Our Solution to Many Problems

There are so many stresses to Earth and humans of which we have done to ourselves through this low-tech age. The human species embodies severe poverty and famine, medical deficiencies, unclean water, non breathable air, religious and secular wars … and now it looks like it’s all occurring under a magnificent blue sky that may be breaking apart. The final curse: our population growth that expands the industrial platform of chemicals and waste will increase these calamities to a bitter conclusion. If our current lifestyle is not dramatically changed, there will be a day in which humans are stock-photo-58277748-man-in-protective-hazard-suit-running-in-dark-landscapeforced to turn the industrialization off and a modified return to the Stone Age takes place. At that point, I don’t think the old campfire routine would be a good idea. Billions of campfires emitting carbon for warmth would only add to what we’ve already laced into the air. Perhaps those who have money will setup private solar grids that bring limited benefits, but at night only highlights the direction that the desperate will want to conquer. We are undoubtedly, producing a very ugly world for our grandkids because we are not managing Earth correctly.

What is the answer that prevents the return of hitting each other with sticks and the occasional feces fling … and how do we get there? Well, the young technology age that got us here is also the age that can pull us out, if we allow it to mature.

It is impossible for the world to grow up, if the not so hidden banking power (the Federal Reserve) behind America’s economy is unwilling to share wealth and Earth’s resources that created our fortune. Given that most of my writings have proven that money is the ultimate damaging force to humans and Earth, and since America is the dominant nation that builds the majority of weapons as the largest waste of money to protect our desire for personal materialism, it is we who must change. America is responsible for Earth’s survival, simply because of our banking corruption and the aggressive nature to defend and nurture our vast wealth that if approached honestly, we have bullied from other nations at their expense.

The intelligent and mature choice for America and the human race is to create a Global Organization of Technology that manages Earth correctly. The GOT as I call it, is the only rational way to save Earth. GOT’s main goal is the development of survival technology that replenishes Earth to a stable ecosystem which can handle the future growth of the human species. Industrial technology must advance at a quicker pace and made clean with sturdy recycling manufacturing processes that lead to improved biodegradable products as the end result. The whole current platform of industrialization must be reinvented. And equally important, our food and water supplies must be rescued from industrial corruption and then optimized across the globe. Since our future looks turbulent with droughts and erratic rain, we must concentrate on improving food and water supplies immediately. We are already behind the eight ball due to sloppy management that cannot solve current famine.

The general picture is clean technology and automation will encircle Earth and operated by a global team of scientists that manage Earth’s resources. It is called a resource-based economy that detracts money from natural resources so that nature may be used properly without man’s exploitation. A world management system is highly necessary to guide Earth’s resources to benefit all humans and to adjust the industrial nations who are glued to the dirty aspects of technology. To be extra clear: GOT is the proper management system that can save Earth from the destruction of carbon.

A resource-based economy is not a new idea. The idea was first presented in the 70s by Jacque Fresco and his Venus Project. The theme has been staring back at us on movie screens in practically every science fiction hypothesis of the future. It’s a lifestyle where money does not exist and technology and circular-cities-aerial-300x200automation rule humans. Advanced automation can take better care of Earth and humans and with more wisdom than man manipulating money could ever achieve. It’s a simple equation unlike the complexities of money. Technology and automation doesn’t care about class or status, for the reason that it was engineered and programmed by scientists who lack Wall Street’s voracity of attaching money to natural resources. Applying technology correctly to civilization removes most of our negative human behavior. The automating of Earth’s resources to house and feed humans will eventually lead to a moneyless world.

And the biggest management improvement to Earth, the GOT movement instantly eliminates man’s other disorder, the need for war and the protecting of resources by each nation. Now that every nation has agreed to build a new world grid, there is no point in wasting money to blow sections of it up. Not wanting to blow sections of the new grid up … is exactly how we fund GOT.

The GOT Accord basically removes every last dollar that all nations spend on defense into one general fund. And for this to occur, America must take the lead by transferring our $6 billion system of negative war vigor to start the fund. Our global fix is really this simple: We set aside a giant world fund that is designed to start fixing the multiple problems on Earth, and no better place to find money than straight from our war nature.

