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  • The American Dream Is Dying

    There are two major calamities that civilization must contend with. Obviously, global warming is the major one that technology will conquer if we let it, but at the same time it will lead to this: A 22-year-old named Roy was arrested in a middle-class apartment complex surrounded by meth, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a stolen […]

  • Our Solution to Many Problems

    There are so many stresses to Earth and humans of which we have done to ourselves through this low-tech age. The human species embodies severe poverty and famine, medical deficiencies, unclean water, non breathable air, religious and secular wars … and now it looks like it’s all occurring under a magnificent blue sky that may […]

  • The Billionaire Club Strikes Again!

    It looks like professional football is willing to spend $2.66 billion for a new football stadium in Inglewood CA., even though Los Angeles County has two stadiums close at hand. I did not do the research, but my local paper says it would be the most expensive sports venue ever built. All I know, that […]

  • Time to Really Separate Church and State

    Did the Constitution fully separate the church from the state? I submit that America embodies a legal fallacy that denies a true separation of church and state. If an elected official believes in a god, and that God is the ultimate guide in one’s life and persuades the individual while conducting public business, does that […]