Trump for President, Really?

I take up two issues with Donald Trump. One, the campaign theme of “Make America Great Again!” Second, the blatant lies he continues to expound, not to mention his heartwarming nature that I’m sure he is telling the truth about.

Seriously, how heartwarming is it to think that he can walk up to any woman (married or not) and move right into kissing and grabbing? Yeah, he loves and respects women seems highly truthful now. By Trump’s measure, not only can he shoot a person in middle of the street and get away with it, it sounds like he could club a woman and drag her off to his deep dark cave, and she would love it.

The little boy is insane and there is a sadder truth to this embarrassment. America’s configuration of politics and capitalism has created an over-the-top lying monster. We really cannot blame Trump when he is merely the product of two terribly sick social structures; the lying of politics and the lying of capitalism.         

I do not discount or demean the prodigious charity America gives to the world, however, our evils have been more devastating to the global community than our good intentions can rectify. So it’s a fair question to ask: Exactly what is Donald Trump trying to make great again? 

  • Is he out to make our banks great again? The same banks that almost crashed the world economy.
  • Is he out to make our thirst for oil great again? The same thirst that has made a complete mess of the Middle East.
  • Is he out to make our military great again? The same force that is excessive with superiority and dominates world affairs at the expense of America’s infrastructure and the wellbeing of our citizenry. Americans reign the world because our defense spending equals that of the top 8 industrialized nations combined, and this needs to be made great again? Is that Trump’s goal, to be greater than the top 12 nations combined?  
  • Is he out to make our healthcare great again? A system that is completely infected by capitalism and believes it’s okay to make money off the sick and dying, through drugs and procedures that have escalated to a sickening level above world pricing.
  • Is he out to make American technology great again? Trump endorses the system of carbon that was established back in the 40s and 50s, which ignored the modern solar cell invention of 1941. Back then, how great was America to amass an industrial machine based on a dirty and foul product? America’s substandard choice of applying the worst technology as the engine for industrial manufacturing, is not a choice to be made great again.

So I take issue with ‘Make America Great Again’ as a campaign slogan. 

stock-photo-82640135-midnight-military-missionThese are just a few of the negative outcomes that any rational American would not want to escalate to a higher greatness. Perhaps Putin is correct when he questions ‘American Exceptionalism.’ And maybe it’s ‘we the people’ who are the delusional ones, by not acknowledging how America truthfully delivers a global liberty and justice for all. Our corporations can treat the average world citizen rather poorly, while our elected officials cater to the elite of a foreign government who have resources to harvest. Realistically, how can there be liberty and justice for all, when America is designed to manipulate Earth’s resources for her selfish needs of travel, pleasure, throw away goods, and finally personal wealth?

I also propose that our great American diktats that we impose on the world leads to, “we reap what we sow.” In the words of Omar Mateen — the homegrown Florida terrorists who attacked the Pulse nightclub leaving 49 dead — he voiced this idea more so than any other issue while the police negotiator tried to engage different topics:

“You have to tell America to stop bombing Syria and Iraq; they are killing a lot of innocent people.” “They need to stop the U.S. airstrikes, OK?” “U.S. is collaborating with Russia and they are killing innocent woman and children.”

It seems our American greatness is pissing off a lot of people to a vicious circle of counter attacks, and yet, many endorse Trump who wants to escalate the circle of violence.


“I would bomb the shit out of ’em. I would just bomb those suckers. That’s right. I’d blow up the pipes. … I’d blow up every single inch. There would be nothing left. And you know what, you’ll get Exxon to come in there and in two months, you ever see these guys, how good they are, the great oil companies? They’ll rebuild that sucker, brand new — it’ll be beautiful.”

Trump unwittingly exposes America’s true nature and proves that he really does understand what America is all about — he gets it. On numerous times Trump has said, take the oil. America’s nature has always been about taking the oil to support our lavish lifestyle. Which would mean Trump is not out to improve the world; he is out to maintain our damaging ways. Adding to his unacceptability, he is willing to blatantly lie on practically every topic that rolls off his licentious groping tongue, which brings me to my second issue.

I see no reason to list all of Trump’s lies and his newly found dating techniques, for each list is too long and too disgusting. Besides, I could break my keyboard as my growing disdain for politics hits the keys harder and harder. So that I may write something tomorrow, let’s just look at Trump’s lying percentage.

LA Times had enough respect for PolitiFact (Tampa Bay Times) to quote their research. PolitiFact did the fact checking on Trump’s verbal assaults to intelligent and honest thought, and found that roughly 70% of his statements were false assertions or twisted half truths. It’s hard to believe that a man who can virtually lie willy-nilly, is even allowed into the debating process to become president. The public should have excommunicated Trump months ago, and since we are too dumb to do that, perhaps now we need a commission board to oversee the candidates, with the power to disqualify those who lie too much. Come on people, 70% is a ridiculous rate of lying and half truths to become president. Some force of nature must stop the lying, so why not an independent group of fact checkers with a democratic power and method to pull a candidate out of a presidential race — for lying? Sounds reasonable. We could call it the CAD agency. (the Center for Accurate Demeanor) 😉

Nonetheless, a chilling truth presents itself. While Trump is prancing around as a viable candidate for president, it only highlights the overall I.Q. level and the moral compass of the American people. No doubt, when nearly half of the population is not smart enough to call bullshit on Trump, or cannot find a reasonable moral ground to just ignore a man of dull intelligence, proves how blind and lost Americans have become. I think Bernie Sanders is unquestionably right, we need to make education free.

“Make America Great Again” must not include embarrassing the hell out of the American political process by embracing a wall of outrageous and frequent lies as a new norm. American democracy is already a big joke of dysfunction, and now the process is one4234234 of complete absurdity and insanity. Someone needs to text the nation a frowning face to the allegedly, highly intelligent public for this latest development. Maybe someday, the bitter half of America will see how shameful this was to put Trump on the world stage of politics.

The good news from all this stupidity. The debates between Hillary and Donald will be the best reality TV series ever produced. I will binge watch every moment while fighting the urge to throw a noun at my state-of-the-art TV.

Must I watch Trump, the Republican product of the stupid and bias people that is not an intelligent creation from their God or voting? Poor Mike Pence, by now his God must be really angry with both of them. My bet is that if there is a god, he or she can see right through the ego-driven liar and the hypocrite that form a dysfunctional two-man team. It’s truly heartbreaking that sectors of America cannot make this simple discernment. 

America presents massive amounts of silliness and insultingly, I will watch every bit of the debates. So how smart am I? Thank you oil for making me as dumb as the rest. It’s pretty stupid when one is compelled to throw a shoe at a TV. 

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