• World War III Is Impossible

    I have for the last year pointed out the corporate facade that looks like government. Perhaps the latest vote within the UN will make my point clear. The United Nations Security Council voted 15-0 to put restrictions on North Korea. China and Russia voted along corporate lines since Kim Jong-un has become a rebel against […]

  • How to Solve Everything and Keep Mr. Potter from Winning

    How do we solve healthcare, immigration, our crumbling infrastructure, national debt, energy needs, and the political structure that ignores the best possible solutions for the planet? Well, there is only one answer. Civilization must regain control of money. Unless we disempower the Central Bank of every nation, civilization will continue its path of self-destruction through greenhouse […]

  • Another Trump Ploy

    A Trump Comment concerning China: They are the greatest that ever came about; they are the greatest currency manipulators ever!  Let’s get this straight. We have elected the biggest liar that has ever ran for office, as President of the United States. PolitiFact documented that 70% of what Trump said to get elected, was either […]

  • Did We Throw Away the American Revolution in 1913?

    December 25th, 240 years ago, George Washington was crossing the Delaware River for a surprise attack on the British. Why was he crossing the icy river and the real reason for the revolution? Well, our American history lessons that we received while growing up, certainly did not get to the truth of the matter. To […]

  • Money – What Is It Good For?

    Every day we can pick up a newspaper and may read something like this: My question is: If we lived in a resourced-based economy, where money no longer exists and technology and automation supplied every human desire, would Daniel have killed for money? Perhaps a technology-based community of sharing would have thrown Daniel and Rachel […]

  • Making Money Off the Sick is a Sick Idea

    You have to love the LA Times. In Sunday’s edition May 8, 2016, they published an investigative report that details the inner treachery of Purdue Pharma and the drug OxyContin. Basically, Purdue lied to the public, lied to the FDA, lied to the doctors, and lied to the insurance companies with bogus research stating that […]

  • When Hedge Funds Own Newspapers

    My local paper was just purchased by a hedge fund. You know, the people who only care about making money. The paper was never perfectly balanced with conservative and liberal agendas, but on more than a few occasions they would print cartoons that made fun of the conservatives. Since the purchase, the cartoons that tease the […]

  • The American Dream Is Dying

    There are two major calamities that civilization must contend with. Obviously, global warming is the major one that technology will conquer if we let it, but at the same time it will lead to this: A 22-year-old named Roy was arrested in a middle-class apartment complex surrounded by meth, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a stolen […]

  • Our Solution to Many Problems

    There are so many stresses to Earth and humans of which we have done to ourselves through this low-tech age. The human species embodies severe poverty and famine, medical deficiencies, unclean water, non breathable air, religious and secular wars … and now it looks like it’s all occurring under a magnificent blue sky that may […]

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