The Root of Trump’s Platform is a Sham

Trump has whipped the jobless steel workers and other labor forces into a frenzy. Such a frenzy, that his supporters are willing to overlook all of Trump’s un-presidential comments and embarrassing acts and go against their own moral values. And the frenzy Trump ignited, looks to be over an idea that is not even real. I do admire all the people who are sick of the system, but I can confidently tell you, the current two party system and the Green party can offer no solutions when they do not see the facts correctly. Such is the case with job loss, in which Trump exploited to his full benefit more so than any other candidate.

I found an interesting article by the Associated Press. It allows me to brand most of Trump’s speeches concerning the economics of human labor as immaterial to the facts. The true cause of job loss, would render Trump’s solution to reinstate labor by negotiating better trade deals, and perhaps punishing American corporations for moving their workforce to a cheaper square footage of human sweat in another nation, as a farce (3. a foolish or meaningless show) – for trade is not the main factor of work disappearing in America. Based on the wrong data, Trump cannot fix the jobless angst of the middle class since he does not understand the problem. He understands the sham of the system that we’ve all been told through dishonest politicians or leaders who do not update their knowledge base to the latest research. I directly quote the article and the research Paul Wiseman found.

“A study at Ball State University’s Center for Business and Economic Research last year found that trade accounted for just 13 percent of America’s lost factory jobs. The vast majority of the lost jobs – 88 percent – were taken by robots and other homegrown factors that reduce factories’ need for human labor.”

This research positions Trump’s frenzy as a complete lie that smokescreens the real economic condition that we are facing as a nation. A year ago, Hillary could have derailed the Trump train by telling the truth to the American people: Trade is not the problem; the research says robotics and automation has replaced your jobs at a far greater percentage than trade. 88% of job loss was due to automation. And then Hillary could have backed it up with some long-term data: Over the last two decades, American metal manufacturing have cut their workforce by 42%, while production increased 38%. It seems American iron and steel production is here at home and stronger than ever, and has gone nowhere but toward technology. A truth like that would have trumped Donald Trump. But does Hillary or the democratic process want to travel down that road? No, they do not. Something even Bernie did not want to touch. Will CBS News do a 60 Minutes piece on the actual numbers? Don’t count on it. No one wants to burst the American bubble that ignores the blue-collar workforce is in a serious decline due to automation. And the jobless landscape will only increase. 


Let’s pile on some more truth from research. Oxford economists in 2013 stated that 47% of US jobs contain a high risk of transforming to automation within the next 20 years. In a very short period, the average “Joe” will face a world where hands and feet are in less demand. It is delusional to think that automation will stop replacing those hands and feet. America will reach a point where half the population will never have a job, because there are none to be had. Automation will slowly move the unneeded human labor figure of obsolescence to 60%, 70%, and so on.

The economist Bill Watkins already noted this condition in California. Over the past 10 years, California has produced twice as many students with four-year degrees compared to the new jobs that were created. This means that many four-year degrees are stocking shelves at Walmart or living in their parent’s garage. Though our economy may be growing at a snail’s pace, the job market in California is in decline against the population growth. To make matters worse and the nice mirage that everything is okay – the media celebrates the number of jobs created every quarter, and then ignores the number of graduates that drench those numbers to a meaningless opportunity. The California condition of too many students searching in a job pool that is losing water to automation, and cannot crest the grads, will evolve into a national problem and a world problem, if it hasn’t already. The long view: Automation is relatively a new model of capitalism and eventually it will send the homeless rate through the roof.

How can our elected officials lead the country properly, when they do not want to acknowledge the latest research and tell it like is to the American people? One cannot be a leader with real answers, when addressing problems that are not real or at the heart of the situation. I’m not blaming Trump or Clinton; I blame the tainted money system of untruthful democracy that grins up information and spits it out to gather votes. The whole of the system is in need of repair. And the fix, government must quote the latest research of science and the outside work of the university system. A party that does that, will bring truth to the American people.  

Bottom Line: Donald Trump whipped the nation into a frenzy over an economical principle that hovers at a 13% ratio and most likely to decrease. We are losing jobs to automation at roughly seven times the rate of shipping jobs overseas, and soon it will be eight times greater. It’s truly a broken democracy when we cannot discuss the truth of an issue. Until our leaders admit the real source of job loss, they surely cannot offer a solution. Or perhaps they do not like the solution for it represents a major change to how we view a paycheck. Dr. Martin Luther King’s guaranteed income cannot be far away, or civilization will devolve to living in tents. 

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