An Essay on Authentic Compassion and Enlightenment

Many are claiming that Earth is going through a massive awakening of consciousness. I submit that Earth is experiencing a less delusional awakening of consciousness with many stages yet to come. The stages will induce a higher sense of realism that does not involve the self, nor represents what we currently think love is or can become. Our future will fully embrace Earth as the main structure that supplies compassion, and humans merely become an extension of her. The human mind will leave its many versions of love that have not worked for humanity, since they were never real in the first place.

To express this another way: There is only one love to give and it is to be given to Earth, and Earth will automatically reflect that love back into the human species by design. This is something that modern globalization allows for and was impossible in prior centuries. This represents the extension of Love not accomplished by a human to human transfer, but through a human to Earth to human transfer. Humans tend to believe that we need to teach each other the concept of love, when all we really need to do is love Earth, and Earth will do the rest. This energy will change every philosophy we’ve invented and at the same time will unite all forms of human love. The good news, the human path that we are on will surface this concept straight from Earth herself.

Explaining the perceived massive awakening of consciousness:

Humans are receiving many types of experiences that may come as a vision, a wave of powerful love, or more intensely as a flash from an altered reality. These experiences could appear as a vibration that is felt, a color or colors that are seen, or heard as a voice of special intuition. Even our near death experiences have concluded that there is a gentle world of invisible love supporting our human nature. I myself have had many experiences in and out of mediation since I was eight that help to verify this unseen world. Through my experiences from youth to adulthood, I have gathered some accurate information of how my mental structure has changed.

The invisible love attempting to emerge, is an energy source so complex in nature and foreign to the human mind, that the mind cannot truly comprehend it or explain it. So the mind searches for the human terminology to explain what we’ve experienced. We use terms like unconditional love, a feeling of realness, a wave of compassion, and the very popular … an all-encompassing peaceful state of immense love. Perhaps a newly enlightened person will describe it as a state of oneness with everything, or an overwhelming sense of happiness and joy, where all are loved. These are the best descriptions the mind can assemble from the prior language that others have expressed, as the ideas of love.

These experiences are life changing to the human thought system. They make us feel special, they make us feel uplifted, they make us feel positive, they make us aware of love and reveal to us that we must choose our intentions wisely. And finally, they make us feel that everything is okay, for we have found the right path. It’s a good calming energy that eventually leads to another level of processing outside the smallness of Human Love. And then another level, and then another level, and so on. The levels are infinite and each new realm remains the universal awareness of authentic compassion, which merely has transformed into another type of compassionate experience.

In this time period, these short glimpses of something special become thoughts and ideas that coalesce into a personal human truth. We can detail that these newly acquired experiences amalgamate to a better version of ego consciousness, for usually the human becomes more open to compassionate ideas. These major shifts in thought may happen instantaneously or after a search for a new philosophy. Whatever the order there is one constant, the experiences are still of mind and self and inside the smallness of Human Love.

The boundless and new energies we experience are compressed by the human mind, and then filtered into a human version of love. And not just one version, but many versions due to the complexity of thought and belief: Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Bahá’í Faith, etc., etc. Our next move is to picture a world filled with peace and harmony and unconditional love, and then we believe that our thoughts can create this world if others learn our disciplines we’ve adopted. 

The newly found waves of positive thinking feel strong enough to change the world to a state of unconditional love and acceptance, but are not clear enough to perform that function for one simple reason. Any version of Human Love that the mind creates from an ego-thinking experience remains an illusion, because humans exist in an illusion – that empty vacuum of space called the universe that filters into Earth’s life-giving reality and distorts her nature a bit. The human versions of love are far removed from the source that triggered our glimpses of something special.

I call these bubbles of Human Enlightenment that the inner soul manifests to fend off the outer environment, but remain illusionary due to our mental processes that separate us from the source. They are stages to enlightenment and each phase is not fully, a real world. They occur as steps to the recognition of reality. Their actual nature is that they exist as feel good bubbles of human thought that are less delusional and can make better sense of a crazy world. They are buffer zones of thought that maintain our identities to a semi state of sanity. All forms of human enlightenment act in this manner to protect us from the outer environment. In certain ways, they employ as systems of denial to reality. The improved personal thoughts fend off the insanity we are experiencing from a poorly designed world of poverty, war, and scarcity.

