World War III Is Impossible

I have for the last year pointed out the corporate facade that looks like government. Perhaps the latest vote within the UN will make my point clear. The United Nations Security Council voted 15-0 to put restrictions on North Korea. China and Russia voted along corporate lines since Kim Jong-un has become a rebel against the international system. China is a major player of the structure and Kim Jong-un has ignored big brother’s requests. North Korea will now pay the price of $1 billion, denting their exports to China by a third. China will not let North Korea come between their deals with Apple and Nike and all the other globalization it is making money from.

Globalization has ended the possibility of World War III. This should be a simple fact to acknowledge when looking at globalization, but the controlling forces are not designed to tell the truth. The truth is this: all governments ruled by Central Banking and the BIS (Bank for International Settlements) are on the same team. Capitalism has won the war over communism even though the facades of government will demonize other governments. Governments do so to keep the money flowing to their weapons manufacturing, especially America. It is the governmental way of portraying a well-managed system under the ruse of supplying jobs and national security, while the global network of corporations running the show produces the tools that control the world’s population.

All this hype of war distributed by CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, is to keep us in fear so that Americans will continue the support of constructing more weapons. It is marketing. Marketing that keeps the military-industrial complex alive with weapons that will not be used on the Central Banks of industrialized nations, but rather on the people of a nation to keep them as working peasants to the structure of money. The middle-class lifestyle of reporting to a mindless job is that equation. For added clarity, even those who own a small company and work hard for a more lucrative lifestyle, still serve the principle of money and the mindless consumerism produced by the system of capitalism.

Here’s a hard fact to swallow. Chinese, Russian, and American corporate plutocrats are married through vast amounts of money and to the exploitation of the world’s population. Rosneft (Russia’s oil company) and Exxon have been looking for ways to combine efforts in the North Sea that will keep the petrol dollar alive. Blowing that up is not part of their game plan. 

If World War III were to occur, it would pit the largest Central Banks against the last vestige of true communism North Korea … and the war would last a whole week. Hardly the paradigm of a World War. But as I said, China is talking to North Korea and things will be worked out. Don’t be surprised if within 10 years China has a factory in North Korea to lower the labor costs of cell phones, all delivered by Russian and American oil. Penny labor looks mighty good compared to dollar labor.

Do you really think companies like Apple and Nike and the whole of globalization are not in control of the situation? Anything our government will do comes from the top of the Fortune 500 companies. Trump does not get to make the decision for war, though our government certainly makes it appear as if it is his call. The new tech companies along with the older techs are interwoven into the Pentagon. A conflict cannot occur until the business interests are worked out within globalization, and certainly, this prevents a major conflict between the powerhouse nations who have too much to lose profit wise. 
Ask yourself why Russia and America fought against the rebels in Syria. The rebels wanted control of the oil and the Central Bank money, both Russia and America did not want that. Now even Russia throws around the term “terrorism” when the suppressed poor rise against the international system of business.
China Inc., Russia Inc., European Union Inc., Great Britain Inc., and America Inc., will never fight each other in a serious fashion. Those actions would destroy the structure of capitalism. It is the only good aspect of globalization, for the rest of it is destroying Earth’s ecosystem through another marketing scheme of mindless consumerism. 
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