Can We Really Kill Evil?

The universe is one enormous recycling bin. When looking at the empirical evidence inside the universe, every scenario suggests that our reality is filled with regeneration. Stars explode to recycle their material and so begins stock-photo-87247495-industrial-clock-transmission-gear-setanew. Every atom of water is recycled as weather. Plants and animals perish only to be reabsorbed back into Earth. Land gets pushed underground as a new melting phase, even the falling of a leaf is a process of a circle. Every atom is a recyclable and would debatably mean, human life too falls into this category. Why should humans be any different? Reincarnation looks to be inevitable. Now the question is, why don’t we remember our previous lives? Perhaps the main reason we don’t remember is that we are constantly improving our humanness, and readopting old patterns of thoughts is not the best way to improvement.

I assert that there is no debate per the First Law of Thermodynamics, where energy is neither created or destroyed, and may only convert to one form or another. Aren’t humans a form of energy? Are we not thermo-dynamic creatures? Do we not walk and talk displaying this energy? Could we call ourselves human energy? And since we can call ourselves energy, how could the First Law of Thermodynamics bypass us? Well, it does not. Straight from our hearts we all get the message that our human energy survives after death. It’s a unanimous feeling as most believe in a positive and magical way of continued existence.

Humans can see atoms but we cannot see the energy in the atom until it is split. And just like all atoms, our human energy lingers in an afterlife because one cannot kill energy as a law of physics, whether the energy is seen of not. So now the question becomes where does human energy go after the heat from our body disappears? And is there such a thing as good and bad energy after conversion to another state?

Let’s challenge the good versus bad first.

Science has proven that our universe is actually empty space in which we experience an illusion of material.  While in this space, we have terms that define good and bad, but since this space is an illusion, do those terms carry over when human energy is converted into another form? It seems that if this were the case, the area where human energy is converted to, would be judgmentally insane as our universe. And what would be the point of two insane universes and how could improvement to the human species be accomplished under the condemnation of our negatives? A good question to ask: What are the chances of another energy realm being completely inadequate as this one? Isn’t one enough?

There is no doubt that our universe is a negative space that does not support life graciously. The classical balance for any force, is that there always seems to be an opposite. So, the opposite of a highly negative space would be a highly positive space. Is this where our human energy comes to rest, in a highly positive realm of energy where negative verve does not exist, so we may improve the human species without judgment and condemnation? Could death be that beautiful, as if the conversion of human energy only contains the intelligent choice of purifying the energy, just as water is purified by Earth’s recycling process? A place where all the bad things humans have done within the illusion of space, is filtered out and primarily due to the concept of good and bad merely existing as an illusion. Meaning, the theory of good and bad completely disappears through the laws of energy conversion, for energy cannot be labeled as good or bad. The purity of mathematics does not possess a good or bad attribute. Positive and negative is the accurate labeling of energy and why mathematics relies on those terms. Applying basic math to our species forms a very clear bottom line: Sometimes we act with positive human energy, and sometime we act with negative human energy. (Can this simple idea clearly define a very easy fix for humanity?)

Let’s go back to a prior question and rephrase it a bit and make it plural. Where do the two sides of human energy go after the heat from our body disappears? Now that good and bad have been redefined as positive and negative, it seems appropriate that our positive human energy after leaving the illusion of space, finds a place of equal measure that is happy and content. If we now add in the concept that human energy is a big circle of improvement, it would be here that we could realize (not relive) our personal moments of choosing negative energy to briefly rule our thoughts during our short stay inside the physical universe. Within the circle of improvement during our afterlife, we most likely will find ourselves missing our brothers and sisters that are the human species. The logical conclusion of a reconditioning process: the life force of human energy would naturally realign our motivations to attempt another reentry into the illusion, so maybe the next time around, we may actually help our species. This would be a highly intelligent design of a life to life conversion, in which human energy is an important part of a recycling process that improves the consciousness of our Earth walking species. It’s looking more like a duty to spread the afterlife of positive energy.

stock-photo-83672915-various-human-emotions-and-moodAnd what happens to the negative energy that counters our positive human energy, that negative energy our humanness sometimes displays while on Earth? Does it continue to live in its own arena because it too cannot die?  After all, it is energy and an energy with action, so obviously it must convert somehow.

