Time to Really Separate Church and State

Did the Constitution fully separate the church from the state? I submit that America embodies a legal fallacy that denies a true separation of church and state. If an elected official believes in a god, and that God is the ultimate guide in one’s life and persuades the individual while conducting public business, does that not infect our democratic process with religious thought? It most definitely does and why we have elected representatives fighting against gay rights, science, global warming, and secretly oppose Earth remaining in good standing order since their God is out to destroy human life through an Armageddon scenario. Can one see the bigger problem?

Let’s cover the obscure problem before we move to the clinical definition of delusional disorder. Should America allow humans into the democratic process who fantasize that God’s final purpose is to destroy Earth during a superior battle with Satan? And should that type of human be placed in charge of atomic buttons and launch codes? Humans love to lie and we tend to keep things hidden. You know what else we do?

We pull from Freud’s unconscious mind and not all of that is positive behavior. A subconscious agenda of wanting to help God destroy the world, just might surface at entirely the wrong time by a commander-in-chief disturbed by religious grandeur. We should go one step further; religious humans with bizarre beliefs should not be part of a stock-photo-3562851-post-apocalyptic-businessmanpresidential cabinet as an influence to war in general. A massive Armageddon war in their eyes would only prove their God is real, and proving their God real, has been an in-disposable theme within themselves and to others. American religious fervor simply does not have the gallantry to yell God is Great! – in a psycho type of manner. But trust me, the theme is there and remains a major component of all God-based thought. It merely lays dormant inside America because most of our culture now accepts science-based thought.

Our scientific American culture has muffled that annunciation through the wonderful science programming on cable networks and costly higher education. This virtually provides the clue on how to properly address the religious fervor in the Middle East – through education. But here at home, this is not the time to let things run their course. We can improve education by updating the medical knowledge of delusional disorders, to cover all bizarre thought that contradicts the external reality in which scientific fact correctly interprets. What a nice way of clinically saying, our communities must start teaching that religious mental wiring is a delusional thought system that harms reality.

Mental healthcare currently defines delusional disorder in the Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition, Text Revision (DSM IV TR): Delusional disorder is an illness characterized by the presence of nonbizarre delusions in the absence of other mood or psychotic symptoms. It defines delusions as false beliefs based on incorrect inference about external reality that persist despite the evidence to the contrary and these beliefs are not ordinarily accepted by other members of the person’s culture or subculture.

stock-photo-15576763-adult-man-on-straitjacketHere is where mental healthcare has made a severe mistake. A delusion is a delusion, and it does not become a nondisordered thought simply because many people believe it and make it a culture. A delusion actually becomes more dangerous by stating that if a delusion is held by many, then it is considered normal. This is a subjective miscalculation representing a lack of scientific fact concerning external reality, that is not integrated into the final analysis of a belief system, due to the popularity of usage, and thus, bizarre religious belief is normal.

Let me make this perfectly clear: In this day and age, it is not normal to believe that Earth was created in six days. It is not normal to believe that Earth is 6000-years-old. These are delusions and they do not become real, regardless if many people believe them. Humans who believe these concepts have serious issues with reality. And the unnerving aspect, many who have twisted reality into a Bizarro comic strip are involved in the operation of our country. See the problem? If a human’s foundation is to deny or distort the facts concerning reality, how can we trust that personal foundation as a viable platform for critical thinking that is necessary to fix the actual reality of Earth, or run the government?

To prevent harm to reality, America certainly would not elect a president or congressmen who thought space aliens fathered our species and will return in the future to carry some or all of us away. How is that any different from stock-photo-10365256-senior-couple-watching-an-ufohumans believing that a god through rapture will magically scoop them up into heaven, just because they’ve sought forgiveness for their original sin of birth, and, right before the end of the world no less? Obviously, we would never allow someone to lead our country that required mental healthcare to escape his/her alien heritage, but we certainly look the other way and grant a pass to the delusions of religious humans.

If Washington, D.C. was filled with humans awaiting a space ship to whisk us away, pork-belly projects would be building massive landing strips for their arrival. If Washington, D.C. was filled with born-again Christians running the nation, they’d all be working with their God to make sure that the end of times becomes a reality. Instant heaven would be very alluring when the delusion begins to muse those dreamy gold bricks that lace the streets from here to eternity.

For American democracy to finally break the church from the state, humans seeking public office must be vetted by some proper questioning. It would be fair for the hosting media outlet conducting a presidential debate to ask the following questions. The answers are pertinent to the overall sanity of an individual. This is how we filter some of the negative energy that is crippling to American democracy. The questions expose the dangerous born-again faction of Christianity that harbor multiple issues with reality, against the more electable moderate Catholics who have a foot in reality.

The list of proper questions to ask, if America wants to find intelligent leaders:

Do you believe Earth was created in six days?
Do you believe Earth is only 6000-years-old?
Do you believe a snake actually talked to Eve?
Do you believe that God flooded the entire world?
Do you believe a man built an ark that saved every living creature from a massive flood?
Do you believe that God will destroy the world twice, through an Armageddon scenario?
Do you believe in Rapture?
Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?
How does your God communicate these concepts to you?
During the past year of 2015, or in previous years, has your God told you these things directly?

The follow up to the last questions concerning communication:

So, you believe the ancient texts that were written by primitive man over modern science, and more important, over man’s ability to evolve into a higher state of intelligence? Wouldn’t that make you a reflection of a human incapable of evolving higher intelligence, simply by dismissing man’s ability to learn? And if that is your true nature, an inability to learn what more intelligent men have discovered; how could that possibly qualify you to be President, when the President will need all the science that humans have recently discovered?stock-photo-41896834-science-versus-religion-concept-compass

Any answer of yes from the questionnaire is proof that we do not want these humans running of our country – AT ALL! America cannot afford leaders with learning disabilities that block the very basics of commonsense science. They will not bring anything worthy to the table and eventually default to the utterance of primitive thought that befuddles most issues. We are wasting valuable time by debating confused thought within our political platforms, when efforts should be completely dedicated to the solutions that overcome our self-destruction through industrialization.

The final truths: Primitive thought cannot heal the conditions on Earth. It will require scientific thought with real and nondelusional answers to revamp our planet. Only humans who believe in the power of science must win office during this critical stage to save Earth from carbon abuse. This would drastically cut the delusional humans from politics that harm our shared reality. The crazies may run for office, but now we can ask the right questions to vet them.

Oh what the hell, let’s go here too:

Please you smart aliens up there in space light years away, I implore you to stop by for a visit and share your million-year heritage and save us from ourselves, just don’t eat us. The human species holds a better chance of this happening than the biblical version of the second coming of Christ. Empirical evidence from Hubble is hard to swallow for many, and it shouldn’t be. What the current revelation from the sky of truth actually reveals, is that our education system is not superior or more persuasive than the church’s presentation of dogma, and too many humans still suffer their severe lessons. If education and mental healthcare were doing a better job, none of the silly ideas within religion would exist.

To cover the other bizarre belief that a wicked Satan will cause a fictitious God to enter Earth for an almighty end. Well, the universe is naturally destructive and this nature is the real flip of a switch on the garbage disposer of life. Those poor dinosaurs, they never saw the comet coming, but we can! That is how far intelligent life on planet Earth has evolved. Well, at least some of us believe the scientific proof of how life can end.

Chruch People

The religious infection to American democracy is very adamant about not caring for science. It’s a good time for all Americans to start paying attention to what the scientists are proving today. And by removing the church people from the state, more will hear the modern message a lot clearer.

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