Why Hillary Lost The Election

Honesty and compassion go hand in hand. Regrettably, Hillary blew the chance to harvest the admiration that Bernie produced and lost the election over one major mistake. She wasn’t honest with the American people. But not in the way that you think.

She misrepresented the truth concerning job loss that would have buried Trump’s solutions to the economy. It was Hillary’s job to know the facts, or find the facts, and then present nothing but the facts to the American people. What are the facts that would have derailed Trump and disclosed a strong state of realism for the nation to absorb? 

Research by Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research in 2015, discovered that free trade accounted for only 13% of the factory jobs that were lost. The majority of America’s jobs were lost to automation. The percentage is prodigious. Their research states that 88% of all job loss over recent years was a transfer to robotics and other factors of efficiency, which reduced the need for human labor. It seems NAFTA is not the real enemy, when America’s corporations are merely seeking efficiency that assures them stability against the global markets.

Perhaps the biggest truth that is constantly ignored, of which I will form as a question. Didn’t democracy and capitalism act as the main architect of globalization that America must now compete against, and our chickens are mechanically coming home to roost? To thwart the cheap labor of China, it seems prudent to invest in laborless robotics that doesn’t require lunch breaks, healthcare, and can operate 24/7 – all of which would trump the Chinese? Fatally, this will be a vicious circle. China’s manufacturing at some point, will be forced to reduce wages to a greater devastating low, or, install robots to preserve a survival within globalization. Can one predict where that will lead? A wider divide of the haves and have nots is the only outcome when automation replaces the human workforce.  

Had Hillary told the American people the truth of what is occurring in America, this would have eliminated the frenzy that Trump ignited in the jobless blue-collar workforce. Had Hillary been honest byf_hill_full_nc_160209-nbcnews-ux-1080-600 saying not even I, or Trump, can bring back the jobs that were lost to automation. This would have trumped the Trump and his frenzy would have died a slow agonizing death of truth.

So, the real questions to ask are: What has our democracy become when we cannot discuss the real details of a problem? How can we fix our problems when politicians are not updating their knowledge base? And, how do we make politicians tell the truth? 

Would you like another fact? LA Times had enough respect for PolitiFact (a division Tampa Bay Times) to quote their research. PolitiFact did the fact checking on Trump’s speeches and found that roughly 70% of his statements were false assertions or twisted half-truths. It’s hard to believe that a man who can lie virtually willy-nilly, became President of the United States. Is that what our country deserves? FYI: Hillary’s lying rate was around 27% per PolitiFact. Obviously, even that is not good enough for proper democracy, because a part of that allowed Trump to the White House.

A series of improper data led “we the people” to be really pissed off at Washington. And then we chose to fight fire with fire by electing the biggest liar to antagonize all the other liars. That cannot be a good combination.

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