethal weapon. This means poverty is the lack of sharing basic computer code and contrary to the tech industry of open source sharing, and why many in hi-tech support a UBI. Bill Gates is not there yet because he is old-school-in-the-box-thinking. But the rest have figured out that it’s immoral to not share what is essentially fake numbers in a computer system so the poor can buy real food and real shelter. A UBI solves this problem but not the bigger issues of Central Banking. Any UBI under Central Bank control would offer peanuts designed to keep capitalism alive while the workforce is automated. The UBI would adjust to the needs of capitalism and not to the needs of the people.

The best version of currency is the Positive Money movement in the UK. The movement wants to take the creation of money out of the hands of the private Central Banks and place it back in the hands of democracy. They take another equality step of cutting Wall Street out of the picture with the concept that newly created money should be spent into the economy – not invested in financial markets – but directly spent on the concrete things we need like hospitals, schools, and free education. This would mean that we as a civilization could finally build what a society truly wants and truly needs with one excellent feature – every new structure would hold no debt. Society would instantly own these things for there is no banker to pay back. Positive Money would lead to Positive Building with plenty of jobs.

Under the Positive Money model, a UBI would also be a healthier dose to citizens who are unable to contribute. And more vital, it would have a better chance of constructing a Resource Based Economy tailored around automation. Obviously, the private owners of Central Banking and the upper tier known as the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) will not finance a moneyless world.

Concerning Bitcoin: Do we really know who is behind it? What if blockchain is a pyramid scheme of laundering computer code into real money by a fancy group of programmers who are merely milking Bitcoin until it crashes? Thus, leaving the future majority who converted Central Bank money holding nothing but an empty icon to click because they were not part of the hidden back-end code of cashing out. (Anyone, feel free to tell me why this is not plausible. I’m not an expert on bitcoin.) At least the Central Bank money as computer code has a robust system of belief to back it and the added luxury of looking like a concrete building. Bitcoin doesn’t have a long history of belief nor an actual building to back it, and seems dangerous for this reason.

Positive Money controlled by democracy is the best issuance, issuance that society itself backs.

A YouTube Comment: How Life Purpose Evolves – Deepak Chopra, MD

Donna, the advice you are getting will help your mind very little. You are unhappy because you are caught in the system of capitalism. You are suffering from a lack of personal happiness because the system of capitalism does not really produce that. It produces slaves to the system of making money. Your job is most likely making someone else very wealthy and happy, at the expense of your happiness. This is the status structure of money. And do not buy the dream that 7.6 billion humans can achieve success by finding their purpose in life that fulfills them. The system self-regulates to mindless jobs that drive screws into items and other monotonous chores to keep products moving. Only a small fraction become famous or happy due to luck, not skill. The world is filled with skilled people who gather little notice and then fall into mindless work.

Technical skills are the exception like a surgeon or dentist who help people in a time of need, and the work makes them happy for it was an actual transfer of compassion. Their fulfillment derives from helping others and remains the true key to happiness. If one is not serving others in a positive way, it will lead to unhappiness. That is the intrinsic nature of every heartless and mindless job of which the majority of humans experience. (Example: artisans would hand build a chair with pride because they knew someone would appreciate it. Now, most humans are not artisans but production line workers of assembly. The heart and mind have been removed so unhappiness follows.)

The idea also highlights why Deepak appears happy because he believes he is servicing others. But in reality; he is not. He’s prolonging capitalism because he does not understand the full scope of harm it inflicts on humans and Earth. He’d rather blame your consciousness than acknowledge all personal conflict as a systems problem. When any spiritualist or philosopher says that our minds must become enlightened, they are blaming human consciousness instead of the systems we live.

Donna, your happiness and a fulfillment for everyone, will come from a Resource Based Economy that tears down the concept of money and its inherent status structure. Research The Venus Project. It’s the true enlightenment stage of our species. A place where humans no longer work to produce mindless goods and money, but rather, we service humanity through one of the many systems that you choose to volunteer and train for.

Only a Resource Based Economy can lift humans out of capitalism and the daily survival of fighting for money, so the whole of humanity can be happy. We accomplish this by replacing every mindless job with automation. After that, only important service work (not jobs) remains, which are designed around helping people. No personal achievement goals exist. It’s about the whole as one unit of consciousness and includes Earth.

Learn and support The thought system is far ahead of Deepak’s ideas and the other supposedly advanced thinkers. Deepak’s line of thought falls into the category of religion, for it blames human consciousness and then offers a repair. Donna, you are not broken. The system you live in is broken.

Should we blame Deepak for his lack of insight and preservation of self through the concept of money? No, we do not. He is the epitome of achievement under capitalism. Capitalism creates this type of human who centers on the self, again, a systems problem. As Gary Zukav would say, it’s time to face the frightened aspects of our personalities. May that be property rights, materialism, and money.

