Money is Not Real and Highly Manipulated: Just Look at the Facts

I keep wondering when we as humans, are going to address the hard facts of what we’ve created through money. Rationalism is all about factoring the attached truths and if we cannot do this, then obviously, we are not rational creatures. How can civilization advance if we do not seek the most rational lifestyle that we can create for ourselves?

Money is literally one big psychotic delusion that allows a piece of paper to be worth more than a piece of paper. The gold and silver that our ancestors once stamped into round nuggets as coins, the metals are now locked away in hugestock-photo-66645717-question-mark-from-dollar-bill-alphabet-set-isolated-over-white vaults. The rarity that contained the value has been replaced by abundantly cheap paper, copper, and pot metal. This is the heart of the psychotic disorder, the assignment of value to the valueless, and fronted by a web of lies that says it’s all protected by the gold and silver in the vaults. This was sort of true until 1971, when President Richard Nixon pulled the final nail from the coffin by siding with congress to completely unhinge the dollar from the gold standard to the bankers’ delight. Absurd factional banking was born and by the 1980s, the Gordon Gekkos of the world were running rampant like vampires behind Reagan’s camouflaging voice that uttered, government is the problem.

No, government is not the problem. Banking has always been the only problem. The crashes of 1929 and 2008 prove this fact, in which government for the sanity of its citizens had to dive into exhaustive work to fix the banking structure that is in love with self destruction. So again, how is government the problem? Government has fixed the nation twice, which actually means, we the people have re-lifted the poor saps that ruined our money supply.

Hold on, I think this idea is not rational either. In modern times, banking power and their wealth controls our government and we the people contain no power to fix anything, because we cannot match the going rate for a paid-off politician. It’s looking more like the wealthy bankers who took over our government and our nation’s assets, merely used the governmental forces to fix themselves. So maybe government is the problem now, because of the money infection. That explanation seems more accurate. But let’s dive further into the didactic distortion that democracy is still functioning as our forefathers intended, and that we actually own the money in our savings accounts. Let us truly rationalize history starting with the current conditions of money.

The blind faith of words – In God We Trust – physically printed on something that we could hold in our hands, has definitely undergone an elevated hallucination through the computer increase of the 70s. Random access memory allowed for the evolution of credit cards, electronic transfers, PayPal, the rebel Bitcoin, and the single debit card swipe to pay for our fun and needs. Actual cash is seldom held in hand and when touched, are usually small denominations to pay for the minor things of life. In the technology age, all major purchases are electronic credits that we may view on our computer screens.

This opens the question, how real are these numbers? And if bankers viewed these numbers as unreal, wouldn’t they be inclined to play them like a video game? Right before the crash of 2008, wasn’t Wall Street inundated with computer screens? Is that what our money has become, a video game? Well . . .

When a billionaire buys a major chunk of stock, his bank is not running over stacks of cash and pots of gold to the other bank. The wealthy do not operate with cash and for the most part, neither does the middle class. Our money is predominantly written code as 1s and 0s that no one can touch. Does anyone know how much money can be stock-photo-64537851-stock-market-graph-and-office-worktouched? It’s an astonishing low figure. The actual cash ratio that remains touchable on the streets is approximately 6%. I content that the cold hard cash is but a well-orchestrated reverie to keep money real, and designed primarily for the poor.

Our man-made money theorem is now 94% 1s and 0s inside the web of computer banking. The 6% cash ratio does not magically equal our computerized numbers. The eliminated gold standard cannot equal the growth of electronic banking. It’s physically impossible to back our electronic banking statements with a 6% ratio of cash and the nonexistent gold standard. The ultimate proof of a valueless system: if every American entity wanted to cash in their banking statements, there is not enough printed paper or gold to pay us all. I would like to see the actual numbers crunched by a mathematician, if America were to return to the gold standard. The out of whack computer numbers would perhaps, make a flake of gold worth a $1000. Just how does one divide up a flake of gold?

Modern fractional banking is simply the transferring of valueless numbers to another set of valueless numbers, which humans are forced to participate with through the manipulating power of banking. This means the whole of banking is a sham, a fraud, a swindle, a lie of existence that is upheld only by the banking laws that force this structure upon us.

