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Welcome to The Compassionate World

Tired of working for slave labor? Tired of fighting for money and the competitive nature of capitalism?

Our political revolution is dedicated to the building of the Compassionate World. For the first time in human history, we can physically construct compassion on Earth through technology. So why are we still voting for lawyers to run our country? Our problems are highly technical in this current age. It seems prudent that if we want to change the condition of Earth, the scientific community must become involved in the political process. This would produce the best chance of forming a Global Organization of Technology. It’s a new paradigm where nations instead of fighting over Earth’s resources, work as a team to design systems that improve civilization on a global scale. The very moment nations pull together and start the construction of a positive and sharing environment that utilizes the latest technology and automation, the endeavor would instantly filter compassion on a wide scale.

Humans have conducted war for centuries and rather shameful that we abuse technology for this purpose, when technology if applied correctly, can position war no longer necessary. Imagine that? Humans have the ability to eliminate war by applying technology wisely.

Who is responsible for this global movement? America is responsible for this global movement. Without America taking the lead position, our global systems that support human life will continue to deteriorate. It’s rather obvious, the big bully on the block must change her ways, or nothing will change. America must lead by example and stop wasting our industrial might on products that are designed to manage and control other nations. There is no point of a war machine on a dead planet. Therefore, America’s military industrial complex must be reengineered to the saving of the planet.  

The ideas that Bernie Sanders started can elevate through technology. Technology can produce the principles that Bernie’s revolution desired. Our platform offers advanced education on many topics, some of a spiritual nature and others of a pragmatic solution. All of it, is designed to take Bernie’s political revolution to the next level. A technology level that can actually produce change, since it is a physical trait versus a debatable ideology.

To do that, money must become a positive energy force.      

Nothing Will Change Until the Federal Reserve is Dismantled

Money is the major problem that the human race is facing. Though some of it is positive, the dominant energy of money is negative. Negative money is the root cause behind every harmful issue that inflicts mankind. How nations apply money, literally prevents our species from advancing as a united civilization.

The prime example of positive money: Every dime of defense money by all nations enters a Global Fund that advances our technology. We turn a highly negative labor force into a highly positive labor force and with no economic loss. This will also prevent the approaching disaster of global warming. It’s the best way of staying under a 2°C increase to Earth’s temperature.

Money is on its last legs from three scenarios that could very well act in unison to create positive money. Once money becomes positive, it’s a simple equation that follows: positive money can evolve into a complete dismantlement which the negative version of money cannot.

1) Since money is a bunch of fake numbers in a computer system that powerful humans merely play with, the system will crash again. It would be hard to imagine that the average citizens of western democracies would allow the power structure to rebuild itself with fake money a second time, as the banking system did in 2008. This would position proper democracy to reinstate itself through a government controlled currency that invests directly into the social infrastructures of human survival. Or perhaps money moves into a mobile version such as Kenya is utilizing, where standard banking principles are no longer applied.

2) The dire condition: A non-survivable environment created by Global Warming becomes the final catalyst of a dramatic change to money. Once food and water systems are threatened across many continents, money will become insignificant, or turns highly positive in an attempt to fix Earth and maximize human survival. The human population is widely presented a misinterpretation of the carbon issue. It is not a carbon problem; it is a money problem of not wanting to fully replace the main engine of oil that powers capitalism. Consequently, ideas are presented that carbon can be cleaned to preserve those money streams. Those money streams will be our demise, and unfortunately, those money streams are linked to other carbon producing problems that receive less attention. A Future We Are Ignoring explains all the issues. We have to address the money infection, if we are to transform all issues of CO2. Regardless if money crashes or Earth falls apart, the power structure of banking will face a dramatic change. Money will show its nature as the ultimate danger to human survival if left unchanged.

3) Whether the first scenario occurs and we survive the second, both paths lead to positive money. The future of automating human labor will dismantle every economic principle, including the positive money that saved Earth from human destruction. As of now, the human race cannot stop our positive inventions. This creates a world in which technology and automation delivers human survival. The logical deduction: positive money is a temporary state as technology takes over. Just how does one pay for an item when most of human labor has been eliminated by automation? The good news, a higher state of consciousness will transfer into the human species. The proper use of technology disconnected from money, would evolve into a global management system of Earth’s resources. It’s a place where technology is unmarred by the money exchanges that have caused the concept of nationalism. Meaning, our nations no longer fight over resources and technology because money has been taken out of the equation. There is no need for politics and war when technology is freely given throughout the world, by a global management system. This is the only mechanism that will allow nations to unite, to a single power grid of green technology and automation – which supplies shared luxury for all.

May every human recognize some final truths: The continuation of negative money will lead to the failure of the human species. A positive state of money will eventually dismantle all monetary principles by building the best possible world. A place where money no longer controls our consciousness. Money is on its way out; it’s just a matter of time. Let’s hope we not destroy ourselves and Earth by defending it.