Once humans stop concentrating on self-love and acknowledge the task of immersing love into society through reformed social structures to improve the environment we all share, the feel good bubbles of human enlightenment will not be necessary and our inner Souls will stop producing these experiences. They are unneeded in a peaceful and loving environment. Our future efforts will provide a physical foundation of social structures that enhance Earth, and in turn enhance humans. Technological social structures become the mechanism of transferring love and peace, where mental shields are unnecessary. The social fabric utilizing technology to its full potential and how it cooperates with Earth, become the dominant teacher of love. This represents the human to Earth to human transfer of love. The smallness of Human Love becomes grand and large through the technology Earth is capable of delivering.       

This does not mean these personal shields are a negative, the opposite is true when evolution is out to enhance everything. The new thoughts are copies of Earth’s happiness from its life supporting structure. Earth is the only positive life force in our corner of the universe, so human thought absorbs this happiness. However, these bubbles of happiness are nothing like our inner nature, which contains a pure form of love that I call Authentic Compassion. This level of energy encompasses many adjustments far beyond what the human mind and its many philosophies can conceive.

One cannot expect the ancient writings of Christ, Buddha, and Tzu to cover the technology aspects that have and will change consciousness more so than any philosophy. Ancient writings come from a non-technical reality where the modern complexity of systems man has built over the centuries, simply did not exist. Civilization has moved into the age of technology and therefore our problems are more technical, than of a spiritual inadequacy. Our technical systems override and directly erode our spiritual path, for even those who think with a slightly clearer nature cannot escape the incorrect use of technology. And there rests the irony, humans are trying to apply ancient spiritual philosophies to heal our modern troubles of technology, when the outdated lessons do not embrace that Earth herself, contains the science and technology that fosters the age of enlightenment. Technology can assemble compassion tangible to the surface of Earth, while philosophy will always occur as a la la land of thought and wishful thinking. This shapes Earth and her resources as the root of Authentic Compassion and much more concrete than our philosophies.    

Every current form of human enlightenment does not represent the energy that Authentic Compassion wants to transfer to Earth, and there’s the difference. Authentic Compassion wants us to forgive and release all prisoners – a justice system of complete forgiveness and empty of human judgment. The energy does not stop there; it then wants to provide our forged criminals with an environment of harmony which would not originate bad behavior in a reflexive manner. Authentic Compassion wants to remove the unreal nature of money from the environment, due to its effects on human consciousness as the main infection of disillusionment. Additionally, Authentic Compassion wants to unite the isolated industrialization and absorb them into a one-world-management-system of Earth’s resources as a state of unity that eliminates the concept of nationalism. Authentic Compassion does not want to teach love as human enlightenment feels necessary; it wants to transfer love, and on a global scale that alters the entire reality.

Human enlightenment for example, can walk by the cold and hungry and due to an incorrect teaching from a human concept, may think all is perfect and okay. That is not love, that is the denial of pain and suffering by a feel good bubble of thought that shields one from reality. Authentic Compassion wants to immediately change the cold and hungry condition for every human that experiences such apathy. Authentic Compassion wants to transfer love into every human, undistracted by all versions of human thought and philosophy. Authentic Compassion believes in a technical reality that humans can construct on the surface of Earth to eliminate these unreal conditions.     

The newly enlightened of the last 40 years are not accessing the fuller version of Authentic Compassion; they are accessing the smallness of Human Love; they are accessing an ancient version of love that is less judgmental, or an updated version that is entirely nonjudgmental to the point where rational discernment disappears through the incorrect teachings of a full acceptance, which mistakenly gets applied to Earth’s forged environment that roots our human conditions. Yes, we are to wholly accept every human as they are and love them unconditionally, but that lesson does not mean we are to stop all discernment toward our shared reality, as many spiritual groups teach. These awakenings of the last 40 years are a better version of ego consciousness with less judgment and more acceptance, but as previously stated, they are still of mind and self. Authentic Compassion is telling us exactly what to do, but our many versions of Human Love contained in our small minds have blocked the message with its version of love.  

How many of the newly enlightened present the principles from Authentic Compassion and its direct desire to change every aspect of civilization with immense love, like transforming justice to a state of complete forgiveness? Or the dismantling of money? Practically none, they present the latest feel good bubbles of Human Love that contain less judgment, with the normal language others have used to describe their experiences. And then everyone quickly falls in line to believe that this newly acquired love because it is less judgmental and more accepting, is powerful enough to enhance our current social structures into the age of enlightenment.

