• My Local Newspaper Is At It Again

    This is what our system of education produces. Journalists who cannot dig into the deeper truths from their preconditioned mindset. I had to reply to my newspaper’s ridiculous analogy of trying to prove that government is too big. I present a copy of my letter to the editor who approved such hogwash. I even offered […]

  • Can We Really Kill Evil?

    The universe is one enormous recycling bin. When looking at the empirical evidence inside the universe, every scenario suggests that our reality is filled with regeneration. Stars explode to recycle their material and so begins anew. Every atom of water is recycled as weather. Plants and animals perish only to be reabsorbed back into Earth. […]

  • A Letter to Spiritualists

    Dear Spiritualists, As you know, the universe is an endless field of possibilities. Thanks to the scientists we now know that Earth has suffered multiple extinctions, and to the spiritualist this occurred to arrive at a human species capable of expanding consciousness to Light thought. The next hundred years are critical for our species to […]

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