A YouTube Comment: Money Frustrations JP Sears

This is a major problem of the spiritual movement. They constantly want to blame the human for all problems. Like, being out of alignment, therefore, one struggles. That is not true. We simply live an insane system of civilization that is based on money.

The spiritualists want to confront illusions but always refuse to confront the illusion of money. Money is the biggest illusion that man suffers. Money is ultimately not real. The money illusion causes humans to fight over the meaningless bank code as nations and individuals, therefore, at the root of money is a structural violence of which we are trained to ignore. When you drive by a homeless person and offer no help, that is the structural violence at work. Your need to survive by the use of money to buy food and shelter will outweigh all others. Money programs us to be like this.

Unfortunately, spiritual belief is merely a tool to make us feel good about this programming. Humans use spiritual belief to justify their being as good and loving just as religion does, and to offset the ugly environment mankind has created with capitalism. The only advantage of spiritual thought over religion is that it trains the mind to be less judgmental and more loving of humans, but that does not help to dispel our major illusions, nor fully reconciles the latest science – like – the environment dictates most of human behavior and freewill is not what we think.

Two psychology terms to look up. Confirmation Bias which means humans will only accept the information that fits into their prearranged beliefs. And Identity Protective Cognitive that does not allow new ideas to enter because a change of belief is a loss of identity. It’s why people hold on to their beliefs so strongly as to not lose a portion of their identity. Real mental growth is the refining of these two structures (Confirmation Bias & Identity Protective Cognitive) and overcoming them, to an open mind that changes as information changes.

So, here’s the truth. There is no such thing as spiritual growth. Higher awareness and lower awareness do not exist. There is only the movement of making the mind more intelligent from the position of less intelligence. The mind works best when it starts to see the environment with complete clarity and then tears down the collective illusions man has built on top of Earth. And money the biggest. Additionally, once the mind opens and stays away from all stern belief, the true essence of compassion begins to filter up through the heart and becomes the intellect. That new intellect is more interested in attending to the whole than the self. Technology can allow for that which money cannot.

Another separate write:

Let us blame money for every problem. The concept of money is one massive, man-made delusion. It is a simple fact that money is not a product of nature. What are the key products of nature? Science and Technology.

Money has evolved into an artificial computerized structure of 1s and 0s, which have become extremely harmful to humans and nature. The concept of money has made humans so heartless, that we don’t even share the artificial numbers with the poor to end poverty.

This outlook produces a bitter fact: Viewing the world through the eyes of capitalism makes our species delusional, unintelligent, and heartless as the foundation of our existence. Does that not describe most politicians and corporate leaders, even though they profess to be intelligent and caring? In reality, they are neither to the big picture of humanity because they do not understand the proficiencies of technology in its best configuration. The education of capitalism has fully distorted science and technology.

Viewing the world through the eyes of a Resource Based Economy is a higher level of intelligence and morality since the focus is on the whole of humanity. The view recognizes that money is unnatural but graciously needed as a temporary engine. If the science community applied a humanitarian configuration of technology and automation, we could address our social ills through technical systems which over time removes the concept of money. A community grid of highly advanced automation supplying the needs of every human would put an end to corporations, governments, war, poverty, and famine. Humans on a wide scale will experience real freedom.

So, when our politicians say they are fighting for freedom – from a RBE point of view – no, …they are not. They have no idea what constitutes real freedom. The intelligence is lacking and their hearts are not strong enough to care for all of humanity. The same could be said of our corporate leaders. Fundamentally, the average human has become imprisoned by the heartless and delusional minds who manage the world through money. Science and technology coupled with automation can do a near perfect job. You answer the question of why that is true.

Considering the state of the planet and the future self-destruction of mindless consumerism via capitalism: Science must replace money as the foundation of civilization. It is essential that the scientists of a Resource Based Economy manage Earth to save Earth. Science contains a profound compassionate nature and the only energy that can save us. – Karl Gary

A YouTube Comment: Deepak Video

The question I ask of Deepak and his ideas of a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world. Just how is love going to achieve those fine qualities under the system of capitalism that is not structurally designed to produce a peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful world?

Is spirituality supposed to raise the awareness of corporate leaders and lovingly guide them to pay higher wages, so more humans can spend money on the consumerism which is destroying the planet? Is mindless spending a form of an enlightened world? But deeper still, spiritualists do not want to confront that capitalism is the main cause of poverty and unhappiness which goes unfelt when you have a lot of money as Deepak, or even a little money like the middle class. Is that a “JUST” world when Deepak and others including the middle class may have so much while most humans on the planet struggle to feed themselves? Poverty is not a spiritual problem. It is a structural problem in the way civilization is designed. Capitalism is designed as a wealth structure – that!… and at all levels is what needs to be dismantled for an enlightened world.

