I’m Sorry, I Just Had to Respond

Wow, this really blew me away. If this is how crazy spiritualists have become, then some of the spiritual platform is in sad shape. I share a Facebook dialog that started out with an innocent comment about prayer. I copied the conversation so please forgive any grammar or clarity mistakes of a quickly written reply. We all know how small the box is of a Facebook post which leads to short and direct sentences. 

Spiritual Science Research Foundation: (original post) 

Prayer with and without expectation

Whenever we pray to God, we plead to Him to help us achieve something or get a particular task done. There is always an intention behind a prayer. Depending on the intention, prayers can be broadly classified into 2 categories, namely-prayer with worldly expectation and prayer without worldly expectation.

Prayer with worldly expectation includes all prayers which are related to fulfilment of some worldly requirement. This may include requirements like getting a spouse, good grades, relief from a severe ailment, etc. Praying for worldly benefit consumes our valuable spiritual energy and can potentially entrap us further into the material world.

Prayer without worldly expectation includes all prayers which involve spiritual growth of the person. Such prayers target towards helping the person make spiritual progress faster and removal of obstacles in spiritual practice. Such prayers are always answered by God and develops a state of surrender within us.

Learn more about prayers at: (their website)

Karl Gary: Prayer is good, but unfortunately greed does not listen. I’m calling for all spiritualists to come together and form a political party. The people who know how to fix society, should fix society.

Spiritual Science Research Foundation: Dear Karl, it is a good desire and true that the spiritual people with pure intentions would help to turn the society towards positivity. However, the time is not yet proper for this to happen. After 2025 the world will go in that direction.

One important point to keep in mind though is that spiritual people first need to progress further greatly, meaning to to reach the level of sainthood, in order to have the capacity and ability for such a mission. Until a person’s mind is fully purified he is not really able to lead others. For this to happen doing intense daily spiritual practice is necessary. So we should all intensify our spiritual practice efforts with chanting, personality defect removal, ego removal, spiritual service, and other aspects of spiritual practice.

Please take a look at this article with explanation what is to come until 2025 and after 2025: http://www.spiritualresearchfoundation.org/spiritual-research/global-issues/world-war-3-predictions/

[The highlights of this link. World War 3 is occurring right now and will continue until the year 2023. Toward the end of the war, weapons of mass destruction and nukes will be used. Somehow this fosters what they call a Divine Kingdom by the year 2025.  And the reason we do see this war, because it’s a battle between good and evil in another dimension, but soon we will see it. I’m sorry, I just had to respond.]

Karl Gary: Dear Spiritual Research. Obliviously, you have not investigated my teachings. The teachings come from actual Human Light. If all your members could meditate and go deep into their own Light, this is what Human Light would tell you.

1) World War 3 will not occur due to globalization. 60 nations have formed an alliance under the BIS to keep money alive. A World War could end money, so sure, nations fight a bit, but they all enjoy making money off each other more. Why would China and Russia attack America when they own companies inside America? This situation did not exist in the cold war era. Planes, the space station, and other major items are now a shared construction from many parts of the world. Nations have pulled together under business. Central Banking runs the world, not governments. Central Banking will not allow a world war 3.

2) The human soul is a multi-dimensional being of time, meaning, we exist in many time zones at the same time. Since Light is timeless, all advancement to humans has been accomplished at the speed of Light. Advanced humans are reaching back into the slowness of time to teach the time aspects of humanity how to build a technology world. Light is a very science based form of consciousness. Our human souls know how to operate that Light fabric, to its entirely within our frequencies of Light.

3) Time and material do not allow for an instant dismantling of ego consciousness. Evolution is a slow process. Our advanced Light souls are bringing down a world of automation. Technology and automation will end survival thoughts and money. This allows the human mind to develop over many years to the real age of enlightenment.

4) Heaven is a complex place, you may have accessed a group of souls who have created their own reality disconnected from the Light and Dark Evolution. Light allowed humans to create all kinds of things, and many realities are not tied to Earth anymore.

5) There is no battle between evil and the divine. Our dark universe is the evil, but it is also an illusion. How can the realness of Light fight an illusion of darkness? It can’t. But it can convert the unreal nature of dark to the real nature of Light. Light is turning Dark into Light. It is not a fight, it is a conversion process, and Humans are the force designed to the job on Earth, because we contain a highly advanced Soul directing our actions. The human mind is not the evil it use to be, directly from this communication. This communication is why humans have moved into the science age. Our inner nature is a balance of science and compassion, and both are seeping through.

6) God does not exist, it is a Light fabric of science and compassion. It is an impersonal fabric that we enjoy as Light thought. God is no longer singular; his fabric is in everything that thinks. Are there higher levels of thinking? Yes there are – infinite levels consciousness. Does any of that upper space consider themselves to be Gods? No they do not. Higher levels of consciousness have never found a singular God. A God figure is a distortion inside Darkness, that distortion does not exist inside the Light universe. However, Light will bend and create a God figure when necessary to help the humans who are caught in time, and who have not accepted their timeless nature.

6) The dark universe we live in, is complete disorder. Not even Light can predict what will happen because of negative ego consciousness. So, WW 3 is a possibility, but not likely because nations are pulling together through business and the effort to save Earth. The real catalyst to a better way of life is through Global Warming, not WW 3 and nuclear bombs. As the environment falls apart, nations will be forced into a stronger pull to save Humans and Earth. Nations are already on this path. This process will begin the path to the technology world of automation that I mentioned. The question is, are we moving fast enough to eliminate carbon? Since our universe is random disorder, humans may become extinct due to the slow reaction of replacing carbon. Then the whole process starts all over. Light begins to manipulate tissue until humans are achieved. Earth has already undergone 5 extinctions to produce human tissue. Dinosaurs were not designed to bring Light into darkness, Humans are. Divine intervention is coming from Humans who live in many time zones. That is how advanced humans have become – to use your term – in God’s fabric. Of course the magic and speed of Light instantly took humans to their highest ability of fixing the Earth condition. We are layers of time waiting for our moments.

These are the real messages within a human Soul who remains attached to Earth and its outer darkness. They remain attached to Earth as the human fix to Earth by choice. Concerning other messages humans receive, they are a mixture of creation and illusion that have split off in other directions. Heaven too, contains an infinite mixture of ideas. Creation is never stymied due to the nature of the Light fabric. The real question is, do these altered realities actually pertain to Earth? No they do not. I would love to send you a copy of my book, The Compassionate World. It contains a deeper explanation concerning the vast realms of altered realities.

[I just couldn’t stop there, so I added a declaration regarding future history.]

Karl Gary: The year 2023 and no WW3, and the year of 2025 with no Divine Kingdom, will prove a different accuracy. There is the reasonable but slow way to enlightenment through the evolution of thought. And then there are the dreamy versions that usually include a destructive narrative of nuclear bombs. Nuclear bombs cannot lead to enlightenment, it will lead to mass chaos. It is very unlikely that nuclear bombs will allow walking man to instantly become enlightened after such insanity.

Something is seriously wrong when spiritualists have copied a revelation ending. I can’t wait for their next reply. The reason for this post, my reply pretty much sums up the ideas that have been presented to me. Just a quick learning tool for my readers, if I ever get any.


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