I too once held the myth of what personal Human Love can do. Don’t get me wrong, it is good, but highly limited. Simply said, there are two versions of love. One is the human version of many forms due to the filtering process of the human mind that makes love small and narrow. The other is the pure energy of Authentic Compassion that is enormous with depth. Which version would bring the most change to Earth’s environment? Obviously, the one that wants to transfer love instead of the human variety that is contemplating higher awareness. If one were to expand the concept of love to the highest possible potential, it would look like Authentic Compassion and far beyond the human versions. Authentic Compassion is a majestic realm and all human versions are of smallness due to the mental process.   

So, for the rest of the essay I will group the new thoughts of enlightenment into Human Love, for that is what they are. They are truly nothing special as we believe them to be, as they tend to mirror the delusion of standard religion by creating an all-encompassing God, when Earth is our main identity of Light. Thoughts of enlightenment are the better ideas of humans, but are not magically superior.

As we try to improve the world with our weaker versions of Human Love, versus the clarity of Authentic Compassion that we are not applying, we find that the new mental outlooks of unconditional love, peace and harmony, have little effect on the massive structure of ego consciousness and it remains in place. There is a direct reason to this condition.

Human Love remains a delusional thought system directly from the distortions man has invented as basic structures, that the authentic reality of Earth does not contain. Human Love is trying to operate in the divisional and contrived empires of money, government, politics and justice – the manmade realms that do not exist as a natural or higher science creation of Earth. Though Human Love tries to change our human nature through these manmade structures for the better, and does in a limited fashion. But overall, the actions taken are too divided from the proper reality of Authentic Compassion to bring about a major change.

Some try to alter the money aspect to a sharing nature, while few attempt to dismantle the money structure as Authentic Compassion requests. Some try to improve the operations of justice, but few want to transform the structure as Authentic Compassion requests. Some try to improve the healthcare system, but few want to make it free as Authentic Compassion requests. Some try to bring honesty to politics, but none represent that politics are unnecessary when civilization operates through a resource-based economy, as Authentic Compassion requests.  

May I offer the most powerful example? Bill Gates has definitely undergone a major enlightenment to his thought system. The idea of tackling all world disease with a plan of action is uniquely Authentic Compassion. Mr. Gates is a highly positive human of great wealth and power, implementing his team’s vision of what they feel is best. However, since his team is still operating within the environment of money and their minds have not advanced to the idea of eliminating the money structure entirely – the force that actually slows their progress down – the Authentic Compassion they manifest into the world is severely limited by the constraints of money. If the Gates Foundation escalated to a position of transforming the money structure through education, and directly stated that money is not a natural occurrence on Earth and hinders our efforts, a fuller message of Authentic Compassion is transferred into human thought. It would complement their agendas since a truer version of reality is presented.

Add up all these different attempts that want to transform the world, and the multi directions of Human Love produces a plan of disorder, because the love used is a form of disorder. And mainly influenced by the larger disorder of them all – Money!

Bottom line truths: Human Love, human enlightenment, and most of our human ideas are too fractured to affect the bigger collective of ego consciousness. Even those who have elevated their thoughts to a self-perceived enlightened nature and work within the standard principles of civilization, attempting to bring love to money, politics and justice, are delusional to think that this will foster the age of enlightenment through the continued existence of those systems. Second, the thoughts of spiritualists are definitely clearer than standard religious belief, but like religion, still contain delusional aspects that are blinding. This does make for a happier version of thought. Last of all, and perhaps the most important point to concede. The age of enlightenment cannot manifest inside the unreal principles that man continues to maintain on the surface of Earth, and against Earth’s authentic reality of sharing a life-giving dynamism.

Here is what I am saying: Humans that experience a deeper reflection of enlightenment would have received the complete message of Authentic Compassion, and then would present the correct version of enlightenment as a full immersion of love into society through the capabilities of what Earth can do, not what money or the self can do, but what Earth can do. Undeniably, enlightenment means a full immersion of love into society, and when one sees this vision correctly, it automatically fosters the recognition of what Earth can do and the design she wants to become through the nature she already is. True enlightenment is the hearing of Earth’s voice, minus the voice of self and the human concepts that have been learned or conditioned. Earth is the physical key to human happiness and the age of enlightenment if utilized properly.

Perhaps this will help to explain the nature she already is: So far, Earth is the only Authentic Compassionate structure of life floating freely in our vacuum of dark space that we have found. Her voice is a grandness of science that allows her to function as a self-producing life source inside a vastness of disorder and organically dead material. She is a marvel of science surrounded by extremes of hot and cold destruction. She is the science that placed humans on her surface to transform her science by listening to her. When one is able to hear the voice of Earth and the Authentic Compassion she contains, our future becomes quite clear through the science implanted as her nature. Unfortunately, we abuse Earth and remain disconnected from her full nature of compassion, directly from our self-guided constructions on her surface.   

