How Wall Street Suppresses Technology Growth and the Sharing of Resources

After 1913 the Federal Reserve trickled out the banks of Wall Street and banking members along with the wealthy industrialists already created, mangled money around inside the stock market to create corporations. All the older Fortune 500 companies and the minor entities of support were created in this fashion. This mighty generation of bankers and industrialists became the premier stockholders that controlled the how and why and the direction their companies engaged. It’s an old edifice fortified by years of wealth taken directly from the shared board memberships atop the industrial web. This ugly industrial web is just the surface vision we tend to blame, when all along, it’s been the American core of banking which inadvertently led our nation and the world down a path of self destruction by burning through Earth’s resources on the open market. It becomes paramount to acknowledge the industrial web as a banking web, if we are to address the real issues that may alter our path.

Isn’t money the whole purpose behind industrialization? And if this fact is true, which it is, then money certainly can be labeled as the crux of all problems. I submit that the attachment to money is the ultimate death grip and must be rearranged for our planet’s survival.

Fortunately, something new has emerged out of this process called the hi-tech industry. Many hi-tech leaders are a different breed of sharing. Some are fighting the old barriers within the system that will not allow civilization to advance at the pace required to find a functional structure that save Earth from the ravage of industrialization; let alone take care of the human race. As a way to create change within the old configuration of domination, the hi-tech industry invented platforms such as Uber and Airbnb that grant citizens more freedoms and as avenues to stop supporting the ancient structure of controlled outcomes. There is a war going on. It is the hi-tech mentality of sharing versus the old money of low-tech seized and controlled by Wall Street. May hi-tech win this war and the sooner the better? May they also not become distracted by the lures of money and jiggle off course?

Our primitive form of industrialization is completely inadequate to address population growth, by the simple reason it cannot attend to our current population. Industrialization has lifted 10% of the world into extreme wealth or to a stock-photo-19951059-shacks-along-riverplace of very well off. The middle class in the industrialized nations extends a decent standard of living to approximately 30% of all humans. This means that 70% of the world squats in dismal conditions. A gracious figure when compared to research that quotes 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day. A brutal aspect within this figure: 50% of humans live on less than $2.50 a day. The main point is – industrialization and materialism cannot expand into the 70% to 80% of dismal living without seriously harming the planet. But that is not the way the old money from Wall Street sees it. They see one of everything shall be sold to the new customers they are trying to pull out of poverty through low and mid-paying industrial employment. And there rests the future death of Earth’s ecosystem. Expanding the American lifestyle of mindless materialism to a wider base of humans, simply mean we are killing Earth at a faster pace.

The most harming problem. The money structure of most manufacturing is based upon the obsolescence of products, so that a revenue stream from the recycling of goods and services may pay back the bankers and investors. The corporate model is mathematically geared to sell us the latest version that may, or may not be better than the last. Even the hi-tech industry is playing this game of throwaway and remains their prime mistake of conformity that reflects some jiggling off course. Their fancy gizmos continually introduce new features linked to the terms of their marketing strategy and then we trash the latest version into the dumpster all because we fell in love with the hype, or, more often than not, are forced into an upgrade. The whole of this philosophy has produced a plastic slick in our oceans and a chemically laced atmosphere for us to breathe. The fishes of Earth now get to slosh around in our plastic waste and they join the list of things we shouldn’t be eating.

We are a disposal society individually accomplished through an advertising mindset to own everything under the sun, and even the stuff we should be sharing. The ad concept is so prevalent that it has invaded human consciousness. Humans now manage their own advertisement through social media as an amalgamation to the process. We have personally copied the big advertising campaigns and just like the glossy coverings, have become elegantly blind to the ill-design of materialism that is killing our planet. Advertising has become our blinders on many levels. Where are the protests to the mass marketing of materialism that is blighting us all? They don’t exist, 9819125_origbecause we enjoy our toys way too much. We just keep buying what is presented to us, even though we repressively know that most of this materialism is harmful to Earth. It is very clear that our primitive culture is addicted to self destruction.

Sightless capitalism is a model of destruction since it does not care for long-term products beneficial to Earth, or for the sharing of goods that would relieve the pressures on our environment. It is a system of protecting money streams regardless of how damaging that flow may be to Earth. It’s a simple fact to acknowledge: the dire conditions on Earth are advancing through corporations that build destructive products, directly from their need to maintain a revenue flow. Sadly, the money is lodged into the empty space of electronic banking code, and creates a wealthy list of 1s and 0s that surpasses every balance to fiat money or gold. This unreal nature of money is the authentic paradigm that harms Earth, and yet, still accepted as a normal way of doing business. I’m here to say, it is not normal or intelligent to damage Earth with a pursuit of bogus money that is exclusively viewable from a computer screen. May we all see the necessity of a lawful paper trail which induces technology that modifies the damaging portion of a corporation out of business, and end their flow of 1s and 0s that are not helping matters? A bit hard to do, when the harmful corporations have adopted slick advertising and image control campaigns to gloss over their destruction. Perhaps it’s best if we attack the ultimate truths behind capitalism – the fake money and the highly manipulated supply and demand facade.

