My Local Newspaper Is At It Again

This is what our system of education produces. Journalists who cannot dig into the deeper truths from their preconditioned mindset. I had to reply to my newspaper’s ridiculous analogy of trying to prove that government is too big. I present a copy of my letter to the editor who approved such hogwash. I even offered it as a rebuttal piece to counter their manipulation of local thinking. Do you think they found some intellectual honesty and printed my words that disproves their fake news?

Bottom line: Certain newspapers aren’t newspapers anymore. They will use facts that become propaganda stories. That is not news as much as it is fascism. (Here’s a new question I have never proposed: Is American Freedom be a form of fascism and we are too blind to see it as such? Sounds like good a topic for another blog.)  

Regarding your Sunday Editorial Nov. 13th: “Manufacturing jobs down, government up…”

To cite that 22 million government (including city, state and federal) employees exceeds the population of every state but California and Texas, and then use that as a reference to hint that government is too big through a comparison to the remaining manufacturing jobs of 12 million, is a fictitious slant of research. This article is designed to cement the conservative idea and the biggest misnomer they possess, that America’s government is too big and is hurting growth. Too big can be easily disproven.

But the insight I find most intriguing that the Press-Enterprise could not recognize in their contentious words to save mining jobs. If America currently contains 12 million manufacturing jobs and our production of steel, vehicles, and other goods is at an all-time high, this only proves that automation and robotics are running the economy – not human labor. There are many studies that prove America’s production is far greater with less human labor. But back to the issue of disproving government too big.

I assume the numbers PE quotes are accurate. So, if we take 22 million government employees and divided it by our population of 319 million, we arrive at a 7% ratio. Roughly, 7% of our population is employed by a state or the federal government, of which PE claims 2.8 million are federal employees. Divide 2.8 million people by 319 million, and we arrive at .9% of our population works for Washington. Now how big is our Federal government, as if the EPA and other service oriented agencies are giant monsters? Nope, the EPA is just a small group of people who struggle to clean our air and water against the onslaught of dirty manufacturing. If the EPA were too big, perhaps water issues like in Flint Michigan would never occur. Likewise, if the SEC was bigger, perhaps the crash of 2008 could have been avoided.    

We can throw your use of CA and TX’s state population out the window, because it is unnecessary to understand this basic truth. Approximately 93% of our population is actively working inside the free markets. You know, Capitalism; the model that is burning through Earth’s resources while using carbon as the engine. A good place to move into your carbon remarks.

Harvesting carbon is not a productive job as your paper additionally claims. And then to label government/central planning as “arrogantly and cavalierly” as it “substitutes its own views” to decide what industries live or die, completely bypasses what democracy is about. Democracy should decide what industries are best for America, otherwise, uncontrolled capitalism will continue to push past the 2℃ heat increase to Earth that scientists across the globe are trying to prevent. Is it best to let capitalism tear through Earth, or is it best to rein in the damaging aspects? There is only one intelligent answer.

Perhaps your closing sentences should have ended with these bold words: “This displacement [carbon miners] of productive jobs with an army of government bureaucrats bodes…” well for America and our grandkids, because not all economic growth is good. And the proper solution for the out-of-work miners is to transfer money directly from the 93% of capitalism and bypass government all together, and let the energy companies and their deep pockets provide retraining programs and longer unemployment benefits, at least until capitalism can cavalierly mount strip malls in the hills of Kentucky. They deserve low paying service jobs too.

It’s kind of a good thing that only 2 out of 10 people get their information from the newspaper these days. I know the millennials love their devices, but they also like to read about new ideas that will benefit Earth for the long term. Your days are numbered Southern California News Group. You Xers writing for your baby-boomer owners are presenting obsolete ideas that cater to the old. And when your readers move to the great heaven in the sky, so shall your umbrella of newspapers die a dignified death.  

One last observation that your newsroom refuses to acknowledge: Government is not government any longer. Government is more like an apparatus of the corporations and has grown bigger from that aspect. In fact, governments worldwide, for the most part, are fake social systems of the Central Banking structure. The rebuilding of America’s banking structure after 2008, only proves that privately owned banking is in control of our government. It surely is not “We the People.” (What do think Bernie Sanders was all about?) So why is your newspaper picking on the growth of government when the corporate structure rules the hen house? I content that you do not know what you are talking about, on many topics.

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