A Letter to Spiritualists

Dear Spiritualists,

As you know, the universe is an endless field of possibilities. Thanks to the scientists we now know that Earth has suffered multiple extinctions, and to the spiritualist this occurred to arrive at a human species capable of expanding consciousness to Light thought.

The next hundred years are critical for our species to establish the proper foundation that leads to further evolution. Roughly 90% to 95% of humans are not moving toward full enlightenment, and as this energy recycles the current industrialization, our world will become a very ugly place. Industrialization will force civilization to a change and the question of that alteration will be: does ego consciousness develop another manipulated system of survival, or do real answers prevail?

Many spiritualists anticipate a calamity that yields a change to full compassion and enlightenment, such as the Earth flipping its magnetic field, or an ecosystem collapse from industrialization aforementioned. In all cases, suddenly a team of enlightened humans appear to remedy the period and so begins the new age of enlightenment. These are delusional thoughts and concepts, which end up sidelining spiritualists to wait for magic when we are the magic.

The spiritual community suffers a misdirection of waiting for change rather than causing the change, with their own Light source. The example I offer: A Course in Miracles is known for the teaching of nonjudgment and passive waiting, but this also stops the Light from a massive expression to humanity. The pragmatic evidence to all spiritualists who await a magical transformation delivered by a group of grand masters is this: If a team of enlightened beings were possible, our advanced Light would have been here by now. In fact, they would have manifested centuries ago and recycled their teaching energy through reincarnation. There is no sane reason for any advanced spirit or groups of spirits to avoid incarnation and begin the process of breaking the illusion by teaching in the physical. Unfortunately, many spiritualists believe in this incorrect foundation to enlightenment and end up waiting for the magical beings like rapture victims. We are to heal ourselves and this will never occur through our guides and teachers. Humans are designed to move Light into the darkest sectors of society. It is our responsibility and exactly what our teachers teach.

The limit to magical beings is not a spiritual inadequacy, but a physical problem of a body unable to handle intense energy. It’s a physics problem. Adjustments to the human mind and body that make it able to handle advanced energy is a slow process due to evolution and its time factor. Furthermore, many minds must learn to process Light. A single mind of Light could never heal the entire world of linked ego consciousness. And there is real the problem. Ego consciousness is a sturdy link through and by our minds, and will require ages of teaching through one another to undo the linking. To accomplish this goal, our advanced inner nature is requesting that our social fabric transforms to an outer teacher to supplement the inner teacher.

To the Course of Miracle students, I apply its most valuable lesson of the real versus the unreal, to correct the passivism of waiting. The Course encourages its students while living in the illusion to suspend all judgment and only seek what is real to dismantle incorrect perceptions. The students become excessively worried about applying judgment and over compensate. Well, there is no judgment when looking at the illusion and saying these things are not real. This means there is only one judgment to make. Is it real or is it unreal? When one is stating the facts of the unreal, no judgment has been applied. Therefore, the illusion of incarceration must be dismantled. The jail itself is not real for there are no jails in heaven. The illusion of money must be dismantled. Money is not real for there is no money in heaven. So when a human steals money and goes to jail, the Course students have learned not to judge the human and to love the soul, but do nothing to dismantle the list of illusions. It is no longer good enough to love and accept another human for what they have done. That is child’s play compared to the importance of dismantling the illusions that puts a human in an imaginary cell.

This allows us to clearly detail the sidelining that is occurring by spiritualists. I have heard students of spiritualism say, we must accept the humans sitting in jail for all is perfect. This also transmutes to we must accept the humans suffering poverty and living homeless on the streets, because they are learning something through a karmic debt. Many spiritualists feel these situations should stand. My question would be: Learning what? Learning how to survive the illusion by participating with other illusions. And learning that karmic debt is actually the insensitivity and laziness of man to find real solutions to the environment. The acceptance outlook completely denies that the environment of money designed as scarcity, is the ultimate cause of humans landing in jail. What criminals are actually experiencing is an unreal karmic debt structure that an incomplete version of unconditional love helps to support, which ultimately maintains the grander illusion.

Our advanced teachings have taught us that the afterlife does not punish nor demands suffering of any human. But somehow we are to accept these energies inside the illusion? Now does one see the misalignment of thought compared to the brilliant Light of the afterlife? The idea of letting humans suffer because they are learning something is a highly distorted concept within spiritualism. Inmates and the homeless aren’t learning anything except the lack of love that spiritualists know how to address, but are stuck to a nonjudgmental approach of inaction. Are we narcissistic by concentrating on our own thoughts? Absolutely!

May I be very clear about this. When one has reached the level of nonjudgment toward other humans by dismantling one’s personal delusions, the next level is to dismantle the illusion of others. How spiritual is it to let others suffer a make-believe learning session of illusion? Now granted, many spiritual leaders take on personal students and attempt to influence the masses through our silly books, but this is the slow way. A political energy of spiritualism can affect the masses by fostering a snowball effect of humans learning from one another.

Can you imagine a justice system that does not judge and heals all individuals with social programs of caring through the reconstruction of attitude? Wouldn’t the humans running the systems and the patients both experience positive human to human energy. Could we call this a compassionate society and one step closer to enlightenment where happiness prevails and displaces most of the negative behavior in the illusion?