Let’s go deeper…

A world transfer of defense money immediately creates a $1.7 trillion budget taken right out of the hands of Wall Street and other Central Banks. The fund establishes a global scientific organization that takes over the duties of advancing technology and eventually the management of Earth’s resources. Capitalism is not about advancing technology but rather manipulating technology toward profit. Well, that is not going to fix Earth. To break stock-photo-86642307-l-hemispheric-in-valencia-city-of-arts-and-sciencescapitalism’s death grip, a reconditioned UN would be a perfect platform that transforms capitalism. How does the transformation effort begin? By uniting every nation to the goal of retooling all defense manufacturing into products that save Earth and service humans worldwide. This doesn’t change the open markets. It merely takes a highly toxic portion of civilization’s industrial might and reapplies it toward the saving of the planet. The bottom line for survival per the scientists that predict a 30 to 50-year window to turn Earth around – humans must start building positive structures and we can pay people to do that, just as we pay people to build destructive items. There is no economical loss in this plan. The world economy is simply transforming negative construction into positive construction. Yes, bankers will not like this idea. Media brainwashing will be applied.

There is some good news. Something like the G.O.T. will automatically occur through our human nature when Earth becomes extra clear that we are destroying her … and the G8 finally admits to the waste of time and money dumped into war products that do not fix Earth. Basically, the ill-effects of industrialization will force the issue and opens all eyes with horror. The sooner we adopt this view of spending money wisely, the better. But like most of you who are plugged into the approaching disaster; our fear is this recognition will come too late.

The too late aspect demands that I hit you over the head with some blunt key strokes. Only America can start the path to world peace which leads to the advancement of civilization, since we represent the largest supply of weapons. Copy of stock-photo-49913122-network-on-planet-generated-texture-backgroundOur threat of war is not a peaceful stance and the key component to dismantle with a simple gesture. America’s military supply chain can instantly transform and show its true might by delivering food, medicine, and clean water to the deprived regions of the world and on a nonstop basis, paid for by our own GOT fund. This would certainly spur other nations toward a GOT movement. Our actions could form the heart of the organization and other nations would gladly join, and thus begins the process of building a technology grid across the planet. Many nations would love to end their unemployment on a large scale. Imagine that? We can end unemployment. That is the power of GOT when pulling together under one organization.

Every human deserves a modern solar roof over their heads and clean transportation to participate with the massive world build. Humans will have plenty of jobs building automated food supplies, a solar power grid of travel, electric vehicles, filtering plastic from the oceans, and converting every building to a self-reliant clean energy platform. China and India can move more humans into the middle class through construction jobs that actually fix their carbon dependence, while America and now a healthier GOT fund tends to the third-world nations. Everyone gets paid until one day, the system is up and running and automation is the labor force that supplies our shared food and clean energy travel. It’s not hard to imagine that every advanced culture optimizes their food supplies with an automated distribution network that moves goods and services without harming their planet. Why should humans be any less intelligent?

Our grandkids do not believe in war and famine, they learn to accept these things because it is what the previous generation has left them. I think they would prefer an advanced civilization of automation filled with technical marvels where war and poverty are no longer concerns because their parents developed a superior world grid. Our grandkids can live in a resource-based economy where money does not exist and humans worldwide get to enjoy the practical wizardry we have created. They also embrace what little work is left with great pride and meaning. Nothing is more satisfying than R&D and maintenance of a modern structure that tends to every human.

Very few humans need to work in the future and most enjoy the free travel that is harmless to Earth. And the best part, our future does not live in fear that the world is coming apart, because our industrial systems have integrated into nature to improve nature. This is what happens when modern man finally figures out that money was never necessary.

Can we do this quickly? In 1903 the Wright Brothers flew a bunch of sticks 100 feet, and a generation later we were landing on the moon. Of course we can save Earth in a timely manner, but it would be a good idea to start today. Can you envision what this would do to the mindset of many humans? The world would enjoy one big sigh of relief the instant civilization starts down this path.


America at this current moment must commit to a new global platform for Earth, so that the G8 to the G20 may soon follow and at the end of the day, every nation has transferred their wasteful defense spending into a comprehensive subsidy that transforms Earth and the human species. This is an American responsibility to save the world; no other nation contains that power.

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