Her plans are radically different from the human plan. She wants every human to return to a state of reality. This means disconnecting money from Earth’s resources and setting up advanced systems of technology and automation, where money no longer exists and we become a sharing society. Something money is not designed to do because it is a system of human thought and belief – and as such – a delusional structure that Earth did not create. The age of enlightenment is the purity of Authentic Compassion that Earth wants to deliver, where advanced science from her nature filters to her surface by way of humans. The new scientific thoughts emerging will transform every delusional structure man has built into a realness alongside the laws of nature. For this to occur, humans must leave the personal concepts of love and transfer their energy into Earth and her systems, which Earth by design as a structure of science, is suited to massively expand Authentic Compassion across the planet.

This defines what I am terming as ‘a world view of love’ which embraces Earth and her technological capabilities to foster the age of enlightenment. Rather than trying to apply our thoughts of love to change the world, we move to a physical occurrence and redesign our social and economic systems toward enlightenment. The proper use of Earth is the specific structure that will make us real and more loving, to the point that our outer shields of Human Love and philosophies will dissipate through a correctly formed egalitarian environment. A simplified explanation: we build compassion right into the systems of how humans live.

The main example: Authentic Compassion understands that human behavior whether it is good and loving, or negative and destructive, is predominantly a product of the environment. Therefore, Authentic Compassion wants to change every environment into a completely positive nature, knowing full well that the new environments will produce a higher state of Human Love. Authentic Compassion understands the disorder in the environment and never holds humans accountable, due to their many illusions. Human Love does not see any of this yet and believes that it must teach love, verses building a better environment for all. Human Love wants to teach criminals that it is wrong to steal, whereas the energy of Authentic Compassion wants to remove money from the environment to eliminate the behavior of stealing. In a society that is sharing Earth’s resources through technology and automation, there is no motivation to steal anything. The behavior disappears along with the entire justice system. And when installed globally, international law disappears. Imagine that, humans would not need a Harvard or Yale law degree for survival, in a correctly engineered environment. Does this also illustrate where the lack of change is coming from? A clear case that even Harvard and Yale are environments that dictate human behavior.

There are two campaigns which encompass Authentic Compassion. They contain the correct principles of how a proper Earth environment can function globally to affect human consciousness, more so than the enlightened humans of self-love. The Venus Project and the Zeitgeist movement are platforms extremely advanced in thought beyond the human concepts of what man believes, enlightened or not; directly due to the nature of embracing science along with rational discernment that the feel good bubbles of love and shielding seem to be missing. Technology and automation will free human thought more so than any thought system humans have invented or will invent. The two campaigns have embraced the goal of allowing Earth to be the science of caring for humans.

To repeat the idea with some added insight, science is Earth’s nature. She is full of science by design, and the science is us and to be used by us, for a mutual benefit to Earth and humans. If one has studied the other concepts I offer concerning the human soul and how the hidden universe advanced our inward nature at the speed of Light, one may see how the scientific soul was developed by Earth’s Soul (explanation forthcoming). Our future is similar to the Venus Project and even that is rudiment to where humans are headed. Many near death experiences have described an afterlife of technology mixed into nature. Big, wonderful, hi-tech buildings that harmonize with nature in a complete state of peace and love is a common theme of these experiences. Those visions are not accidents, that world already exists as a pre-construction through the Soul of Earth and the Human Souls she birthed. This signifies the full design of Earth that exists in a multi-dimensional time field, which would also include the humans of now and of the future.   

The self-thoughts of enlightenment begin to change as the scientific portion of a soul starts to emerge. This is not to be confused with the current wave of science and scientists, which are the first alignments of this specialized energy. I’m referring to the basics of a human soul’s configuration, which filter up the willingness to engage physical reality with an intellectual honesty. Eventually, when the so-called enlightened mind acquires a deeper rational honesty and examines its distorted version of Human Love, the bubble finally pops and the delusive good feelings no longer exist. When the bubble of Human Love is absent, one moves into the bigger bubble of Earth itself. This is a much deeper state of reflection. The mind becomes aware of the bigger picture of what is occurring in the physical. We move into a state where we no longer see the world through the filter of Human Love and its many philosophies. We experience the fuller nature of how everything is linked either consciously or in the unconscious as a gut feeling. We experience the deaths on the battlefield. We experience a child with blood flowing down his face. We experience the enormity of poverty and hunger. We experience the suffering of other souls. We experience the lack of empathy across the entire planet. We experience all the structures man has created, both positive and negative, and yet still remain highly positive as a functioning personality.  