This is a major problem of the spiritual movement. They constantly want to blame the human for every problem as if one is out of alignment, their awareness is low and must increase, one must center and find the source, or one will struggle and not reach one’s full potential. This is not true. Humans are suffering from the way civilization is designed. Capitalism is a formula of built-in structural violence. We simply live an insane design of civilization that is based on money and everyone does stupid things to acquire it. That includes writing spiritual books that do not address the real issues of structuralism.  Additionally, there is no full potential under a system (capitalism) that wastes Earth’s Resources into mindless consumerism.

Deepak’s idea that the universe becomes abundant once a higher state of awareness is reached, is merely a thought structure to rationalize that having and taking more from the planet and others is acceptable. Owning material like a big mansion or even a middle-class home is always a placebo for happiness, which is also experienced as a form of security from the violent nature of capitalism that surrounds a home. And there rests the metaphysical problem, because all matter is an illusion and owning it then becomes an infection to the human mind. Most humans who have extra money to buy material follow this path under the pretense of happiness and security to offset the environment of scarcity caused by capitalism. Moreover, owning any personal object that is material based ends up distorting the human mind to a state of selfishness, where few can learn the value of sharing… of which the millennials are breaking down. But actual spirituality is a complete disconnection from the owning of material, not the abuse of it through ownership by means of money – the other grand illusion that is a material-based product.

The spiritualists want to confront illusions but always refuse to confront the illusion of money. Money is the biggest illusion that man suffers. Money is ultimately not real; phony paper and phony numbers in a computer system. The concept of money, and it is just a concept, is used to manipulate the human race. So if we want a FAIR and JUST world, the whole idea of wealth and poor must be dismantled. There can never be a FAIR and JUST world when money dictates our consciousness, therefore we must drop the concept of money. After all, the concept of money does not exist in heaven and if heaven is what we are trying to produce on Earth, then money must disappear from our consciousness.

So how would love create a FAIR and JUST world that is sustainable without the mindless consumerism that acts as a placebo for happiness? Definitely not through money and capitalism as all spiritualists profess.

The Light Membrane is a fabric of science and technology. Right now, we are unconsciously producing a foundation of automation that will eventually eliminate the paradigm of money and the mindless work that serve humans of wealth. At some point, this will become a conscious effort as the first stage of enlightenment, and not from some magical force of love that descends upon us as a white coat of glory, but through the hard work of building a compassionate and JUST society with technology.

If you look at human history, technology has been the driver of human consciousness. From the first moment a primate stuck a stick in the ground to gather ants, to skins used as a roof, mud as bricks to form a structure, and eventually the technical marvels led to the telescope that taught us Earth revolves around the sun – Technology has changed human consciousness more so than any other concept. And will do so again, in fact, technology-based living is the age of enlightenment.

Since the Light Membrane holds every ounce of science and technology that filters into this Dark Membrane to adjust this lifeless space, a highly technical world is already built in the Light Membrane and we are merely transposing it down through our multidimensional beings of time called Soul. The new world that we have preconstructed in Light/heaven is called a Resource Based Economy where science and technology are the foundations of civilization, replacing the corrupt nature of money and its paradigm of wealth vs. poor. In the future, all humans will live a comfortable and joyful lifestyle of sharing Earth’s Resources without property rights. Gone is the illusion of money that was contrived by capitalism. Gone is the placebo effect of material to make us happy.

A new evolution of thought is beginning to take shape. People who are connected to reality and not some delusional philosophy of religious or spiritual belief that distorts cognitive thought, are starting to realize that banking, corporations, government, and money in general are destroying the planet… and none of it is necessary under a humanitarian configuration of technology and automation. Deepak is not at this level of thought, which means he is guiding humans away from enlightenment by supporting the status quo of money.

Research a Resource Based Economy and the Venus Project. Jacque Fresco’s teachings are based in reality and how Earth’s environment actually works. The environment dictates the majority of human behavior. Without a tree producing a stick, primates would have never stumbled upon technology. Technology is woven into the environment itself just as math is, and humans merely learn how to extract the information to become a tool. The entire history of the human race is about using tools, and we will learn how to harvest the engrained technology within the environment to enlightenment.

Enlightenment is not produced from within as a personal realm. It will be a concrete structure of civilization that we build together while being harmonious with nature. Because we are one species of life, of which wealth as divided by their belief in money.

One last comment concerning human nature:  Our human nature is born of pure love. Look at any child how sweet and innocent they love. This means we do not suffer from a lack of love or a spiritual problem at birth. Humans know exactly how to love because it is our biological nature. Our DNA spent over a million years as hunter-gatherers cooperating so that their tribe survives. Within each tribe, this cemented a deep root of compassion directly into our biology.

Today, kids grow up under a web of adults who format their minds to survive the uncooperative nature of capitalism. These educations sustain the systems we have designed around the concept of money. The money concept forces adults to compete with aggression opposite our real nature and thus extends human suffering as one species.

To improve human consciousness on a world scale, we simply need to dismantle the concept of money by moving to a Resource Based Economy. An RBE removes the ruthless nature of money from the environment like our original ancestry enjoyed. And the benefit, every aspect of human behavior would migrate back to a cooperative nature.