Of course modern fractional banking is a scam when we deposit $10, and a banker can steal nine of that, and lend it stock-photo-35197150-scam-conceptout as a mortgage, a car, or a new building. How can my money be real to me and in a loan at the same time? It’s impossible for money to exist in two places at once, unless they are fictional numbers. The rational facts would define this as ‘legalized theft’ for a selected group of people who own the banks. This fractional theft, allows bankers to employ many individuals inside government that preserve their deceitful banking laws, and when necessary like in 2008, they use that governmental force to rebuild themselves. Exactly who are these professional criminals who do not need a safe cracker?

Few students are taught that the American Revolution was a glorious break from the international banking methods. Taxation without representation is the sugar coating of teaching that our American kids digest. Benjamin Franklin detailed this very clearly:

“The inability of the colonists to get power to issue their own money permanently out of the hands of George the third and the international bankers was the prime reason for the revolutionary war.”

The K12 lessons cause further distortion by not melding history correctly, because on December 23, 1913, President Woodrow Wilson handed over our American money to the children of those same international bankers that our forefathers fought against. December 23, 1913, represents the day that America lost the revolutionary war to a small group of counterfeiting Americans and their international banking buddies who established the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve and the entire banking system that followed – JP Morgan, B of A, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, etc., – contain the same mindset and principles of King George the third and his international banking team: to dominate the lower classes and control all property within their kingdom. There is only one slight twist. The King is not singular, his wealth has been divided between numerous men who privately own and operate the major banks. They have a nice term for this. They are called members.

Not only has the Federal Reserve stored away tons of gold and silver as an insolvent balance to fiat money. The banking members have moved into the whole of Earth’s resources by attaching their grubby little hands to big junks of land and industrial development. They literally have access to every resource on the planet, and in some cases complete control. A particular quote by the economist Murray N. Rothbard sums it up very nicely:

“Since 1980 the Fed has enjoyed the absolute power to do literally anything it wants  . . . to buy not only U.S. government securities but any asset whatever, to inflate credit as much as it pleases. There are no restrains on the Federal Reserve, the Fed is master of all it controls.”

Regrettably, central banking has been copied by most nations and now large portions of the human race are enslaved to the manipulations of money.

Here’s the major principle inside fractional banking which also highlights the depressing truth of their imperial power. My personal money pays for your mortgage, but if you default on that loan, the bank takes possession of your home. The King takes over your land and property. Sound familiar? Bankers have used my money in my savings account to conquer land and property for themselves. How is that moral by any standard? Since it was my stock-photo-82268911-new-year-2016-is-my-year-for-saving-moneysavings used to finance your home, why do I not have a portion of the title and a say in your eviction? And a deeper morality issue, since the banks have made a lie out of my money by placing it in two different distributions. Do I really need my savings account refilled at the expense of your family’s heartache, when that banking lie doesn’t occur anyway? Those reserves from your foreclosure are not realistically filtered back into my account, but merely repackaged as another loan for the King to enjoy a safer return of interest. I guess having the title to the property is not good enough for the bankers; they want to milk every dime from the situation. It seems to me, banks should be fighting to keep a family in a home and helping humans through a tough situation.  And especially when bankers cause the financial turmoil as they did in 2008. That is good for our nation and conceivably should be a new law.

Obviously, we do not own our money inside the banking system and have little control over it. So we must ask ourselves, how real is our money, if we cannot control it and keep it in our savings accounts? How real is our money, when bankers can fractionalize it into what they want to own? This principle allows bankers to own the world, straight from the everyday American savings plan.

Our privately owned Federal Reserve contains the only Americans who have a no lose situation. Banking members will either collect interest on loans or may reclaim all development, and without using a dime of their own money. It’s an ugly truth. Our shared community resource of money within banking is factually not there, because bankers get to play with our numbers so they may own things, and build things, and collect additional money that magically appears out of nowhere through interest. The whole process is conducted behind the original lie of; our money is safe and sound inside banking. I think 2008 proved how safe our community money really is. And impossible to remain safe when the banking system is essentially designed for the members’ private usage.