This world view of love has definitely occurred to Bill Gates even though he might not word it as such. The many actions Bill is currently undertaking reflect the principle of a world view of love, not a self-view or the perceptive of trying to teach love. Bill Gates is transferring love into our systems, versus someone like Deepak Chopra who is selling awareness as a feel good bubble to calm one’s mental state. See the difference? Does this qualify Bill as more of a spiritual leader than Deepak, because Bill is trying to change the environment by installing better systems, while Deepak is merely making money from a frightful and crazy environment? Yes, it certainly does. If Deepak understood Authentic Compassion, his teachings would completely change to a stance of healing the environment that sources the frightfulness. Unfortunately, a move like that would end the parade of students that come his way from a screwed up reality. This is why Deepak has not offered one Earth changing idea that will work, while Bill is actually working the environment to the benefit of all humans. Mr. Gates is releasing Authentic Compassion and a shame that our systems reduce his efforts. That’s the precision love can be reduced to, for love is ultimately an action and not a mere thought of religion or spirituality.

Clearly, the world view of love grants the discernment to transform the negative, so that the positive can become more positive. It’s a state of consciousness that is able to see what is real and what is not real, however, in a relative manner linked to the other concepts of thought being applied. In general, it’s a much clearer state than Human Love because it askes nothing of love. The human choice to apply unconditional love as a teaching or a lifestyle, is still a judgement of what love is. The proper question to ask and the only question we should ever ask: is it real, or is it unreal? That answer when viewed as a world platform is always the moving of civilization to what is real. This produces love automatically, undistorted by the human mind. Authentic Compassion is the tangible physical nature of Earth and why the question of real or unreal, will lead us to compassion more so than our thoughts of love. Love can be distorted such as standard religion and certain aspects of spirituality have accomplished, but the concrete nature of Earth cannot be distorted. Authentic Compassion is not something you can teach; it is meant to be physical by unveiling and dismantling the illusions humans have manufactured on the surface of Earth.

I offer a prime example: Our justice system is not real since it holds humans accountable for actions they are forced to perform for money and survival. Man has set up a completely unreal nature on the surface of Earth through a marriage of systems. Humans fight and kill for money that Earth never physically produced, and then we uphold the structure with a judicature that is unnecessary and unreal in the Authentic Compassion of sharing Earth’s resources. The whole situation of criminal and prosecutor is a fake system to Earth’s nature and exists as a massive illusion man has constructed. The question – is it real? – carries more transitional weight to the structure, whereas Human Love would build nicer jails as a comfort to criminals, and then call it an act of love. This indicates that the smallness of Human Love is a band-aid to the illusion and Authentic Compassion the cure.

Now it is true that the whole of the universe is one grand illusion, however, Earth’s physical reality of air, water and land, is not a full illusion. We are a realm of life looking to disconnect from the grander illusion and are in the process of accomplishing this through Earth. So we can be very sure that our shared reality of warm sunshine is a product of Authentic Compassion constructed just for humans, in which man has built illusions inside of the warm reality. When Authentic Compassion surfaces in humans, the energy will search for what is real in nature, so that Earth can lift us into higher states of realness. Earth is a Soul system moving into higher states of realness. She will drag humans with her and out of the illusion. This is no more magical than her existence surrounded by a vacuum of chaos and empty dead space. From Earth’s point of view, she sees no reason for her to exist outside the physical universe itself, and the reason we should concentrate on her and not us. Which leads us to this: the recognition of Earth’s Soul as the source of advancement.

Every human version of love that we hold in our minds as a mere thought, is actually a lower state of consciousness compared to the expansion of consciousness into an Earth view of love. A world view of love contains a sharper focus directly on Earth and derives from her nature. Earth is a living creature with its own realm of consciousness. Earth is a living Soul and very much alive with feeling and emotion. It is this, the Soul of Earth, that connects us all. Every human Soul coalesces into the bigger Soul of Earth. We communicate through it and with it. Even in heaven, she supplies an Earth like reality that allows us to communicate through her. Earth gives our inner Soul a structure to work from. All those special flashes that we perceived as enlightenment and then twisted into a personal epiphany, were never personal at all. They were glimpses from the sharing nature of Earth’s happy consciousness that we managed to call our own. When humans learn to acknowledge Earth’s energy and we leave the energy of self, then things will begin to change to match her intentions. Her intentions are to make humans happy and the reason she supplies us so many great things. Look how beautiful she is and unimaginable how we disrespect her.    

