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Building the Party

Looking for People Who Have the Time to Help

Obviously I cannot build the movement by myself, so, how do we build the party? We build and run it just like a corporation. Consider it a new startup by the middle class that we build together. If one is tired of the corporate life and slavery, this is a great opportunity to create a life that leads to real contentment and happiness.

The company is called studio K. A media production facility that produces high quality documentaries, radio and cable commercials, and infomercials. Cable media is the best way to the masses.

Our Mission: To produce media material that presents technology, automation, and the dismantlement of money. We also present what science is currently proving such as, human behavior is dictated by the environment. So for a better world, we only need to improve the environment, which circles back to technology and automation. The Venus Project by Jacque Fresco is one of our major themes. That is The Compassionate World. Our goal is to present The Compassionate World and collect donations to support our education. The products we produce are 100% free to all humans. We are a corporation producing nonprofit materials.

The Pay

I take the role of a temporary CEO. We will need a CFO and a presentation team called directors. All employees collect the same salary of $50,000 a year and that includes the CEO and CFO. That includes a driver, a secretary, a janitor – all receive the same salary. If for some reason due to inflation and raises are necessary, every employee receives the same rate increase.

We will have to work our way up to a $50,000 income under a very tough principle of sharing 10% of all donations. 90% of all donations goes toward the production of educational materials. This is a parameter of the business charter, however, for the first 2-5 years we may share 20% of donations to move directors into full time employment faster. Once we have footing, the company falls back to its charter.

Example: $200,000 in donations produces $40,000 a salary level to be divided by current employees. Four employees equal $10,000 each. However, $160,000 produces a decent infomercial that makes our job easier.

Let’s increase the example and add a compassionate component: $10 million in donations produces a $1 million salary level. This supports 20 employees at $50,000. As you can see this is a very non wasteful organization. That leaves $9 million for media production and contracts. The added compassionate component: of the $9 million not spent on contracts gets redistributed directly to the needy through the directors of a region. We give back money directly to the needy humans as a way of tax control.

The Team is Forming

Jason Newell2Welcome Mr. Jason Newell as the CFO. Mr. Newell proves that this platform is very serious about the youth and their education to understand the multi-facets of our social structures. How can we as a party, influence change without a thorough knowledge of our systems? An impressive bio of education that will further our many causes.

Jason is 28-years-old, a dual citizen (of both the U.S. and Peru), and he currently resides in Costa Mesa, CA. He received his B.A. from the University of Oregon, where he majored in Political Science. (At Oregon, he was a member of Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society.) After graduating, Jason completed one year of law school at Whittier and then successfully transferred into Lewis & Clark Law School. (At Whittier, he received a CALI Award [Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction] in Legal Writing [i.e. top of the class] and finished on the dean’s list and honor roll.) However, his interests changed and he transferred to George Washington University in order to receive a graduate degree in political management. Recently, he is completing a PhD in political philosophy at the same institution.

Furthermore, Jason has a keen interest in creating policy and impacting the political process – this is why he has become a lead member of the Compassionate Party, which centers its agenda on drastically altering the global paradigm in regards to both politics and economics. Jason’s vision is to create a political movement in the near future that propagates The Compassionate World’s unique and compelling global outlook to the younger generations. If the youth becomes engaged in creating a more sustainable and economically friendly World, then future generations will presumably have a healthier and more ecologically vibrant planet.

Michael-Alexander Gomez was born and raised in New York, NY and currently resides in Manhattan. He is a first generation American and was born to immigrant parents from Bogota, Colombia and Guayaquil, Ecuador.

Alex earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Baruch College (The City University of New York) where he double majored in Political Science and Sociology.

Through rigorous professional research, Alex is familiar with concepts associated with political economics, finance, political management, data-analytics, budgeting, campaign finance, grant-writing and digital media strategies. His curriculum while enrolled at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida consisted of Political Science honor courses and writing intensives. At LaGuardia Community College in New York City, Alexander Gomez received the nationally recognized Peter Rondonine Award for Excellence in the Field of Journalism for his expose on LGBT rights within the scope of club funding at the school. He was eventually placed on the Dean’s list for the 2006 fall semester at LaGuardia Community College in New York City after being placed in Urban Studies Honors classes. At Baruch College (CUNY), Mr. Gomez graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Sociology.

With prior management experience as well as more than 18 years of experience in customer relations, sales, technical support, office support, administrative support, and guest services, he brings many talents to our organization.

Michael Alexander Gomez’s experience in the U.S. Armed Forces have also provided him with strong moral values, excellent interpersonal skills, interfacing professionalism, and an understanding on how to coincide innovative production methods in order to procure professional objectives. Most importantly, he strongly believes in the benefit of working as part of a team and prides himself on being able to clearly and effectively communicate with both internal colleagues and external clients. By being multilingual through his fluency in English and Spanish, he is able to cross communicate company ideals and policies to a wide range of potential, international clients.

In addition, he possesses a natural ability to learn quickly, and can become familiar with company-specific technology, software, and processes within a relatively short amount of time. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and being an overall self-starter are all abilities Michael-Alexander Gomez can effectively execute within a high volume, fast paced environment.

Mr. Gomez has interned for the Research Foundation’s City University of New York’s 311 project as an interdepartmental liaison while promoting government transparency, social services, constituent information, and consumer affairs to residents of New York City. He has also worked as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant for the Law Offices of Asaf J. Sarno as a Spanish language interpreter and translator. While on Active Duty in the US Navy he also temporarily Volunteered for the American Red Cross’s Communications Office and the Physical Therapy Unit at the Naval Hospital in the Naval Training Command in Great Lakes, IL. In 1999, due to an injury, he was honorably discharged from the US Armed Services with Severance.

He currently attends the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management (Online) primarily located in Washington, D.C. with emphasis on Political Campaign Strategies, Legislative Policy Implementation, Campaign Finance, Budgeting/Fundraising Analysis, Tactical Social Media Research, and Constituent Resourcing while independently publishing his work within the field of political correspondence. Alex aspires to continue his education in his chosen field and is currently in pursuit of a Ph.D in Political Economics at Columbia University in New York City, NY.


There are immediate openings for director positions in the major cities of NY, Chicago, LA, SF, San Diego, Dallas, Miami, etc. And the international cites of London, Sydney, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, etc.

This is open and transparent corporation. We will dedicate a webpage to list the number of members, our donation totals, taxes paid, administration and salary costs, and media production costs on a quarterly basis. May we find the right administrator to build and manage this model? 

Why Us?

We must begin to represent ourselves and counter the corporate abuses that harm humans and Earth. Obviously, the Republicans and Democrats are not doing the job. Even the Green Party does not offer the correct solution of saving Earth through a resource-based economy. As we grow, a portion of the donations will support representatives aimed at congress who convey the proper message of an advanced civilization.

How many members can we attract? A million, five million, ten million. There are numerous Americans who will embrace a moneyless world of happiness and freedom for their children, and for the future of the human species. Proper use of technology and automation can provide a world of no money, no politics, and no war.

May I paint a picture: A super bowl commercial conveying our ideas about the future would be a dream. We won’t go that far because it is a serious waste of money, but the major networks is where our message needs to be. TV is powerful force and time to change that brainwashing platform. It truly is designed to make one unintelligent. This movement is a middle class media fund and our expenses will reflect that. The work will be contracted out to young film makers still in college, or who have recently graduated.