Capitalism is nothing more than the fight for money as electronic credits inside computer banking, and literally by any means necessary to increase those computer credits. Now the real problem presents itself. Corporations are fighting over the imaginary electronic money inside computer banking that connects to the singular destructive path of throwaway materialism. Capitalism is not advancing Earth as a civilization with this platform. It is destroying Earth with the aggressive nature of accumulating phony money, through the products it desires to present. Capitalism is not presenting world altering platforms that will keep Earth a livable planet for humans. Survival is our true demand and most of old capitalism is fighting this demand. Wall Street and their greed for electronic wealth are offering band-aids to the climate problems that they would like to sell. What does this prove? It proves that the structure of fighting for electronic money inside computer banking must be changed, if we are to improve civilization and how it functions. Let’s see them advertise their way out of that fact with all the phony credits they have collected electronically.

The fight for electronic money does not produce an advanced civilization or a planet where humans can make intelligent decisions. It produces a world of habitual payments for products that are inefficient to Mother Nature. Technology gets manipulated by electronic money and for electronic money. Just look at solar farming. The energy system is designed for recurring payments out in the middle of nowhere, versus a solar home that takes one completely off the grid. (Go Elon Musk!) The dumb option of solar farming should have never been considered as the best possible solution for our energy needs. The stifling of small solar grids away from mass production is exactly why solar panels for the home are still rather expensive, even though sand is more abundant and cheaper than oil. stock-photo-69739721-healthcare-savingsThe electronic money grid dominates the technology grid and humans and Earth suffer. Does an accurate supply and demand system really exist? I think not and demonstrate how blind we have become. Not only blind, but unwilling to force the issue of what really needs to be done.

The automobile is the prime example of recycling outdated technology through a fake system of supply and demand. Instead of moving transportation forward at a breakneck speed to improve the condition of Earth, Americans are forced to drive around in slick cars just to participate with society. We maim and kill each other over an obsolete transportation system that car manufactures and oil companies refuse to evolve, simply because it will cost them gobs of electronic money to reinvent the system. And yet, they waste small fortunes in a relentless marketing machine to make sure we want our death machines. As of now – considering the condition of Earth – every electronic advertising dollar from the vehicle/oil platform should go into a fund that delivers America a new transportation system that is exceptional with hi-tech equipment and gadgets unmarred by the suppression of Wall Street.

What would an advance transportation system look like without the infection of electronic money? It certainly would not be built around abusing plastic, rubber and metal, into a personal sellable that sits around doing absolutely nothing while we sleep and work. When no one is behind the wheel of a vehicle and it remains motionless, it is utterly a waste of material that harmed Earth. That plastic, rubber and metal, must be shared and impossible to share, when corporations are out to sell you a new one every five years. See the problem we face? We cannot share our toys and then compound the error by making sure they are disposable to a recycling plant of additional dirty energy, and the whole remains a future revenue stream. Yes, I repeated the theme to prove this one point. Money is the ultimate damaging force to Earth and it is not even real anymore. It is code as 1s and 0s in our computer systems.

Let’s imagine some intelligence applied to transportation. Our first magical daydream: GM and Ford were no longer selling personalized vehicles because the corporate leaders hit a red light of commonsense and realized, they cannot build one of everything for everybody without killing the planet. And they finally did the right thing, the hi-tech thing … that civilization requires regardless of electronic money and lost revenues. They rose above the manipulation of money and pioneered the manufacturing of computerized electric taxis that are shared on a solar grid of travel – a solar grid they helped to develop. This is good but not good enough. For the planet’s survival, she demands the best metals and fabrics that last longer and require less recycling. And just as true, humans deserve the best materials for sturdy machines that can protect us from the occasional mishap. Meaning, our innovative taxis carrying a family don’t crumple like a cheap Cobalt. The jagged metal issue leads to an insightful question: Could the sharing atmosphere also produce the bigger picture of a corporate heart that starts caring for all humans?2033567_orig

GM and Ford as a mighty corporate team could brilliantly design a new transportation system as a public utility that travelers pay pennies per mile to use. A user may tap a smart phone to request a vehicle, and supernaturally a computerized electric taxi shows up at your door step and off you go. It doesn’t matter if you’re tipsy from a nice get together. The cars talk among themselves to avoid collisions and the horrible traffic jams we experience. It’s clean and safe transportation that replaces you screaming at the other driver to move it.