Physical Earth and her Soul, is the most complex identity created by the higher realms of Intelligent Design. Earth is the largest compassionate structure and far more complex than the human Soul, because it is attached to the many threads of everything. The Earth Soul is the deepest layer inside each human Soul, and in every molecule of her surface, and then entwines to the unreachable Light realms that human souls cannot reach. The Earth system, both physical and nonphysical, is a conscious system that is connecting and running many systems of consciousness. Unlike what the current science states that the Sun is the powerhouse running the solar system, the invisible Soul of Earth is the main connection to the entire solar system. Earth’s Soul is connected to the Sun and operates as one unit to support life. Earth’s Soul is connected to Jupiter and the planet becomes a protector for Earth. Earth is a multi-dimensional energy system of which humans only see the surface. But underneath that surface, is a very complex structure of Light energy. This energy produces a physical reality of Authentic Compassion straight from its connection to the higher source of Light (Intelligent Design – not to be confused as a singular God). The Earth Soul is the actual mechanism that allow our Human Souls to exist. Without her and her design, man could not walk the Earth nor would we be the timeless creatures of spirit. Earth and nature is our God, something the early Homo sapiens understood from the lack of generational belief.     

There has been a change to Earth’s consciousness that delusional Human Love does not fully grasp, due to the concentration on self and improving its mental version of love.    

The Earth Soul that was once in a happy state prior industrialization, is now experiencing profound sadness. Our destructive systems on Earth have grown exponentially through the population growth. Through our systems of money, government, corporations, justice, law enforcement and politics, we are producing a massive waste of her materials. We are destroying her air, destroying her water, and she is intensely disturbed by the treatment of her humans. The beautiful environment that she enjoys to provide, is falling into disorder directly from the disordered versions of love. And this is making her sick and sad.

Since Earth and humans are actually one, this sadness is filtering into humans, but we are so distracted with our mental versions of love and our fake realities, we remain unaware of her message. We continue to participate with things that are not real versus embracing the things that are real. Our discernment is completely misplaced or entirely missing.

This is why humans like Peter Joseph of Zeitgeist and Jacque Fresco of the Venus project, are more attuned to what Earth’s Soul wants to accomplish. They have left the delusional versions of Human Love and are hearing the Authentic Compassion straight from the Soul of Earth, and her desire to care for all humans on a grand scale. That message is very clear, everything we do on the surface of Earth must change.

Well, I have become aware of Earth’s feelings and this produced the biggest change to my thought system more so than any spiritual teaching I have received. For now, I feel Earth’s profound sadness since I do not operate in the delusional bubbles of Human Love. On certain mornings when I wake, or at various points of the day, I’m on the verge of tears. This is not the chemical imbalance of a mental depression, it is the physical pain of feeling Earth’s direct agony in my heart and soul. It’s more of a sick and heavy vibration that saddens my entire system. Oddly enough, the mind feels normal and happy as these emotions emerge.

Earth has always been surrounded by the immense sorrow and sadness from the disordered universe that surrounds her – that vacuum of chaos that is constantly pounding her. It is her job to fend off those energies for humans. But now, the profound sadness is entering her Soul directly through man’s escalation of abuse. And here rests the motivation for change in the future.

The age of enlightenment that we all desire for a grand and peaceful future, will not occur through the weaker versions of Human Love – those bubbles of love we call enlightenment. Our future is the sorrowful version of what man has created, and in no way represents the consciousness that we thought we would experience as a divine escalation of Human Love. The human versions of love, since they are too divided into many thought systems that do want to unite to a singular foundation of action, will never arrive to a unified theory that eliminates our separation. It will be a very sick Earth that will accomplish the goal of unity throughout all nations, directly from her sadness, which is actually our sadness.

At some point in the future, as Earth deteriorates and the environment reveals her sickness, the bigger Soul of Earth will transfer immense sorrow and sadness into every human, regardless of belief, country, or status. The human species will intimately experience the great sorrow and sadness that we have caused Earth. No one will escape this experience. It will be an undivided wave of Authentic Compassion that unravels the complexity of human thought to a clearer version of unity that becomes a higher state of Human Love, which fully detracts the distortion of feeling good as a self. Our many versions of Human Love that were illusive to make us feel good, will dissolve. Standard religions, spirituality as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism, etc., all the feel good bubbles of thought designed to make sense out of the disordered universe will not be necessary. The Soul of Earth will unite all.

