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  • Happy 4th of July?

    It’s the 4th of July and time to celebrate America’s destructive nature that we have imposed on the rest of the world. Our Nationalism during the last one hundred years is something we should not be proud of and least of all – celebrated – since the core idea from 1776 no longer exists. America […]

  • A Future We Are Ignoring

    I open with a letter written back in October 2009. It was signed by 18 Presidents of various science organizations and addressed to a Senator that unfortunately went unnamed. I found the letter on a Nasa/gov website under their facts page that covers the scientific consensus concerning climate change. This organization put men on the moon […]

  • I’m Sorry, I Just Had to Respond

    Wow, this really blew me away. If this is how crazy spiritualists have become, then some of the spiritual platform is in sad shape. I share a Facebook dialog that started out with an innocent comment about prayer. I copied the conversation so please forgive any grammar or clarity mistakes of a quickly written reply. […]

  • Can We Really Kill Evil?

    The universe is one enormous recycling bin. When looking at the empirical evidence inside the universe, every scenario suggests that our reality is filled with regeneration. Stars explode to recycle their material and so begins anew. Every atom of water is recycled as weather. Plants and animals perish only to be reabsorbed back into Earth. […]

  • Making Money Off the Sick is a Sick Idea

    You have to love the LA Times. In Sunday’s edition May 8, 2016, they published an investigative report that details the inner treachery of Purdue Pharma and the drug OxyContin. Basically, Purdue lied to the public, lied to the FDA, lied to the doctors, and lied to the insurance companies with bogus research stating that […]

  • A Letter to Spiritualists

    Dear Spiritualists, As you know, the universe is an endless field of possibilities. Thanks to the scientists we now know that Earth has suffered multiple extinctions, and to the spiritualist this occurred to arrive at a human species capable of expanding consciousness to Light thought. The next hundred years are critical for our species to […]

  • When Hedge Funds Own Newspapers

    My local paper was just purchased by a hedge fund. You know, the people who only care about making money. The paper was never perfectly balanced with conservative and liberal agendas, but on more than a few occasions they would print cartoons that made fun of the conservatives. Since the purchase, the cartoons that tease the […]

  • I Vote the Neil Tysons for President

    Humans are naturally delusional because we live in an “optical delusion” as Einstein called it. What we think is intelligence, especially concerning our own thoughts, are usually misguided opinions and beliefs that we have adopted from others. It’s amazing that even when one presents an idea that counters known facts, humans will still parrot the […]