I’m purposing a new scenario of what happens to the negative energy humans portray. Let’s look at our negative human energy in a different way. Let’s assume that it is not convert at all, but remains as an energy field that surrounds Earth. It’s called our universe; the biggest negative energy field ever created. The facts of this space are indisputable. It’s cold, it’s dark, so far it’s empty of other life, it’s hostile, it’s not humanly survivable without technical trickery. Parts of it are blistering hot while most of it is a frozen structure. Earth itself has suffered devastating extinctions from its outer heavens. The universe is nothing but destruction and predominantly negative.

The universe through pragmatic evidence, is a negative energy field that coats our species. It’s quite easy to acknowledge that when a human soul is born, it is passing into this negative space and receives a layer of human body. It’s natural to grow up and live a mindless state of atoms embedded with its negative energy. Our minds are born infected with the negative energy of the universe, and since the energy contains a highly destructive nature, we follow the destructive rules that lay before us. We copy the explosions we see in nature; we copy the action of animals that kill; we copy the way insects protect their territory. Our universe is destructive and humans are embedded with reactionary and explosive instincts from the environment. Humans definably have a self-destructive layer within their consciousness. Humans are born to a place where atoms fight to survive and we have merely joined the party. I suggest that all these references are the most accurate interpretations of negative human energy. The good news, we as a species are finally learning to ignore this layer.

Let’s move on to the positive side of humans.

Inside all this negativity that surrounds us as the universe, what creation in this empty space is the most positive? Obviously, it is the life force of the human species. In no possible way could a cold and dark universe that is able to create unimaginable destruction such as a black hole, be considered a compassionate area. The negative universe does not create compassion; compassion is a human invention. Though primitive humans invented Gods that spearheaded compassion, realistically, this was completely a human endeavor. Humans have always been the most positive species of the planet. No other species has produced compassion as we have. A tiger could care less if a stock-photo-27606208-winter-sunriseflashflood carried away a pride of lions, but humans do. This positive nature has built a civilization that places humans above the animal kingdom with rules of compassion and helping. Modern humans have constructed communication systems that allow strangers to pull together during natural disasters. America exemplifies the compassion by offering large sums of money and help to utter strangers in their time of need. However, it is a place that we do not stay. We backslide to war and the perpetuation of poverty all because we cannot control the negatives of our nature.

Perhaps now we should examine where our positive energy really comes from?

Most humans believe that heaven is a warm and peaceful place of immense joy. None of the destructive nonsense of extreme cold and the blistering hot of our physical universe exists in our mental dreams of heaven. Not one human believes that heaven is as crazy as this universe. The idea must be correct for it is a universal insight. Billions of human could not be wrong concerning this outlook. We picture heaven as a realm of complete serenity, complete comfort, and complete happiness. We picture this as a home that we look forward to returning to. Well, though we may feel this to be a dreamy condition from our minds. Our warm thoughts of heaven are actually the facts filtering up through our positive human energy. So powerful, it contains the ability to filter up while living inside the negative space of our universe. This energy accounts for all the positive and wonderful things we have built. But at the same time, we are not insightful enough to acknowledge the main fact of our existence. Humans constantly overlook that Earth is the only Heaven in this empty space that we have found. We are living in Heaven right now and cannot recognize the fact, because the universe itself distorts our minds with its illusion of existence and its innate destructive behavior. So Earth doesn’t seem like the carbon-based Heaven it truly is.

Do all these specifics pinpoint how valuable the human species is to the universe, and the correct nature of our existence, as being the only positive force we found through our telescopes? Something out there truly values us. If we could only learn to increase that value amongst ourselves.