Does that sound peaceful, refreshing, relaxing, and a joy to use rather than the bills and headaches of owning a vehicle? Aren’t we all tired of going to the bank for a loan, insurance, maintenance, breaking down on the roadside, passing single-file through a destruction zone of savage death by metal, because we are distracted drivers awaiting the next ad from family and friends on our social devices?

One would also come to love your local newspaper and cable programming without another mighty truck commercial, because one is available when you need it. Now all residents have access to a car, truck, or van, specifically designed for the situation you face. For long stretches of travel, the taxis deliver us to the high-speed train depot and at the other end; another automated vehicle is awaiting our arrival. We really need to stop flying over our nation too, oops, the other money-making-machine that the corporatocracy is too scared to leave.

Humans can continue to build things that are stupid or we can build things that are intelligent. And what stops us from building things that are intelligent and technically advanced? Capitalism and its addiction to computerized banking statements of wealth and excessive stagnation behind a hold button deters our advancement. It is shameful that corporations can gather so much mega data of money, rather than pouring the power of electronic wealth back into civilization for better products that do not harm our environment. Does this clearly explain why we are limping along in broken down vehicles that require replacement? The attitude is, certain money-making-machines must not die because the numbers are too good, and let’s just sit on it. Well, the banking numbers that are killing us certainly must die. It’s a simple equation to see. Either the harmful banking numbers must die … or we die as a species.

Driving a vehicle is absolutely idle progress that humans are forced into slavery to own, which is actually slavery to money by the banking structure. We have arrived full circle to my opening statement but with some added directness for clarity. Who do you think are the major stockholders to GM and Ford? Now we can unveil the thoughtless banking that is manipulating technology, and it’s not really hidden at all. The progression is rather simple: The big banks of Wall Street electronically milk the profits from the oil companies, GM, and Ford. Of course lending them electronic money makes them premier stockholders. It’s a brain dead formula why bankers want to keep us in cars. They make money off the gas, and the manufacturing and financing of vehicles. This old structure hates the ‘new money’ idea of sharing that the hi-tech industry has introduced. And now, the old structure is trying to get ahead of the curve.

On 1/4/2016 GM invested $500 million into Lyft Inc., a partnership that may lead to on-demand, self-driving vehicles. Now is the time to shout at the drivers steering the nation and force the issue. Hey you bankers behind GM, raise your intelligence and make sure every vehicle is electric, with added plans for solar stations that charge the advanced contraptions while we sleep? Break GM loose and let them build the hi-tech transportation grid of the future, and give them the electronic money to do it. You bankers can create a whole new money stream through our smart phones and get paid on every mile traveled, just like you do with oil. It is time to move your 1s and 0s transferring in from Exxon and Chevron, into something new that is not killing the planet.

stock-photo-59271520-businessman-and-currencyTo the executives at GM I would write this letter. You are an American company and we the people bailed you out. This gives you a responsibility to America first. You must fight your banking ties and do what is best for our nation, by making sure Lyft is completely solar powered with the addition of hydrogen energy for the not so sunny places. Then it would be time to open your global eyes and demonstrate real moxie toward planet survival, by expanding an intelligent transportation to every nation. You know, the other bigger American duty you possess. Professional Grade engineering? We shall see?

The course GM takes in its future with Lyft, will clearly define if Wall Street and their greed for the largest electronic flow of computerized money, once again, suppress the technology that leads to heightened freedoms and human happiness, which now contains the more important issue of Earth’s survival. Will the bankers and stockholders choose a supply and demand to their terms, or will they recognize the greatest demand of them all – Earth’s? It’s not a bizarre concept to state; the way in which we take care of Earth will actually make humans happy.

The bottom line: a complete transformation from carbon is one major key to our species survival. Wall Street must alter its electronic money flow and stop the building and selling of products that spit out carbon problems. How? By adjusting the fight for electronic money. GM and Ford must form an alliance to stop fighting over the 1s and 0s inside computer banking and contract this advanced transportation done, because phony money won’t matter on a planet that is dying. Maybe they can get Toyota to join the non fighting clause too? The intelligent sales pitch inside the first PowerPoint slide: Fighting over the electronic banking statements viewable by RAM – is surely not an advanced civilization.

A hi-tech travel grid would also remove part of the buyer beware blindness concerning materialism. The blinders of advertising would power down their tinted windows through a simple reason – we would be sharing a major material object that is no longer paid for separately, in more ways than one.


Our irreplaceable Earth would appreciate us sharing her plastic, rubber and metal, instead of trying to sell it as a deadly weapon. Maybe we can get Wall Street to stop selling those chunks of Earth to everyone under the sun? She would like that.

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