Rationally looking at the facts, it is their money and not ours. Even the very well-off do not own their money. If you are a rich actor and have 20 million credits in the bank, the bankers love you; because that is gobs of numbers the bankers get to play with. I bet many of you can remember the sales pitch to skip cash, and use financing to buy this other palace through the bait and switch of, but oh … you can afford this.  No matter what level of wealth one has obtained, banks are designed to milk that wealth into titles they control. Is that really what banks should be doing for the development of humanity and civilization, the constant flow of every noun back into their control and manipulation?

This should force other questions, like. Why is the ugly truth regarding the nature of money not taught in public schools? Is it because children would scratch their heads and begin to question how is this moral? Would innocent kids grow up to buck a system of down right thievery? Or perhaps the enchantment of youth, would naturally see the cure for poverty is simply the sharing of computer numbers that are not real in the first place? The powerful humans, who have complete access and control over our savings accounts, surely could not afford these lessons to be real and substantial.

The whole of American education is designed to enslave the natives to money. Economics through high school teach the glossy version of this how the world works, with generic banking fundamentals unswervingly linked to the stock-photo-66963207-baby-looking-at-dollar-banknote-horizontaldevelopment of civilization. (My side note: what most view as development, I see as a colossal manipulation to civilization that suppresses maturity.) Public schools are not framed to teach the ugly human nature of thievery behind money, they are devised to install the foundation of slavery to money and purposely neglect the human manipulation as the core aspect of banking. It seems real knowledge is introduced through higher education, when the system entraps one to the psychotic delusion via student loans. But there too, money only becomes extra clear when one subscribes to a law, business, or economics degree. And by that time, it’s too late; one is a slave to the man-made money system owned by the wealthy members in the Federal Reserve.

You want proof of this working structure? It’s all around us. Every American is fighting to make the fictitious numbers on our computer screens larger, or we are fighting over the 6% of cash on the streets, where organized crime has the upper hand. No one escapes the fight for money. Every American is serving the privatized Fed in some fashion, and most blindly through language that makes it appear that they are a part of we the people. We are all enslaved to the money system that the international bankers want to keep in place. They like owning all the stuff that takes years to pay off. Bankers fully understand that the things you buy today, will be thrown away at some point of tomorrow. Even the major purchases of property that have been paid for in full, will eventually find a new generation of refinancing that places their slimy Mr. Potter hands back into a handshake. I repeat, they like owning all the stuff that takes years to pay off.

Can one now see the bleak future of a high-speed rail system that America desperately needs to replace our jet engines of pollution? Socialism would have portions of the train built already. But not in America, the wealthy bankers must be paid principle and interest to build such a system, of which the middle class and government cannot afford in our present condition of strapped debt to the bankers. The banking principle of financing construction tremendously slows the progression of civilization, simply because bankers need to make more money from the money they control. And there rests the full irony of the situation. That money is actually our American savings accounts that we are being harmed with. The idea of community property that money is suppose to be – I think not. Thank you 1913, for reinstating the primitive oligarchy that has never cared for a momentous human development, which leads us to this.

Fractional banking of fake money as real debt, carries the high probability of being unsustainable and not from a lack of belief. The culprit would be a collapse from the massive amount of debt created. Think about it, $10 reduces down to $1 and creates $9 of debt. We are creating more debt than money, so it will be debt that crashes, taking the fiat money down with it. This crashing concept is not going out on a limb when 90% of money is magically created. The whole world is in hawk to the bankers. Try to name one western style nation that is not struggling against the international bankers.

What is a rational and honest system for civilization? The answer: A resource-based economy. What is that, you ask? I’ve never heard of such a thing! Unfortunately, we have arrived to the same controlled circle of education. This is what happens when the big dollars of philanthropy pours 32% of their money into religions. An insightful cluestock-photo-45175196-saving-money unveiled by a Giving USA study. The figure correctly details that the godless, uncaring attitude of big money, has invested in the principle of stamping out good little conformists who are more willing to adhere to the In God We Trust theorem printed on money. And for the humans that shun silly thought altogether, the major portion of philanthropy goes into the university systems that stamp out the money managers, lawyers, economists, and scientists, who become the major cogs in the wheel of money. Philanthropy is beautifully tailored to receive higher tax credits to build human products that serve the monetary structure, versus giving directly to the poor. Giving straight to the poor actually costs them more money, and why they prefer 32% directly to religions for the preconditioned mind control. Them bankers aren’t dumb, they know they need a diverse human machinery as priority one, to keep the industrialization flowing.

