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About Me & The Compassionate World


There is really nothing special about me. I am an artist, poet and musician. My name is Karl Gary. I’m married to an artist more brilliant than I, and we raise a gifted child that is medically fragile. I have been a busboy, a forklift driver, a musician (my final nature), a salesman, a horrible professional golfer, and an account manager for the corporate world. I understand sales and marketing thoroughly, and because I understand the energies so well, I see the change that is necessary to reduce idolization. I am not selling myself as a spiritual leader since what I present is the final essence of us all. I present myself as a basic human who happens to see things very differently. I am a humanist with a spiritual side and physical side.

The concepts in the book are much more important than me. They express a beautiful outline of how to build The Compassionate World. There is no Magic that will build this new world. It will take every bit of positive human energy in action to construct it. And it will require a new political party or an enhancement to the Green Party to begin the process. 

It’s an educational book of history and time that relates to the solutions that are penetrating the world. It is a book that does not come from a single spirit, it’s our entire spirit. We are all extremely intelligent – we just don’t it know yet. It’s called The Compassionate World … imagine that?

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What is in it for you? The clarifying of our shared consciousness and the opportunity to change the systems of the world.

Many of you for the first time are seeking different avenues of thought due to the inadequacies of standard religion. Many of you have already attached to a spiritual idea of some sort. TCW offers some clarity for both situations. The spiritual market is filled with money making machines and like religion, do not represent the healing power of dismantling money, the correct vision of what technology will do, and do not have our best interests at heart. The leaders have no intention of actually changing the world with meaningful solutions since they are happily situated in capitalism. May I be extra clear: many well-known spiritual leaders live in mansions behind gated communities. This is a CEO type of intellect and immediately separates a human from the proper reality of sharing. Something our greatest teacher Jesus, would never do. Though they may have PhD’s and appear to be extra intelligent, their knowledge derives from a human interpretation of science attached to the outer universe, since they have not mastered meditation to the inner universe. They have relaxing meditations which do not access the inner message. The inner message is loud and clear – don’t live in a gated community with a fancy home because it leads to division and separates you. How spiritual can one be when not living the inner request of the heart? This is what the infection of money does to humans, and ultimately not the human’s fault. We can stop blaming the CEO type of mentality and change the laws of money that infect their consciousness to a separation.

Additionally, most spiritual leaders teach that our consciousness is low and must be raised on an individual basis. To a certain degree that is true because we teach and transfer low conscious ideas, but under a bigger picture, it is not true. Ask a million humans what are the most important aspects of a good life, and virtually everyone answers the same – the love of family, health, happiness, and peace. This means our shared consciousness is not broken. What tears down and destroys our inner message and prevents the manifestation of all the good things we dream about, is the outer environment that man has constructed through division. It’s our nationalisms, our jobs, money and scarcity, and the way in which these structures compel us to act in a manner that directly suppress a positive human nature. The surface of Earth constructed with unintelligent social systems, requires fixing more than human awareness. This is how we actually improve individual intellect and raise our shared consciousness. That is what the Global Organization of Technology is designed to do. We hope you will donate an insignificant dollar or a few each month, to support a new political party that is willing to present the correct message of unity, which also contains the ability to heal Earth of carbon abuse. This will be your party, filled with the higher idea of helping every human directly with free technology, just as the universe designed it.

Humans must face the reality we have created. And the good news, we can do that with highly defined compassion for the first time in human history. We do not need to judge any human with this process, but merely transform the social structures that affect human choice. This will allow a higher state of love to emerge in everybody, because we will have changed everything that is not real. Too much of our society is fake, superficial, and shallow.

It is time to get real.

This is our book of constant change! Intelligent ideas should not remain stagnant! 

There may be an error or two left to find, please email me through the contact page. This was not a big deal in my eyes, because this is a different type of book. Technology allows us to do some amazing things now, like, upload new versions of a book instantly. So, I declare this a community book. If you are a scientist and can provide extra detail concerning the material side of the Big Bang that may support the Light version behind the process that I have come to learn, modify a page and I will save it for a future update. Perhaps one is studying human DNA and runs across a discovery that may support a future expansion of Light into the human mind as described in the book. Of course that should be an entry. Maybe someone is a financial wizard and can see a better shared-creation plan within fractional banking, which contains a more intricate mix and leads to a smoother transition toward the resource-based economy. Light never gave me the fine print there, only the big picture of sharing fractional banking and what needs to be done to arrive at a GOT. Money disorders change too quickly inside the Dark Membrane, and probably why there was no fine print. Give me the exact paragraphs one would like to change and the new rewritten versions that include your extra knowledge. Please try to keep them the same size and no more than a one page edit, unless you are detailing a whole new aspect of Light and Dark. Something like that, you may write up as an essay and if it resonates with Light, we may have a whole new chapter. Ten years from now, this won’t even be the same book. We will edit ourselves to The Compassionate World and hopefully with additional science to share.