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  • Another Trump Ploy

    A Trump Comment concerning China: They are the greatest that ever came about; they are the greatest currency manipulators ever!  Let’s get this straight. We have elected the biggest liar that has ever ran for office, as President of the United States. PolitiFact documented that 70% of what Trump said to get elected, was either […]

  • My Local Newspaper Is At It Again

    This is what our system of education produces. Journalists who cannot dig into the deeper truths from their preconditioned mindset. I had to reply to my newspaper’s ridiculous analogy of trying to prove that government is too big. I present a copy of my letter to the editor who approved such hogwash. I even offered […]

  • Did We Throw Away the American Revolution in 1913?

    December 25th, 240 years ago, George Washington was crossing the Delaware River for a surprise attack on the British. Why was he crossing the icy river and the real reason for the revolution? Well, our American history lessons that we received while growing up, certainly did not get to the truth of the matter. To […]

  • The Nature of Time & The Human Soul

    Most of Eastern philosophy and New Age thought feel that the world is an illusion, and to overcome this condition, humans must return to their source. I submit that these ideas should be flipped around because our source, is the major part of the illusion and already here. The illusion that we experience is not […]

  • Why Hillary Lost The Election

    Honesty and compassion go hand in hand. Regrettably, Hillary blew the chance to harvest the admiration that Bernie produced and lost the election over one major mistake. She wasn’t honest with the American people. But not in the way that you think. She misrepresented the truth concerning job loss that would have buried Trump’s solutions […]

  • The Root of Trump’s Platform is a Sham

    Trump has whipped the jobless steel workers and other labor forces into a frenzy. Such a frenzy, that his supporters are willing to overlook all of Trump’s un-presidential comments and embarrassing acts and go against their own moral values. And the frenzy Trump ignited, looks to be over an idea that is not even real. […]

  • Trump for President, Really?

    I take up two issues with Donald Trump. One, the campaign theme of “Make America Great Again!” Second, the blatant lies he continues to expound, not to mention his heartwarming nature that I’m sure he is telling the truth about. Seriously, how heartwarming is it to think that he can walk up to any woman […]

  • Money – What Is It Good For?

    Every day we can pick up a newspaper and may read something like this: My question is: If we lived in a resourced-based economy, where money no longer exists and technology and automation supplied every human desire, would Daniel have killed for money? Perhaps a technology-based community of sharing would have thrown Daniel and Rachel […]