The Compassionate Party’s Platform

(because our way of life is unsustainable)

  • Amend the Constitution to cover advancing technology and develop better mechanics inside the three branches of government through scientists, sociologists, and advanced educators. Remove the negative lawyer energy from our nation as the final result.
  • Establish the Global Organization of Technology to end boundaries between countries and start the process of automating the world. The world’s defense money forms the G.O.T fund.
  • GOT’s leadership moves all nations from a monetary system to a resource-based economy, ending the manipulation of money. As a starting point, automate all water and food supplies and make the systems free to every human. Update the Venus Project as the model for Earth.
  • Eliminate all carbon by moving to a solar grid. Develop solar satellites to accommodate the world’s massive energy needs.
  • Change personal materialism to a shared resource of public goods, e.g., electric vehicles as free and shared transportation. For certain items, Earth’s resources cannot support the ownership mentality of every human.
  • Our party recognizes that the environment dictates the majority of human behavior. Therefore, new social structures (environments) are designed to reflect a positive influence to human behavior.
  • End all forms of incarceration and replace with Restorative Justice formats worldwide.
  • During this massive reconstruction process to a fully automated world which eliminates most of human labor, a guaranteed income is provided to all humans. In fact, since money is nothing but computer code, civilization could start this program immediately and end poverty. The inequality we experience is not of paper or gold, it is an inequality of computer code.
  • Additionally, education is free. Civilization will require large groups of humans with technical skills.   

A must watch video that clearly defines our problems and the correct solutions. The quickest way to the compassionate world is to build The Compassionate World. The Venus Project represents compassion built right into our way of living.  The Choice is Ours (2016) Official Full Version.

Further Education:

Peter Joseph with an accurate description of why capitalism is obsolete: The End of Capitalism, June 20th ’15 – Peter Joseph [The Zeitgeist Movement].

The average citizens must unite:

This is our chance: A Middle-Class donation of $1 a month is a big pot of money!

If working Americans want to build the Compassionate World, this will require a profound movement by the middle class into action. We have no other option for the advancement of Authentic Compassion, simply because there is not a political party presenting the sympathetic solutions which remedy our world into a peaceful state of human happiness and planet survival. Both the Democratic and Republican parties are designed to keep our current dysfunctional social structures in place. The middle class on both sides (left & right) must begin our own movement, so the next generations do not experience banking manipulations, inappropriate laws that shape greed and human exploitation into a legal status, lawful processes that overexploit Earth for insane profits, and the many other laws that cement destructive elements into our social structures. The reconstruction process will require a very hard look at society’s foundation to remove our negative social truths.


Some profound and accurate truths:

The ability to create and follow law is the primary social engineering tool available to man. But this does not mean that man is highly intelligent from the rule of law. Humans are predominantly an unintelligent species with flashes of higher intellect. The main problem preventing intelligence from expanding into the general of human consciousness, is that societies participate with harmful concepts like money and religion. Obviously, religion slows the acceptance of science, while money slows the advancement of education and the application of technology. Both environments are manipulations to human consciousness that endure our species to many forms of slavery, which suppresses the advancement of civilization. Clearly, religious belief has been artfully woven into our laws. The death penalty, the lack of rights for the gay and lesbian community, and the unequal pay of women – all stem from religious belief. The separation of church and state is a highly functional illusion. 

Bottom line: Giant sectors of human damage are written straight into law that stems the advancement of American society. This is a relativity within every nation. Denmark contains advance secular law that is less damaging to humans and Saudi Arabia is the opposite example of brutally repressive law. The major point presented, the middle class must clearly see the power of law as the lawyers know all to well. The average American must begin the process of controlling law that advances our nation and human consciousness.


Capital Hill is filled with negative lawyers, and what do the majority of negative lawyers do best? They lie and manipulate because the system allows for this. So, our movement is about changing the systems that we live and experience. During the political process, we do not blame the humans who have been distorted by capitalism. We simply go higher by stating that their ideas are from capitalism, which cannot produce a sustainable lifestyle. Our aggression bypasses the humans involved in the current system. We steer our energy toward capitalism itself, and the many systems that do not work. It’s a systems approach to politics. There is nothing to gain by reforming incorrect social structures that will not move our species beyond lower awareness. To raise the human species above the unintelligent things we do to each other, entirely new ideas must be presented to civilization.

That platform is called The Compassionate Party

The main goal is not to dismantle the separation of power established by our forefathers, but to infiltrate and expand the most dominating branches within democracy: Congress and the Supreme Court. Both branches need to increase their numbers with scientists, artists, spiritual leaders, intellectuals, educators and social workers, humans who likely have a better understanding of the higher reasoning found in empathy. We must begin the process of accessing the arena where law and social engineering take place, so we may rewrite the Constitution with Compassion Laws that guide our social structures into positive states of operation. It is time for the 227-year-old Constitution itself to evolve. This is how we save the human species from self destruction and the collapse of Earth’s environment through the mindless materialism of industrialization.


Eventually, our movement will lead the rest of the world toward the Global Organization of Technology. The platform of GOT is the intelligent way to rebuild a civilization that is conflict free between nations, harmonious with nature, and provides a world management structure that can service our future humanitarian needs through its advanced technological systems. The final clarity that is essential for our party to embrace: The major obstruction that prevents the GOT from forming, is the man-made and delusional concept of money.

The Compassionate World requests that everyone involved sees the situation correctly. We are up against big systems that will require a little dirt to tear down the negatives. We need to make that dirt logical and harmless. We also need to embrace that humans are not broken. We contain massive amounts of compassion. Our social systems are broken – they need fixing more than humans.

It’s this simple. The organization is you. It is every human’s responsibility to build The Compassionate World. That will take your money and efforts to start an educational campaign.

We must educate humans on the only system that can save Earth from self-destruction. It is called a resource-based economy that replaces capitalism. It’s a world where money, politics, and war no longer exist, because humans have united their nationalisms through technology and automation. Technology takes care of the human species – not money.

We hope all will join the Compassionate Party and pledge higher states of Secular Humanism into the political process. We are all Human Energy, and only Human Energy can change America with our positive nature that contains a heart. Within this century, we just might disconnect money from Earth’s natural resources of which Wall Street controls, and use the materials of Earth to benefit every human.