This is a higher state of consciousness and a lower state of consciousness at the same time, because it is the sorrowful energy of a higher realization. Humans on a grand scale will experience our direct connection to Earth, and we will finally understand that she has always been the foundation of our being. Humans from that moment forward and for the rest of our history, will never put the self before Earth again.

The age of enlightenment does not begin by thinking we can expand Human Love. It begins the moment we recognize Earth as the master structure that teaches humans the nature of Authentic Compassion. The Human to Human connection is a limited structure of transferring compassion due to the limits of the mind, but a human to Earth to human transfer of compassion, now involves the Soul of Earth – as the real source of compassion that it is. Our Human Souls that live inside the bigger Soul of Earth, want a sharing society and so does the Earth Soul. (One must remember a Soul is merely a system of Light, and Earth is exactly that.) The Earth Soul and the Human Souls she contains are designed to accomplish the goal of transferring Authentic Compassion onto Earth’s surface through technology. This compassion is in her abilities of science. Humans need to recognize that we do not master compassion through human thought exclusively, and with technology we can make compassion physical. If we throw every ounce of Human Love into Earth and her positive technologies, a greater love will automatically filter down into every human. This concept is the most advanced thought any human can teach. So let’s dig deeper.

When humans transfer a reverence to Earth, Authentic Compassion from Earth’s Soul will reflect back and allow humanity to dismantle our illusions of money, justice, nationalism, politics, division and war. Our inner beings exist as artists and scientists just as the Soul of Earth developed them. This energy will emerge and begins the installation of clean systems that apply technology and automation to enhance Earth’s environment. The idea that we must teach love will no longer exist either. The new social fabric we’ve created reflects the love we desire, and physically expresses that love by taking care of every human properly. No human will walk past the cold and hungry, for the situation no longer exists. That negative situation was completely unreal and unnecessary, and through the real nature of what Earth can accomplish by understanding her sciences embedded in her material, the unreal nature of cold and hungry humans disappears. Isn’t that what Earth has always provided humans, a way to take refuge from her recycling process of sustainability while producing food and warmth? Well, she has few more layers of science that will grant humans a massive release from survival energy, even while she is recycling to maintain herself. That Sun is not there by accident.       

To rephrase the concept in this essay bluntly: It’s a huge mistake to think that Human Love by itself will save Earth. A higher version of Authentic Compassion is required. The age of enlightenment does not occur through humans teaching love. It will occur when humans engage Earth’s technological capabilities to eliminate human survival energies. What we build, will lift the entire species to a state of peace and in one movement. The concept is no different than when our ancestors applied science to build the first shelters out of animal skins, twigs, leaves and branches, and then mud, and then wood and nails. That is the age of enlightenment … and Earth the main character.

Authentic Compassion is the highest version of love that contains science and decreases the ego’s self-view of love. Enlightenment is the sharper focus on Earth’s reality. Humans must not concentrate on one’s self, but rather focus on a group expansion (like the Venus Project) outward into Earth. When our group consciousness accomplishes this goal, the pain and suffering of others become obvious – and that will renovate Earth. 

The deeper lesson we will learn from this experience? True advancement of human consciousness was never about installing a bubble of feel good love. It was about feeling the pain and suffering of others, and then unraveling the systems that cause agony. Through this lesson, we eliminated all suffering.

Final Thoughts

Humans think we can transfer a massive wave of love to Earth through thought. Humans believe that enlightenment of the human species is based on the ability of thinking with love. Well, very soon, humans will acknowledge that we can build a worldwide platform of love through technology. This would mean that our next level of awareness is linked to technology and unaligned to our individual views of love and wishful thinking – those incomplete bubbles of thought that make us feel good.

The amalgamation to a higher level of awareness will occur through science and technology that transforms human thought, simply because science and technology are concrete and verifiable compared to the human thoughts of love. Human Love is limited and technology will push civilization toward Authentic Compassion.

This is nothing new when looking at our history regarding technology and its ability to increase awareness levels. Galileo’s telescope when pointed at the night sky brought more human development than any thought man could produce. The technology of the telescope completely changed our views of God, nature, and humans. It eventually raised our group awareness and to this day is still raising our awareness level. Discovering technology means we are becoming more intelligent. This idea represents a better definition of what an increase of awareness actually is, destined as an increase of intelligence rather than an increase to human perceptions of love. Higher intelligence does equal higher states of compassion. And with each step toward a higher intellect, we become less delusional and real with nature.