I’m not going to spoon feed the details concerning a resource-based economy. I simply urge you to google Jacque Fresco and his Venus Project. His schematic for civilization was invented in the 1970s before the Gordon Gekko, greed is good format that we currently suffer. Jacque’s sketches could be updated and then implemented to move civilization beyond the manipulation of money to Earth’s resources and the human species. In fact, it’s our best chance at survival for our species.

I think Captain Jean-Luc Picard sums up our future rather elegantly:

“The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity.”

Could this philosophy also put an end to the lies we cogs tell on money’s behalf? Maybe industries like lead, tobacco and carbon, would not require 50 years of lying to the American public, just to maintain a money flow that pays back the members in the Federal Reserve System.

Perhaps it’s time to change the banking laws that cement humans to the personal manipulations of money. One new law could be a compassionate plan: When a banker fractionalizes money and steals our nine dollars, some of those fake dollars should go to the poor, so they may buy real food and real shelter. Is humanity to remain so callous that we cannot share our new invention of fictitious code with the poor? Let me rephrase for clarity: We cannot share the fake money in our computer systems with the poor, so they may buy real food and real shelter? Electronic survival credits straight from a phony computerized banking system could literally end poverty overnight. There is no law stock-photo-20923753-one-hundred-dollar-bill-with-word-inflation-printed-on-itthat says fractioned money must be used for another skyscraper. Come on bankers, have a heart! Any smart sixth grader can figure that out, well, certainly before education reformats history and generates yet another brainwashed cog that ends up impairing every other human with a dollar in their pocket. Uh-oh, here it comes, the inflation argument. As if there isn’t an intelligent way to deal with that.

A few last rational comments: A slice of bread and a glass of milk are real and they simply do not disappear all by themselves. Things that are real do not mystically vanish from reality and end up invisible; it’s a law of physics. But in 1929 and 2008, money vanished from our human hands because its essence is not real.

Now here is the really sad part. In 2008, the bankers’ defective money theories caused an imbalance to the fake numbers inside the web of fake computer banking. A new form of death emerged that could not reconcile the enormous fake figures so heavily manipulated, and that no amount of insurance could cover. The massive delusion of electronic wealth once perceived as real, simply vanished because none of it added up to positive wealth, but added up to negative wealth, and a computer fact. The whole banking system was on the verge of failing and I submit that it completely failed by the quick and panicky reaction of the Fed.

The members immediately retracted their fake credit, which contracted the fake economy of debt that was not adding up. But this also affected the middle class ability to work and gather their own computer credits to cover monthly living expenses. The bankers who caused all this mess by believing that money could be electronically fractioned into a multitude of places without harm, then proceeded to make their money real again. One process of that plan, is the time-honored practice of repossessing the things that are real, like, the homes that fractional banking created. The repossession of real property and callously throwing humans to the streets, actually makes money real to general public. It’s a proof of power for the bankers and to the subjects, just as any King would do. But what really occurred, humanity literally took the unreal nature of money and did real human damage.stock-photo-7341091-dollar-parts

It’s amazing that the everyday American does not legally fight a system that believes you can slice a piece of bread into many sections and still have a whole piece of bread. And now that electronic banking is involved, that bread can be ground back to flower and not even bread anymore. There are so many La La Lands we need to overcome, and money is the major one, if we are to become a rational civilization.

Let us end with the thoughts from one of our greatest forefathers who fought improper banking way back in 1776. I quote a wealthy landowner who tailored democracy to defy the wealth that prefers complete domination.

“And I sincerely believe, with you, that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies; and that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity, under the name of funding, is but swindling futurity on a large scale.”

 “Bank-paper must be suppressed and the circulating medium must be restored to the nation to whom it belongs.”

— Thomas Jefferson

The average American is not free, we are subjects once again.


(I dare any newspaper to print this as an opinion piece. Let’s see if there are cogs willing to pursue the rational truths.)



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