I have come the long away around to reveal many truths. One, Earth is actually a form of Heaven. Two, humans are actually the positive in an extremely negative space that we can define as the universe. Three, the classification of good and bad does not exist in the mathematics of energy conversion. Humans have simply ignored the mathematics and invented an additional classification for bad that we call evil. Our next topic.

To be human would mean that there is human energy in everyone. And if this human energy were one big life force (family) designed to inject positive energy into Earth as a gigantic regeneration realm of human improvement, by proof of a civilization that is attempting to rise above the animal kingdom. It would be hard to deny that every human contains some form of an inner positive nature, even when a negative part is heavily involved with the destructive nature of the universe. The prime example would be a terrorist bomber who follows the path of negative energy and harms many.

My question is this. Are terrorists really made of evil? Or are they products of the environment?stock-photo-62112712-young-yemeni-man-holds-a-rifle-n-aden-yemen

There are such highly negative spots on Earth that no human, no matter how positive the inside may be, or can be, their positive nature is simply not allowed to surface full force. They exist in the extremes of human negative energy that take on many forms, such as extreme poverty, suppressive governments, and detrimental religion. These individuals are literally brainwashed by the human negativity that surrounds them as an environment. They live in an area that only heightens in negativity as they pass the negatives throughout the neighborhood.

If civilization wants to improve the negative human energy in any area, then positive human energy must start concentrating on their environment and turn the area positive. And we certainly cannot change a destructive region of Earth by adding more destruction. Droning hatred with more hatred does nothing to improve the negative human energy in any region. This only creates more negative energy.

It’s a simple math equation. Negative plus a negative equals a higher negative. A simple 4th-grade equation that the American government and all nations ignore. This blatant truth is staring us right in the face. When America bombs a region of negative human energy, aren’t we ourselves using negative human energy? Are we not adding negativity to a portion of heaven, rather than seeking the positives to extend the building of a heaven?  You know, that slice of reality/illusion that we cannot find in any of our telescopes.

Forward thinking believes that our human Souls are a part of Heaven. The logical conclusion of the idea would be that Heaven is filtering into Earth. I support the idea that the human life force was invented to do just that, bring an ever increasing improvement to Earth that leads to a higher level of immense joy.

I also argue as a scientific lawyer would, that we cannot kill evil because the energy does not mathematically exist in that form. What America thinks is the killing evil with a drone strike, is merely the killing of a molecular negativity implicit in the human body and mind. And the underlining human soul of positive energy that was suppressed by its environment and never surfaced to fulfill the design of improving Earth, returns to its separate positive state of existence. Along with the detraction, the molecular ideas of negativity that were adopted as ego consciousness, undergo an energy conversion that separates the negative back into the physical universe, and a new baby positive of human energy emerges within the soul. It’s this baby positive that the human soul through human energy will continue to grow.

stock-photo-81976561-soldier-salutingWhen humans try to kill evil, we are not killing anything and only disrupting the circle of improvement that is advancing consciousness. So much so, that every human invention of killing – war, capital punishment, death by starvation due to apathy – dramatically slows the advancement of consciousness. The bigger picture of what is actually occurring. We are sucking the negative energy from the outer universe into our Heaven. Though that sky is very pretty at night, we should be building a compassionate shell around Earth to protect ourselves from it. That negative energy is very alive and has not been kind to Earth.

Can we kill evil is really about ourselves and why we can’t remember our prior lives. Perhaps they were not worth remembering and then filtered out to the negative.

If the invisible life force behind Earth is recycling human energy to procreate a Heaven on Earth, then a state of bliss would have to be the main attribute of the human soul. I think we could form this into a new and highly accurate religion for Earth. We could call it humanism; a place where the two sides human energy is the measurement of what is created on Earth. May the faith teach that most humans live in a minor state of compassion due to the mind and universe connection. And the cure is to fully embrace the positive human energy of a very creative life force deep within the heart. We could also phrase it like this: it is time to embrace and appreciate the Heaven we already enjoy from a hidden platform that designed Earth as the positive material of the universe. And that would include humans too. Perhaps in the future, we will be able to recall our positive lives because they are worth remembering.

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