The new message paramount to convey is that the spiritual community is the instrument to the future enlightenment of man. We are the current Souls as the first stage to the more advanced Souls. How do we become the instrument to enlightenment? Since law is the ultimate dictator of how man thinks and governs the 90% to 95% of humans toward un-enlightenment, our laws that represent ego consciousness must be changed. And for this to occur, spiritualists and scientists require a political platform to present the compassionate solutions to the world.

Our goal is a long-term plan of changing law until laws are not needed due to the social systems operating in a compassionate manner, and fully inclusive to the developing of human thought. Compassion Laws, as I call them, can form a new social fabric of empathy toward every human and Mother Earth. To repeat my previous point: humans must accomplish this goal because it will not magically happen on its own accord.

This is a design of Light called The Compassionate Party, where human spiritualists are called upon to form the party that ends the political process by changing everything in it – we certainly cannot rely on the low consciousness of lawyers to engage a major change to Earth. The human species will eventually learn that we do not need politics when the illusions of money, power, wealth, and the boundaries of nations are slowly and properly dismantled. Our species requires an organization to start expressing the higher concepts of consciousness and on a united global front.

The Compassionate Party must lead all nations to form a Global Organization of Technology that starts the process of breaking down the negative patterns of the environment which rule humans. The most important aspect: future technologies must become separated from wealth and power and given to humans freely. Without this aspect in place, the world will not advance to enlightenment. In fact, when humans finally decide to care for all humans on a grand scale, this is the pinnacle moment that leads to the fuller enlightenment of the future. Technology can accomplish the goal of a resource-based economy that tends to every human and Earth’s health. We do not require magical beings to achieve this.

The foundation of the movement must include our top spiritualists and scientists (i.e. Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, Marianne Williamson, Neil Tyson, Michoi Kaku, Roger Penrose, etc., etc., many humans of this nature) as members who constantly present the advancing ideas for civilization on the floors of government and during their public interviews to form a social backing. The movement would need its own funding outside the political structure and if lucky, aided by philanthropy who seek the big picture for humanity’s future. Elon Musk and Bill Gates would be prime candidates that the elite spiritualists and scientists could attract. Just by forming the organization I think the general public would support it, as they have done with Bernie Sanders.

There are more concerns to make this a universal idea. First, the younger generation is moving away from the God language and rightfully so, because of the negative history attached to the term. Concerning youth, the term of God now contains tremendous turn-offs from the prior actions performed under the name of God. Spiritualists need to embrace this move and change the God term to a Light term. It is simply more accurate (anyway) that the younger generation can latch onto. Second, to keep the scientists happy and participating, the movement must be a humanistic outlook. Our movement can offer spiritualism simplified down to humanism through the realistic idea of, humans will either do positive things through their hearts or negative things through their minds. This innately reflects the spiritual quantum of the ego versus the soul. Humanism properly aligned to the major organs of the human body – the heart being the positive influence and the mind being the negative influence – can naturally lead our species away from ego consciousness without a mystical influence, and perhaps a better idea to the younger generation as a universal appeal. Secular humanism contains the luxury of moving all hidden forces into Human Energy. Obviously when looking at the world, it is time to do a full list of positive actions as humans.

Humanism as Human Energy also happens to be the most accurate definition of our existence. Humans are the magical species. What other species can fly a bunch of sticks 100 feet and within a generation land on the moon?  So why are we waiting for magic when we are the magic – solely because the Light and its technology is in us – and not separated from us as the masses think? Nothing (as in a god) can change the darkness we have cast onto technology. Humans contain that responsibility to change the terrifying, and choosing to operate with Human positives would mean, we are functional with Light. Our spiritual and scientific communities fully understand; the human species can do anything we desire to create our reality – it is our design. Getting involved in politics will make the inner voice wider for many to absorb. As I have stated, it is a faster way to the first stages of enlightenment.

Do we have the will to start reaching out with a plan that will work? The spiritual and science communities must unite and form a political party. Without it, random chaos will prevail that leads back to the stone age where less humans can survive because industrialization was turned off. Mother Earth wants a technology based future that does not damage her. We can produce an updated version of the Venus Project founded by Jacque Fresco. Only the spiritualists and scientists can deliver a new world is the message I clearly received.

May I end with my strongest points. One may dream, wish, pray, will or project a loving change, but what that really does, it puts one on the sidelines of waiting for a change – when the truth is – only our actions make a difference in the physical. Meaning, we have to act with compassion and a political party can do just that. We make the changes – we do not wait for change – because we are the energy of change. And how do we enlighten the most amount of humans? By changing the laws that keep all in the dark.

Our teach only love movement would not end but become grander. Those nice little bubbles of love we create that float gingerly in the air, need to stop bursting once they find a hard edge of a social structure. Our little bubbles of love must leave the illusion state and become real tools for society. How do spiritualists make a real difference with a meaningful movement that doesn’t burst but endures? By cementing their beliefs into law. We must get into the dirt of society and start cleansing the laws. Our laws need a film of love so humans may blow bigger bubbles for society to enjoy.

It is good to work on our thoughts individually, but we also share linked consciousness as a society. So we must start working on the mind of society in the same way we work on ourselves. We are mentally strong enough to get dirty while remaining Light. Just look at all the compassionate warriors who were able to embrace the idea in the past. They understood that waiting and praying really doesn’t do much. Motivation that caused a rewrite of law was always necessary. A 1000 disciples of Gandhi standing in line waiting to be beaten, is exactly the type of courage we need.


Karl Gary.

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