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  • Our Solution to Many Problems

    There are so many stresses to Earth and humans of which we have done to ourselves through this low-tech age. The human species embodies severe poverty and famine, medical deficiencies, unclean water, non breathable air, religious and secular wars … and now it looks like it’s all occurring under a magnificent blue sky that may […]

  • The Billionaire Club Strikes Again!

    It looks like professional football is willing to spend $2.66 billion for a new football stadium in Inglewood CA., even though Los Angeles County has two stadiums close at hand. I did not do the research, but my local paper says it would be the most expensive sports venue ever built. All I know, that […]

  • Time to Really Separate Church and State

    Did the Constitution fully separate the church from the state? I submit that America embodies a legal fallacy that denies a true separation of church and state. If an elected official believes in a god, and that God is the ultimate guide in one’s life and persuades the individual while conducting public business, does that […]