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An Invitation to the Compassionate Party

The compassion movement is about honesty and by facing the truth, we become sincere humans. Westernization is a broken structure that has infected the rest of the world. If we fix America, we can fix the entire world. Here is the truth concerning the western principles of fractionalizing money, the global condition, and our future.

A small percentage of the world is either extreme wealth or very well off. The bigger numbers look like this: The middle class in the industrialized nations extends a decent standard of living to approximately 30% of all humans. This means that 70% of the world squats in dismal conditions. A gracious figure when compared to research that quotes 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. A brutal aspect within this figure: 50% of humans live on less than $2.50 a day. The main point is – industrialization and materialism cannot expand into this 70%/80% without seriously harming the planet.

There are two worlds approaching. One is the continuation of this lopsided power and wealth that will become even uglier, or a world in which we share resources and it brings us peace. Any other idea that denies the current ugliness already created, and supports a bright future out of this ailing global model, is a manipulation of consciousness to maintain the power and wealth structure.

The hi-tech industry is going to produce clean energy and automation that slowly replaces human labor. The significant error that central banking will not comprehend in a timely manner: automation has eliminated too many jobs and products cannot be sold to jobless humans. The rational view of automation tied to money correctly foresees that population growth by itself, will push the 70% ratio of dismal living higher, and into the middle class of the industrial nations. Minus the World Bank’s skews of the poverty line, the inequality gap is currently growing and automation will only increase the rupture.

The Compassionate Party’s main goal is to promote the Global Organization of Technology and its ability to convert technology and automation into a moneyless state of sharing. Undeniably, it is the only way to expand modernization into the 70% who have very little money. Perhaps a good place to reaffirm: Industrial materialism cannot expand the 70% of dismal living without killing the planet. The global model of how we operate with money must change.

I don’t anticipate powerful money to back the cause of changing money, so the movement must rely on the working class while we still have money to give. I urge you to give with a monthly subscription and as little as a dollar a month, or a higher amount that is nonessential to your family. Unfortunately, it will take money to change money, which adds the necessity of relaying this message to your co-workers and friends.

The Compassionate Party’s pledge: Unlike most political parties, your valuable money will not be wasted on exorbitant salaries that lead to fancy cars and fancy homes. Your money will go toward the education of humanism outlined in the book, food and shelter for the homeless, and representatives aimed at congress who present the G.O.T. The philosophy is to alter the energy behind money by expanding its positive force, to counter the negative force of greed and eventually change this mannerism.

I hope you will join the grassroots building process that opens the dialog of ending human slavery to money, and lays a kindhearted foundation for our kids and grandkids to find. They will be smarter than us, and better able to effectuate the correct solution of compassion. And they will need this platform to work from. Let’s give our middle-class kids and the children born to poverty a chance at real freedom.


Pick your Donation!



$1 a month


You may donate on a one-time basis, or donate every month with a subscription that automatically deducts the amount you would like to give. You choose your subscription value that you would like give as a member. Or you may click the right button and become a party member at a $1 per month. We are not asking for a lot, but seek a lot of members who give just a little. Unfortunately, your donation is not tax deductible. Nonprofits do not all allow for electioneering, and we are all about electioneering. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

There are a few promises that we make upfront:

1. Education is much better when it’s free. So, our teaching videos on u tube will never be packaged into DVDs for sale. The world needs intelligent humans walking the planet and money only slows the process down.

2. Proceeds from the book, The Compassionate World, will go toward a new political platform called the Compassionate Party. The main goal is to engage democracy with the Global Organization of Technology concept outlined in the book.

3. Since money is a grand illusion perpetuated by the banks, this entire endeavor is not about making money, but using money to change money and bring about change.

4. All money donated will not go toward excessive salaries that lead to fancy cars and fancy homes, the materialism that is actually killing the planet. Leading members of the organization will be required to live what we preach as a sharing society. This is a middle-class movement that must remain middle class.

5. Donations are anonymous and no mailing list for sale is automatically formed.

To quote Bernie Sanders, let us be very clear: The Compassionate Party is the only organization that represents the disconnection of money from technology and Earth’s resources, so that we may use both in a proper manner. Democrats and Republicans are debating ideas of low intelligence that are merely recyclables of the past. The concept of a Compassionate World is a higher intellect that seeks a world management system that brings all nations together. Why debate old concepts that have not and will not work? We are the humans who will introduce a whole new world of caring for our species. We are ahead of our time and why we must think long term with a 20 year building process. Please join and make your personal statement that I understand compassion and seek the best solutions for our nation and the world. The Compassionate Party is the ultimate evolution of the political process. The design can end the lies and manipulations that affect us all. Americans have screwed the world up long enough!