My Local Paper is Brainwashing Us to War

This is how the average American learns how to accept war as a solution. If one ever reads an article that resembles this mantra, it’s a journalist who understands nothing about cause and effect – even of their own intentions. They blindly help to create a world that they do not want. 


Of Course I Had to Reply:

Subject: Regarding Your Opinion Editorial: Eradicating terror… (a call for war)

Dear un-insightful newspaper:

Two hundred years from now the world will enjoy automation through technology. Automation will furnish our food, our shelter, and our peace. Humans will no longer fight over resources due to a sharing environment provided by technology.

The idea that humans can group together and solve problems with bombs, missiles, and death – is the fruitless concept that future humans will eradicate. Our future will correctly look back and understand that the concept of war and terrorism are the same. Both were ineffective and of primitive thought.

Science is in the process of proving that the environment governs the majority of human behavior. This is why the middle-class neighborhoods of America contain a higher level of peace. And the underdeveloped environments of the Middle East harvest humans of bad behavior – of which our bombs and missiles foster by destroying the environment. The insane bombings we inflict to a region, leads to an increase of insane people.

This is also a major lesson of the Bible, which not only applies to an individual but to the whole of Western culture – we reap what we sow. If we sow bombs, we reap bombs. If we sow environments of peace and safety, we reap peace and safety.

Days earlier your newspaper denounced fear and now you recommend fear. What would it take to get your newspaper to present a little consistency and perhaps some out-of-the-box-thinking, versus the current primitive ideas that many think are intelligent solutions? … like the idea that we need to fear terrorism and the situation requires a declaration of war.  Are we to repeat 9-11 all over again?

The peaceful solution, where peace is always more intelligent than war. We need to transform the Middle East environment and stop blowing it up. Let ISIS have the oil fields that they have conquered and legitimize their system into the markets. The world can withstand one more nation like Saudi Arabia of insane and oppressive religious rule. This will calm the region, saving the lives of many children, and will curtail their digital media since they are a part of the system. This will also fill the hole that America dug in Iraq – with peace. The money we want to spend on a heightened war plus the current funds of a continued military presence, can subsidize a portion of the lost oil revenue to Iraq. We could call it a peaceful use of money. We can buy peace just as we pay for war.

If Western culture could see this situation from the future, we would realize that the subsidy itself is temporary. Technology is on the move and will reshape the Middle East to the healthier environment of sharing. Free solar energy from the sun is the future, and will easily turn oil wealth obsolete and no longer worthy of a fight. So why continue the oil fight in this current moment? It’s not like we can burn that oil anyway, due to climate change.

Let ISIS have it, takes on a whole new meaning through intelligent sharing to peace. We have bigger fish to fry, like moving the entire planet to solar energy to prolong the human species, saving even those whom hate us.

Sincerely, Karl Gary.

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