Money – What Is It Good For?

Every day we can pick up a newspaper and may read something like this:


My question is: If we lived in a resourced-based economy, where money no longer exists and technology and automation supplied every human desire, would Daniel have killed for money? Perhaps a technology-based community of sharing would have thrown Daniel and Rachel a nice wedding, and all their friends and family could have gathered for a nice time unworried about the expense of flowers and a honeymoon? And highly probable that Daniel would have never experienced the Tony Soprano thing of hacking up the dead, and lovingly, Juri and Samuel would still be alive.

Money is like an infectious disease that just makes us stupid. Corporations, countries, and citizens – the whole big ball of wax – does not function properly due to the environment of money. Money truly is an obsolete concept that can be replaced by technology.

The corrupt behavioral patterns that we’ve adopted to survive in a world of money, could globally disappear overnight through a Global Organization of Technology. As soon as humans begin the construction of an advanced civilization that expresses to humans that all will be attended to by an automated grid of clean, healthy, and shareable resources, our individual behavior would instantly change. Thus proving that the environment dictates the majority of human behavior. I foresee humans uniting globally to build it for their children, simply because we really do love our kids that much.    

If one has followed my writing style, you know I love my bottom lines. So here’s a big one: Every human is competing for some form of wealth when the process is completely unnecessary by applying technology. Technology can deliver a superior lifestyle of freedom for all, where even the wealthy become unburdened. Why, is this so hard to see? Oh yeah, Money! That infectious disease.

If you think money is real and necessary, one is highly delusional!          

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  1. Can-Man

    Who would get to sit in the best seats at the ballgame?
    We all get to drive the same cars, live in the same houses even though someone may work harder than another?
    If we all have the same stuff, what makes you think that someone out there wouldn’t want your stuff? Did he really “need” 62k? Your solution for these crimes is way off base, money or no money you will not stop crime. Maybe focus on more support groups? Extinguishing money is not the answer.

    • Dear Can-Man,

      I would google the Venus Project. We don’t drive cars anymore nor do we own them. They are automated and one may use their cell phone to catch a ride. Whoever shows up first gets the best seats to a ballgame. We do not own stuff. So take your family and go live in Europe for month, nice housing will be awaiting you. There is a much bigger picture when one sees all that technology and automation can accomplish.

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