The telescope is also reflecting back the proper way to view the universe, of which a few enlightened factions have backwardly called perfection through the eyes of ancient spiritual text that never saw the universe’s destructive ability through a scope. The twinkles of starlight were certainly pretty back then, and now we know the brutal nature of their beginning and end. It’s time to change that view since through the lens, it is very clear that the universe is the extreme disorder of nonlife. The disorder is categorically the destruction of all material organizations for nothing in the disorder is permanent. This future acknowledgment that Earth is surrounded by complete disorder when fully realized, will shape humans immensely gracious toward Earth. Could this also explain why the Earth Soul system wants to remove itself from the universe and the disaster of disorder? Earth’s whole existence is a magical idea, so logically there must be a greater magic to come.

The technology of solar energy will have the same effect on mankind as the telescope. Solar technology and the imminent ways to harness the energy will teach humans the proper course to take. It would be insane to not build a free energy grid from the approaching technology methods. Those methods will eventually bring us to our senses while we are watching Earth suffer. The physical and nonphysical Earth connection to solar energy from the Sun, will change every concept of compassion.

The age of enlightenment means a full immersion of love into society. If one were to describe the age of enlightenment and the full immersion of love into society. One would have to agree that money, war, politics, human slavery to corporations and our mindless jobs would not exist. The most important aspect that all humans envision: enlightenment is a state of global unity where nations no longer fight over Earth. The rational answer to enlightenment – only technology can do all that. Which transposes compassion to be the highest form of technology. Technology can purify compassion concrete and not just a mere idea of the mind.

The whole process is about becoming real by dismantling our illusions. Civilization will apply a group Existentialism of technology/compassion fostered by the idea to eliminate concepts that do not exist in nature. The empirical evidence is in the generational recycling of beliefs that Earth did not produce: Money is not real to Earth; so it is an illusion to be dismantled. War is not real to Earth; it is an illusion to be dismantled. The political process is not real to Earth; it is an illusion to be dismantled. Nationalisms are not real to Earth; the boundaries are illusions to be dismantled. That is how we become real with ourselves and to Earth.

Technology and automation will drive the social structures to a major human enlightenment, since it frees man from a disorderly environment instigated by class and status. Humans will stop thinking in terms of self-love and construct compassion directly into our lifestyle. Love stops being a mere thought; it becomes an action of the social structures. Love externalizes outside the human thought system, and develops into physical systems that reflect back the worldwide view of love aforementioned. Love becomes an energy of sharing and an energy of being … and routinely automatic due to the automation of sharing resources. Man’s ability to manipulate negatively, has been taken out of the equation of life.           

It’s also a place where the human Soul no longer needs to manifest the temporary bubbles of enlightenment as protection from the outside world of disorder, because technology cured the disorder. Our science-based souls once fully emerged, will change the surface of Earth with technology that allows everyone to experience the highest version of Human Love. The highest version of Human Love is obviously a world of tenderness. A loving society is something humans will manifest, once we learn that we actually do love each other and Earth. Something that those temporary bubbles of enlightenment did teach us.

Earth is a ball of science that humans get to refine into the age of eliminating survival energy. Technically speaking, eliminating survival energy is stage one of what humans will accomplish through technology, more so than Authentic Compassion in an instant. The survival instinct inherent in humankind, will continue to offset a fuller version of Authentic Compassion and then decreases over time through a lifestyle of technology and automation. Stage two and what we view as the age of enlightenment filled with a blissful magic, is farther down the road after we curb our animal instincts. That hidden thread called evolution, will slowly allow all of mankind to embody the highest version of human enlightenment as Authentic Compassionate energy. A full state of peace and tranquility of which our future kids will birth into, and who will not experience the elapsed forms of bubbly thought. That is the age of enlightenment, where humans are physically birthed as an enlightened species. This age will not be granted in a flash of a moment; it is a process of evolution inside the slowness of time.

Even the age of enlightenment is temporary, for there are many levels beyond the best versions of Human Love. Magical realms await us as we discover other science frequencies, not in nature, but ones of thought. Humans will reach this final journey all because we have cleansed our thought system – that collective of ego consciousness – by means of technology, due to our nature of being artists and scientists; exclusively.

A human to Earth to human transfer of compassion is better suited to connect people across the globe. Earth is the tool that will teach us what love is, and nothing outside her complex weave exists. Earth and humans are one massive Soul System moving out of the illusion called our universe. The dark space of disorder that surrounds us and how it will change, is a whole other project outside our Soul System.

(That is what my bubble of love is telling me, and it too, soon to elapse. But no big deal, I’d rather live inside Authentic Compassion than as a bubble outside it. It’s much safer in there.)  


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